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sons of hollywood

Monday, we meet again.

Nothing gets me through another Monday like candy. Man candy, that is.


Every so often a new face comes on to the scene that makes everyone wonder who he is, where he came from, and if he would enjoy a nice tongue bath. Sometimes that face was plucked from obscurity, never to been seen on a farm or working retail ever again. Other times, that face has a famous lineage.

This week’s man crush Monday is all about the sons of Hollywood. Ready?

Scott Eastwood 2 T&C Oct '13.jpg

Scott Eastwood
Son of: Clint Eastwood
Scott seems to be the All American type of guy. He could rope a calf, bale hay, and then slip on his boat shoes and Dockers and sail into the sunset. He’d do all the grillin’ at the family barbecues, teach the youngin’s how to drive 4 wheelers, drive around in the old pick up truck that he restored himself.


Dan Levy
Son of: Eugene Levy (yep, the dad from American Pie)
According to this blog, that references MTV Canada, Dan is openly gay. That’s cool. I’m always looking for a gusband. And really, gay or straight, he’s nice to look at. He developed the show Schitt’s Creek with his dad, which they both star in. Funny and handsome – sign me up!

max irons

Max Irons
Son of: Jeremy Irons (or, for the 90’s kids out there, SCAR!)
True story- I tried to get in to The Borgias because I could listen to Jeremy Irons all day. While Max doesn’t have his father’s raspy, villainous voice, he could read to me all he wants. Maybe it’s the accent, maybe it’s the chiseled jawline. Whatever, he’s hot to the MAX (ha! see what i did there? a little 90’s lingo and a play on words. where is my book deal?)

I hope this little bit of eye candy helped to sweeten up your Monday!

Who is your man crush today? (or everyday!)

Let’s discuss!


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