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little weirdo?

Today I’m linking up with Taylor from The Daily Tay and she wants to know what kind of kid I was.

red glasses

Other than adorable? *wink*

I usually classify myself as a “weird” kid. I’m a typical only child. I talk to myself, I’m fine with not being in big groups of people, I can entertain myself. I’m pretty shy when you first meet me. I’m using the present tense because although I’d like to say I’ve grown out of certain things but, I really haven’t.

When I was little, my favorite thing to do was to drag my little plastic chair, which I’m pretty sure my mom bought from one of those stands on the side of the road. You know, the ones that sell everything. Rugs, tricycles, children’s chairs and other toys. Maybe it’s just a Brooklyn thing. Anyway, I’d drag my little green chair and all of the books and stuffed animals I could carry, and set up shop underneath the dining room table.

Because reading on the couch was too mainstream.

Sometimes I’d read out loud to my stuffed friends, sometimes I’d just like them there for company. My parents came under the table with me sometimes but I’d usually kick them out because this was my space.

bye bye bye

Meanwhile, not once did they bring a camera. They apparently never once thought “oh, look at our child. how adorable is she? under the table, reading to her friends. we should capture these moments because one day she might blog about it”. Nope. Not even once.

I asked my mom if she thought I was a weird child, especially since I liked to hang out under the table. She told me “No, because every child likes to build forts”.


Yea, with bed sheets and pillows in their bedrooms or maybe the basement. (*sidenote* has anyone seen these on pinterest? SIGN. ME. UP.)

So, I guess I was #thekindofkidwho beat to their own drum. Which I guess is better than saying “was a little weirdo”.

What kind of kid were you?

Let’s discuss!

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