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coolest phone case ever!

Remember how I said I ordered new phone cases and they were the coolest ever? Well, take a peek! I also ordered one with pink glitter and gold stars but that one hasn’t come in yet. I got them from a seller on Ebay. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 but I know that they also have them for the iPhone.

When I was little I used to go nuts over those placemats filled with water and had either fish or trucks or whatever floating around in them. That’s what these sort of remind me of. Or, if you’ve ever been to the New York Aquarium, they have an indoor waterfall that gushes down every 45 seconds or so (I wish I could find a video that was not from a stranger’s vacation. It’s actually pretty cool.). This sort of reminds me of that except with glitter.

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Do you remember those placemats or am I alone here?

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