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Late (as usual) Friday Five!

We made it through another week! Let’s keep the good times rolling and get right into my Friday Five, shall we?

I like to change my phone case every couple of months and it’s getting to that time so I was on the hunt for a new one. Somehow I stumbled across this one and I need it. Like, right now.

ursula- PUS

Did you ever? I would have bought it right then and there but I refuse to spend $25+ on a phone case because, Amazon. #sorrynotsorry My other reasoning was that I wanted these two also and I definitely was not spending that much money on cellphone cases. I found them here, so if you want to buy me a present, feel free!

I did, however, find exactly what I was looking for (minus Ursula). wait until you see them!

After Mindy on Tuesday, I immediately logged on to Tumblr (am i too old for Tumblr? if i am, ignore that statement) because God forbid I just leave well enough alone. Anyway, I’m scrolling and reblogging, etc and I come across this gem.

SPOILERS AHEAD (i think. at least it’s fair warning.)

danny india


Is he asking for Mindy’s hand in marriage? I thought her parents lived in Boston! I mean, they just had a whole episode about how Catholic Danny is, so I think it’s safe to assume marriage is on the horizon. Ugh. Only two episodes left and I really don’t know what to do with myself.

I’m trying to keep myself occupied so I’ve bought multiple books to get through the hiatus. Right now I’m reading “Searching for Grace Kelly” by Michael Callahan.

searching for grace kelly

It’s set in the mid 1950’s New York City. It’s about the girls at the Barbizon Hotel. The hotel was THE place for glamorous women to stay/live while in New York. The book is dripping with glamour. It makes me want to be there. I think I was a Barbizon Girl in my past life because, obviously, I am the epitome of class, grace, culture and all around refinement.


I’m only about halfway through but I would definitely recommend it.

I use Spotify at work, when I could get on a computer. I feel like it’s more personalized than Pandora and it has a ton to choose from. I made a playlist of all songs I used to love in high school. I don’t know who I thought I was back then. I have a little dance, a little R&B, and a LOT of rap. Missy Elliott, Jagged Edge, Biggie, Cascada, Deborah Cox, Angelo Venuto (if you had a sweet 16 and didn’t play him, your party was lame. what else are brooklyn gweeds supposed to beat the beat to? #sorrynotsorry ). So, I’ve been busy dancing down memory lane.


Since my life isn’t all that exciting, I’m going to make the last item some Friday funnies.




me. so me. my future./caption]

I guess that’s it. Have you read any good books lately? Any ideas on what Danny is doing in India?

Let’s discuss!


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