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Sometimes the best things in life aren’t free

I was on Twitter earlier, trying to get a feel for it. I still don’t really like it and even though it seems to be the ticket for blog exposure, I don’t know if I could bring myself to use it for more than the occasional celebrity stalking session or quick retweet here and there.

Anyway, while I was floating around the Twittersphere, I made my way over to Mindy Kaling’s feed. I really wanted to see if she had anything to say about either last night’s episode (which turned out to be not as heart tuggy as I thought, but still an excellent episode.) or had any insight on next week’s (i’m obsessed, ok? i admit it.). There was none of that but, there was this:



Things like this exist? I mean, of course I know you can have most things personalized. But just read that again – “a cursive glitter clutch with my name on it”. It combines many of my favorite things. Glitter, my name, cursive writing, and it’s a purse. SOLD.

I went straight to the Edie Parker site to check it out. Maybe it’s not what what I’m expecting it to be. Maybe it will be tacky looking. They might not even be able to fit my name on there, it is a clutch, after all.



It’s perfect! A little small, but really I’d probably use it once and then put in on a shelf to gawk at it every day, anyway. And it’s only $179.50! A little pricey but I think… wait. Is that a comma between the 1 and the 7? Yep. that is most definitely a comma. I should know because I use them all the time. So, this gem is 17 almost 18 hundred dollars? Well, that’s not in the budget. Is there a coupon code?

giphy (2)

Oh well. My dreams of being Mindy’s BFF/ cool accessory twin will just have to hop in the backseat. Unless someone out there is feeling generous! All you need is my PayPal email address, right?

What is on your “hopefully, someday” wish list? Did you watch Tuesday’s episode?

Let’s discuss!


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