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TAG: getting to know me!

Fun fact: I was one of those people who did every Myspace survey ever created. Maybe not. That sounds a bit too ambitious; I’m lazy. But, I did a lot of them and grew to love them. I’ve been looking for a Myspace-esque survey to do and make into a post for a while now. Finally, the social media gods answered my prayers and I was tagged to do one. So, thank you Shauna for thinking of me. Now, let me just sort out my top 8 and we’ll get started.

What’s your nickname?
Mar, Weenie, Mark Ween.

How tall are you?
5’3″ ish.

How old are you?
I am 324 months old. Or 27. What, moms on Facebook could post a monthly photo of their children until they’re like 10 and I can’t make a funny?

Birth place?
Brooklyn, NY – Just like my spirit animal, Notorious BIG

Ancestral home?
Basically Italian and Hungarian. I know there’s more but I’m not sure what.

Favorite color?
I’m really in to emerald green right now but anything that sparkles works for me.

i NEED this in my life.

Favorite verse in the Bible?
I hate to admit this because I loved going to religious instruction but I can’t name any specific Bible verses. I feel like a really bad Catholic. #catholicguilt

Favorite cuisine?
I’ll eat almost anything but my favorites are Italian and American (I guess. basically anything you can get in a good diner)

Favorite artist?
We should all know the answer to this one. Backstreet Boys (movie countdown: 1 day!) and One Direction. I also really like Ed Sheeran, Adele(she’s coming out with a new album this year! hallelujah!) and Taylor Swift.

Strangest talent?
I don’t think I have any strange talents, but I do have many regular talents. Reciting Golden Girl episodes, watching youtube videos, giving the benefit of the doubt, making myself laugh, over thinking things, napping, eating, reading, complaining… the list goes on.

Drink of choice?
I’m obsessed with Diet Coke with lemon and ice. I’ve limited myself to a can a day but I would hook myself up to an IV of that shit if that were an option. I can’t though. I have to start drinking more water. I’m not getting any younger.


Biggest dream?
Just doing what I want without worrying about anything. Traveling, jumping from job to job, shopping sprees. So, I guess my biggest dream would be to have an unlimited bank account and to have my family and friends to enjoy it with.

How do you take your coffee?
Light with cream. Iced.

Currently obsessed with?
Just read the last few posts on here. The Backstreet Boys’ movie, One Direction, The Mindy Project, my current work situation and how to change it, Mob Wives.

Biggest fear?
Everything. Living a whole life and not having anything to show for it, never finding my “soulmate”, never amounting to anything, death. You know, the little things.

Something you never thought you would get to do?
I wish I could say I’ve done really cool things in life but I really haven’t. I have absolutely no idea.

Humanitarian cause?
There are so many. I’m anti-bullying, anti-animal abuse, pro finding a cure for everything, everybody should have a roof over their head, clothes on their back and food in their stomach. I wish I could give to everything.

Skill you would like to learn?
I was just thinking that I wish there was something that I knew how to do without thinking. I’ll learn whatever you want to teach me. Also, I want to be a better photographer (even if that just means learning to be easier on myself) so if anyone has tips/tricks they’re willing to share, I’m here.

Experience you want to have?
I want to fall in love, get married and have children. I also want to travel and experience the world. To be honest, there is a list a mile long of celebrities that I would love to meet. And from a blogging perspective, I would love to see what doors this endeavor opens for me. I’m not in this for fame or loads of money, as nice as that would be, but if I could travel because of my “splashes” or if I could make friends through this piece of the internet, I definitely wouldn’t say no.

Something random about yourself?
In 5th grade we voted once a month for President and Vice President. I was voted in as President one of those months. I’m going to say I was the only girl who held that office, but I’m not entirely sure. So basically, I was the first female President.

I’m not going to tag anyone specifically. Anyone who wants to do this is welcomed to, but if Peaches & Poppycock and Honestly, Libby wanted to kill a few minutes and fill it out, I certainly wouldn’t complain.

If anyone sees any more of these, send them my way!


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