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One Direction, a little BSB, and Band Aid

So, One Direction’s new album, Four, was released on Monday and it is AWESOME! It isn’t like anything they’ve released before. All of the boys have had a hand in writing the songs on this one. Most of all, Louis and Liam. I don’t know how to even begin to review the album, as this is not Rolling Stone. Luckily, they have released all of the songs on their Vevo page on Youtube. So, I’ll post my favorites here.

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Supposedly, this one was written by Harry to Taylor Swift. He’s sorry, Taylor. He knows what he’s done and wants to fix it. Come out of hiding. Because if you don’t, I’m buying a blonde wig and some red lipstick. Also, it’s been reported that he sent her 1,989 roses for the release of her album last month. swoon.


This song was co-written by One Direction’s bestie Ed Sheeran. I totally hear him on it. It reminds me of “Little Things”, which he also had a hand in.

Night Changes

I would love to see this one live. It’s definitely the most emotional track on the album. And Harry sings the whole chorus so, how bad could it be?

Act My Age

This one reminds me of, dare I say it, The Beatles. Before you grab your pitchforks and go all “How dare you compare them to the Beatles. They are not The Beatles” on me, listen to it. Like, really listen. It sounds like “I Get By (with a little help)” in the beginning. Also, it’s simple. Just like “I Wanna Hold Your Hand”. And you’re right, they aren’t The Beatles. The Beatles, for one, were not a boy band. Shit, they aren’t even The Backstreet Boys (aka the best-selling boy band of. all. time.) because they don’t incorporate dance routines.


In the behind the scenes video that comes with the album on iTunes, there’s a part near the end where Harry says

It still sounds like One Direction, just One Direction at 21, 22. Not 17, 18

I think that hits it on the head. They’re growing up. Zayn is engaged, for goodness sake.

Is it bad to be excited for the next album already?

I wanted to include the new Band Aid video. WARNING: the first 15 seconds are graphic (remember, this is to raise money for Ebola victims and to help countries where Ebola is an everyday occurrence.)

I love videos and songs like this that round up the biggest music stars of the time in one room for a song. Like the two “We are the World compilations. First, all of that talent in. one. room. Second, it seems that everyone checks their egos at the door. They’re coming together for a good cause, lending their talent to a project that will shed light and bring help to a cause. But then again, that could just be really good editing. Third, it always looks like they’re having a good time. It’s not like you can tell or feel like they’re thinking “Shit, why am I here?” or “I’m too good for this”. I mean, we’ve all heard horror stories about celebrities being divas (or just plain douchebags). And, where else would you find Bono and Sinead O’Connor in one room? Is it me, or do they just seem like they wouldn’t choose each other to hang out with? Maybe it’s the fact that he’s an Irish Catholic and she pulled the whole rip the picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live stunt. Eh. Maybe it’s me. One last thing – how did I not know that Zoella, Alfie and Joe Sugg from Youtube were involved with this also? Ed Sheeran is standing right next to Zoella! As if I wasn’t jealous enough of her interviewing One Direction, now this. Seriously though, good for them. What an experience!

I still don’t know how to sign off so, BYE.


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