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Fast Friday Five!

I don’t have a lot of time to write this so I’m going to get right to it. And if you’re wondering, no, there won’t be alliterative titles for these post every time. I just got lucky this week.

  1. I just found out this afternoon that Fox has ordered more episodes for The Mindy Project! So now season 3 will have 21 episodes and I couldn’t be happier! Maybe next week I won’t include something TMP related, but for now let me live.
  2. I am addicted to the dollar sections in stores like Target and Michaels. I know I said that last week, but I only mentioned Target. I have now found the greatness that is Michaels’ dollar section (ok, $1.50 section). I found two stamp pads and a huge “M” stamp for $1.50 each today.
  3. I got a haircut yesterday and I’m in love. My hair used to be pretty far down my back. Like so far that if I looked up, the bottom of it would touch my coolie (i’m sorry, i just think the word ass in this situation is just wrong. not vulgar, it just doesn’t fit). Now it’s just past my shoulders and layer-y and i have some sidebangs. love!
  4. I went to 5Below today and picked up some glitter nail polishes. They were 3 for $5, so naturally, I got 4.

Pep Rally, which is a neon glitter
Fra-gee-lay – a red, white and green sparkle; (dupe for Orly’s Tinsel) perfect for Christmas or Columbus Day
Unicorn Poop – my favorite. big, rainbow colored, round confetti glitter.
In the Flash, which isn’t a glitter. It’s a muted gold like Orly’s Luxe.

5. My Ipsy bag was on point this month. The theme is “Girl Meets Glitter” hello! I was losing hope because the last few months were eh for me but this one was great!

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