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First Friday Five!

It’s finally Friday! This will be my first Friday Five! I guess I’m feeling (f)alliterative.

The first two things should come as no surprise since I bring them up every chance I get. But since this week was really uneventful, and I need things to list, I’m including them.

  1. The Mindy Project is back!- I probably don’t have to elaborate. As I’ve said in my last post, Mindanny is back and all is right in the (my) world.
  2. Growing Up Gotti is back!- My DVR is set for not only the hour long “where are they now?” special, but the 6 random episodes that A&E is playing on Sunday. Fingers crossed that A&E makes this a weekly thing.

Now we can move on to the new favorite things of this week.

3. font colorsthanks to Cat over at Pushing Play IRL I finally figured out how to make the font in my post different colors. This makes me super excited! the possibilities are endless!

4. Christmas movies/commercials- they’ve taken over the Hallmark channel, which kind of upsets me because that means no Golden Girls before bed. I’ll live. They’ll be back soon enough. The hard hitting commercials haven’t come out in America yet, but the one from John Lewis in the UK has already given me that goofy Christmas smile.

I’m also going to include the Kohls and Apple commercials from last year. Because the feels.

i just teared up watching this one again. damn you, apple.

5. the dollar section at Target- oh man. this a dangerous, dangerous place. I was able to somehow control myself the last time I ventured in there and only walked out with two packages of the cutest notecards. They are very Kate Spade inspired and I love them. I don’t know what I’ll use them for, but just looking at them makes me happy so, win.

Hope my first Friday five wasn’t a Friday fail. More (f)alliteration!

See you soon!

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