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cukoo for kiko!

Day 19’s prompt was “Your biggest fear”. Yea, no. My biggest fears are either too depressing or too embarrassing to talk about with the internet. So in lieu of that post, I decided to talk about a new cosmetic line that I’ve recently come across.

What better way to spend Columbus Day other than shopping? Spending Columbus Day just taking what we want, that’s what.


Anyway, we took a ride to the Staten Island mall and were ready to shop. We headed over to JCPenney first, where we all usually have success. I, however, did not have success but that’s for a different post. As we walked down towards Penney’s I noticed a new store that was filled with brightly colored things on display and black walls. a new makeup store? I thought. not with MAC right two stores away. As we got closer I looked in and got super excited. IT IS A NEW MAKEUP STORE! WITH MAC TWO STORES AWAY! it must be expensive. I peeked in as we passed and my eye caught a sign by the door. Something about mascara starting at $5.95. WHAAAT?! Could it get any better? I announced that we needed to make the new makeup store, Kiko Cosmetics, a stop on our Staten Island mall tour.

We did our clothes shopping, stopped for some lunch (I had potatotopia, in case you were wondering, and I highly recommend it), and then it was finally time to return to the new makeup store. I did a few laps, picking things up here and there. I swatched some lipsticks and eyeshadows. My hands looked like Bob Ross’ paint palette. The quality of the products were high and the cost low. It seems like they’re testing the American market because from what the salesgirl was saying, they’re changing the prices and offering some discounts to see what sells at what price point. Now that I wrote that out, it doesn’t seem right. Maybe I misunderstood because, quite frankly, I was in my own little makeup world.

The prices are really reasonable. The skincare was 30% off and the water eyeshadows were $9.95 (i believe). The prices listed below are before any percentages off.

From their website:

KIKO MILANO is constantly committed to a single objective: to allow all women to treat themselves to the most innovative cosmetics without having to sacrifice their budget. Quality is no longer synonymous with high prices.


Let me show you what I bought!

(*disclaimer: i bought the following products with my own money. i was not asked to shop in the kiko cosmetics store or write any reviews of their products.)


I haven’t used any of these products yet except for swatches.

First impressions:

eye shadow: they are super pigmented. the shades i picked all have shimmer to them but they do offer some matte shades. they have a nice selection, but i hope they add to it as the brand becomes more popular. i thought the infinity eye shadow would stick to a z palette, but it doesn’t. it kind of makes transporting/storing hard, but they offer plastic cases that the shadows click in to. the next time i go back, i’ll just buy one to put the shadow in.  the quality and pigmentation reminded me of Inglot eye shadows. if you haven’t been there and find yourself near one, do yourself a favor and go in and buy something, anything. you can thank me later. i heard the sales girl compare the water shadows to makeup for ever shadow.

nail polish: they have a nice selection of nail polish shades. again, although there are some creamy ones, i found mostly shimmery/glittery ones. but that could also be what i’m attracted to. i chose this shade because i’ve been on the hunt for a nice, true emerald shade.

skin care: being closer to 30 than to 20, i decided to start to add anti-aging products to my routine. i really like the moisturizer because 1) it can be used for both day and night. 2) on the box it says that it “guarantees a significant increase in moisture after only 90 minutes”. my dry skin is guardedly optimistic. 3) the packaging is plastic so i don’t have to worry about dropping it and it’s not heavy at all. the eye serum is supposed to combat dark circles and puffiness while instantly lifting the skin. the serum itself feels really nice on the skin. the perfect picture serum also feels good and the both absorb quickly. it has a pink iridescence to it, which helps to diffuse the light, and makes you “picture perfect”, but it doesn’t leave the skin looking like a disco ball.

I wish I bought a lip product since I’m obsessed with them; also to see how they wear during the day.


As I was checking out, I asked the sales girl if they had a website that I could buy from also. She said that the website is designed for the European customers right now. So if you buy anything from there, it would be in Euros and you end up paying more for your order. She said that the website would be available to America in January. As far as brick and mortar stores, the only ones in America are located in the Staten Island mall, two or three malls in New Jersey, and one in Miami. Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t come to Manhattan. I mean I’m not complaining; it’s just surprising that they would choose New Jersey over the city.

I’ll keep you posted on how the products work/hold up. I have high hopes for these products; I’m a bit obsessed with the brand already!

See you tomorrow!


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