Blogtober14 Day 17: things I am an expert at


Woah, day 17 already. It’s the beginning of the end, folks.

Day 17 wants to know what I’m an expert at.

Um. everything. Do you even read this blog?

I guess I could choose a few things to write about.

Golden Girls trivia: I’ve mentioned this before,  but I know each Golden Girls episode back and forth. Just try me.

Starting things and not finishing them: I’m not trying to be self deprecating; I hardly ever finish things I start. I usually get bored or frustrated that whatever it is isn’t coming out the way I intended so I put it off to the side, with the intention of coming back to it with a clear head and I usually never do. Frankly, I’m surprised this blog has lasted almost a year. mimosas for everybody!

Making piles: I’m not a slob or a hoarder, but sometimes I don’t have a place for all of my stuff.


Giving the benefit of the doubt: I’m constantly playing devil’s advocate. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing.

Organizing pictures: Ok. I might have an issue with putting my other stuff away, but when it comes to photos, I’m a pro. I’m one of those people who still get printed copies of their photos. It drives my mom crazy because we’re running out of space. I tell her, and anyone else who has something to say, “Don’t call me when you need a slideshow or collage made then.”

Daydreaming: My goodness, I’m always talking to myself and staring off into space. It’s one of my endearing qualities *wink*

The Little Mermaid: I could pick up this movie at any point and start reciting. Apparently, I am a big expert in reciting lines from movies and TV shows. Another one of my most endearing qualities. I don’t know how I’m still single.



What are some things that you have expertise in?


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