martina’s (british invasion) mixtape

This post has nothing to do with Blogtober but I don’t have to be at work until 2pm tomorrow so I have some time to whip up a quick bonus post.

When I’m working on the computer I like to have something playing. I usually have my television on for background noise and then I have my favorite Youtubers to watch. When my subscription box is empty I usually put on some music. I love finding new music so I thought I’d share some songs that I have on repeat lately.

THIS.VIDEO. Holy moly. It’s so simple. I love it. I have to thank my friend, Lisa for introducing me to this one. Even though whenever she would put it on when I was driving, I’d yell at her to change it because it was too sad. Which is a good thing because that means I was paying more attention to the road than the lyrics. *thumbs up*

This song couldn’t be more different from Ed’s. Love it all the same though. Also, HELLO?! Chris Messina is in this video! You know, Dr. Danny Castellano from The Mindy Project? He’s a cheating bastard, but you can’t win them all. This video also leaves me with some questions- Is Dianna Agron really burning Chris Messina’s clothes, or is she just imagining it? How does she look so put together when he comes home? If she did burn his clothes, did she clean up the mess and will make him figure it out in the morning? Because not for anything, I’d be damned if my husband was cheating on me and I knew it, burned everything he owned, and then felt the need to clean it up? He’d be lucky if I’d let him live – Dr. Castellano or not. Lastly, when he leaves in the morning, he’s driving. When he comes home after his rendezvous, he’s walking. Did his mistress steal his car?

Say what you want about One Direction, but I love them. I also love the Backstreet Boys. Got a problem? Anyway, this song and their new album, which comes out next month(!), has been getting really good reviews. Listen, Simon Cowell wouldn’t have backed them if they weren’t good. They might have lost the X-Factor, but they won my heart. (i’m going to look back on that one and cringe. oh, look at that- i already did.)

I know I’ve posted this video before, but this song is adorable. I’m in love. I’m thinking of getting the lyrics on a shirt (not really. maybe. it’s definitely an option), and wear it when I go out. I don’t want to hear how women are so hard to figure out. I mean, really, it’s all right there.

What are some of your go to songs? Do you share my love for boy bands? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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