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A Tieks Critique

I have horrible feet. They’re super wide, really flat and they stick out. My ankles, knees and shins only add to the problem. They hurt constantly (not chronically though, thank goodness), I can’t walk for more than 10 minutes without them hurting, and they have a hate/hate relationship with shoes. No matter how many glowing recommendations I get for flats, heels, sandals or sneakers, my feet prove them wrong. Everything rubs, pinches and doesn’t support. I know it may sound like I’m picky or a complainer but, as with any other type of pain or bodily complaint, I know what I feel and it sucks.

Enter Youtube.

I was watching one of my favorite “beauty gurus”, Samantha Schuerman, and she mentioned Tieks. She kept saying how comfy they were and how she can’t stop wearing them and they’re the best. yea yea yea. “I’m sure they’re great for people with normal feet”, I thought. A few days later, I heard about these miracle shoes again so now I had to at least look at their website. Bad idea. They come in every color of the rainbow, or if you want an animal print or a nice floral, they have them too. Now I was intrigued. They’re made of genuine Italian leather. It takes three days and 150 steps to make one pair. They’re hand sewn. Maybe they won’t be so bad. Maybe they’re exactly what I need. I looked up some reviews and, honestly, they were mixed. I decided that I would bite the bullet and buy the shoes. If they’re totally horrible, I could return them. I mean, Oprah loves them so how bad could they be?

Back to the website.

I was tempted by the beautiful nude pair, the black patent pair, the hot pink pair; I wanted them all. The practicality in me finally won out because I decided on the matte black ones. The shipping was super fast. The confirmation said I would have them in two days, which I didn’t believe since I chose the standard shipping option. Two days later, they arrived. Nice. They came in a plain white box that didn’t look like it could fit a pair of underwear let alone a pair of shoes. Inside the white box was a beautiful robin’s egg blue box with an adorable flowered headband around it. I was instantly in love and hoped that these shoes didn’t have to leave me – ever.

The tagline for the company is “The ballet flat, reinvented”. They’ve made a full service ballet flat that is even more portable than normal ones because these fold into themselves and could fit into the smallest of places. They’re like the octopuses (octopi?) of shoes.

who needs red bottoms when you can have blue ones?

I immediately put them onto my Fred Flintstone feet, holding my breath until they were totally on. THEY FIT! THEY ACTUALLY FIT! My feet have the tendency to look like fat old lady feet in flats but not in these puppies! The back is not elastic so there’s no rubbing. In all honesty, these are flats, so they aren’t super supportive, but they don’t feel like they’re going to fall off, and I have read that the more you wear them the more they mold to your foot. As far as sizing, they do not come in half sizes so I would order up. They don’t have specific widths either, which made me nervous because my foot is like a pontoon (I have a EE width). I ordered my normal size, which is an 8 and they fit fine and, like I said, they don’t look bad. The shoes don’t look stretched and my feet don’t look or feel smooshed. The soles are made of a nice, thick rubber. The smell of the rubber is strong but I have a theory that when something smells strongly it’s usually pretty good. Like my mom’s marinara sauce. yum. I love a nice sole on a flat. When they’re too thin my ankles go all sorts of crazy ways and it feels like there’s nothing between my feet and the hard ground.

Sorry for the dirt. I was too excited to wear these before I got a chance to take pictures.

I’ve only worn them once and have very little complaints. They started to rub on me right where my big toe meets my foot (like where you would get a bunion – was that too gross?) and under my toes, but nothing that I couldn’t handle. They didn’t give me a blister which makes me want to marry them. Other than that, they really lived up to the hype (so far).


The only thing that is holding me back from buying every single pair they have is the price. They start at $175. It’s pricey, I know – believe me, I do, but when it all comes down to it, investing in your feet is never wrong. They carry you through life – literally- so treat them with some respect. Also, the quality of the product is high. The leather is butter soft and the soles are nice and sturdy.

DISCLAIMER: I was not asked to write this post. Tieks (by Gavrieli) did not pay me or send me anything for free. All items were purchased with my own money.

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