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I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and in its depths I found one of those word pictures (totally not memes, as i’ve misidentified them previously) with a quote from Elizabeth Gilbert. You know, of Eat, Pray, Love  fame.


I was going to write a whole post on this quote and how I’ve been feeling a bit messy lately. Then I decided to see if Liz had anymore words of wisdom. Apparently, I live under a rock because woah. She sure does. Here are a few of my favorites.


It’s funny because this week I’ve been spilling over with ideas for posts. I’ll probably forget them as soon as I post this, but there was a time when I had them and they wanted me to bring them to life. I feel important.


When I first read this one I was like, YAAASSSS. I’d rather know that I’m imperfect (even though, clearly, i’m not) and be OK and confident with that fact then to be scared shitless, pretending that everything is fine.


LAAWWWWD. This was another one that when I first saw it I was all, YAAASSS. This one might be my favorite because I think we’re all guilty of thinking of that person one too many times. You definitely just thought of them, right? I know. And I know it sucks but Lizzy is right, send all the love, light, rainbows and unicorns you can and then MOVE ON. Again, I know it’s easier said then done but it’s definitely something to work on. We’ll do it together. And remember, Liz has been through some shit. She’s seen it and lived it. She knows what she’s talking about.

What are your favorite quotes? Who “speaks your language” (if you will)?

Let’s discuss!


real women WCW!

Here we are at the last week of Women’s History Month WCW. I hope you enjoyed it. I mean, I know it’s not my best work, but I thought it was a good idea and I’m sure better things are on the horizon. (no i’m not, but it sounded good, didn’t it?)

This week’s WHMWCW will feature women who aren’t celebrities. They won’t look familiar to you unless you’ve been keeping up with this blog for a while or you’ve been stalking me (in that case, please stop. thanks). I can’t call them women crushes because that would be weird. So, without further ado, my non-crush WCW.

My mom is hands down my best friend. I don’t know what I’d do or where I’d be without her. She’s the Sophia to my Dorothy, the Kris to my Kim. I might not know where I’d be or what I’d do without her, but I can say this, my clothes would be filthy and I’d probably starve. I’d have no one to watch my “stories” with. No one to go on adventures with. No one to come home and tell all of my secrets to. She’s my biggest cheerleader and is always there when I need a shoulder to cry on. I hope that when my time comes I could manage to be half the mother she is. She knows that she has to stay in line, though. Since I’m an only child I get to pick her nursing home.

shady pines

WCW collage

My mom isn’t the only woman in my family who I am lucky to have. I have a set of the best aunts in the world. They have taught me how to fluff pillows, they’ve patiently and painstakingly helped me choose a Communion dress and calmed me down when I looked like an idiot at my Confirmation. And most importantly, they didn’t kill me when I cried howled through the night because everyone underestimated my hatred of sleepovers and just wanted to go home.

I’ve said before that I’m an only child. Luckily, the cousin branches on my family tree grow very close together. We’ve kept each other company in the bathroom, they’ve tried to teach me important life skills – like the “I Want It That Way” airport dance (which i still can’t do). We’ve fought with each other, got in trouble together, laughed and cried together. They’re my constants. My definites. They’re probably going to read this and immediately call a priest because I never get this sentimental; I must be possessed.


I am so lucky to call these women mine.


celebrity girlfraaands!

Here we are at week three of Women’s History Month WCW! March is just flying by, isn’t it? (this post is pre-written, so if the month is dragging, just ignore that last sentence. it just seems that by this time of the month, everyone is all “OMG where does the time go?”)

This is the post that you’ve probably been expecting and have wondered why it took so long. If it were a Friends episode it would be called “The One with Mindy”. So…

mindy kaling SAG awards

My birthday is in July and I would like to put a request out there from now. I want to be Mindy Kaling’s best friend. best gift ever. I know she has some already but, I think we would work well together. And, not to seem like a big mooch, but she’s got connections. I could cross meeting so many celebrities off my list. Like Harry Styles.


She could probably gain some inspiration for Dr Lahiri’s character by just hanging out with me. I mean, I also like to classify myself as a hot mess and love to eat.

So there. I’ve paid her back for all of my celebrity meetings.

mindy fever

i sure do.

Ok, I’m done with the Mindy love, for now.

Next up is…

anna kendrick

Anna Kendrick. First, can I say how excited I am about Pitch Perfect 2 coming out? Between Becca and Jesse and Fat Amy, I can’t wait. Anyway, back to Anna. I love how real she is. Like really down to Earth. Not like Jennifer Lawrence though. I actually want to hang out with Anna. Jennifer, eh. not so much.

anna kendrick twitter

She’s also funny and so friggen’ talented. And she has blocked her role in Twilight out completely, which, good for her.

twilight anna kendrick

She also made the cutest short for Kate Spade last Christmas. I’m still obsessed.

I think we would have so much fun together being locked out of her brownstone. Drinking champagne straight from the bottle, singing to her dog, dressing up in all of our new clothes. Ugh. it would be so much fun.

And finally, the last of my BFFWCWs



I know she hasn’t done much lately but I’ve heard that she’s coming out with an album this year. And I’m sure it will be amazing and totally worth the wait. She’s so body positive and, like Anna, keeps it really real.

Could you imagine if Mindy, Anna, Adele and I were all best friends? I’m sure hilarity would ensue.

Also, Taylor Swift has grown on me. She can sit with us if she wears pink on Wednesdays (Mean Girls overkill? Is there such a thing?). That way I’ll get all the dirt on Harry. ha. dirty harry. Because that’s what girlfraaands do.

Who is your BFFWCW?

Let’s discuss!


WCW week 2!

It’s that time of the week again and I’m back with another installment of WCW. Get excited.

Let’s get started, shall we?

mob wives

Mob Wives

Before you get all WHHAATT?? on me, all I could say is

big ang hystericalI don’t really believe in guilty pleasures because if something brings me pleasure I’m not going to deny or feel bad about it. life is too short, my friends. But if I did believe in them, Mob Wives would be it. They are so stereotypical, I love it. Are they “role models”? No, probably not in the most traditional sense of the word. They are all mothers who want only what is best for their children, and I think that’s admirable. They are all about family and keeping it together. Say what you want about them but, I would love to walk out of the house as put together as they do. Even if it’s just for a day. You may call it tacky or gaudy, but all I see is that their hair is done, their makeup is done and they have something other than sweatpants on. That’s put together in my book. Maybe I just identify with them because they’re so close (literally, right over the bridge). I don’t know.

nat d

that about sums it up.

While we’re on the subject of wives…

First Wives Club


Ok, so they’re technically characters but we all know I can’t resist a good 90’s movie. It’s the perfect mixture of girl power and blackmail.

This is one of those movies that when it comes on TV (which is never), I have to stop and watch it, even though I could quote it word for word. as if that’s a surprise.

first wives club

And to round out this week…

The Golden Girls


Again, I know that technically they’re characters but how could you not love them? If say you don’t love them you’re a) obviously lying and b) we can’t be friends. I watch them every night before bed (thanks hallmark!). And, I’ve mentioned this before but, I could quote from any episode. #lifeskillz For real though, I’d like to think that when I’m their age my social life will be that active. It must be a generational thing because lately all I want to do is nap.


so is mine, blanche. so is mine.

And that’s it for week two! I don’t know what to discuss this week but you can leave nice comments anyway!

ang mimosa

aww. thanks ang!


women’s history month WCW

Why is it that on days I decide to write a post, the day just flies by? Seriously, I feel like I was just sitting down to watch Mob Wives and now it’s after 10pm. Anyway, on to the point of this post, March is Women’s History Month and I’m going to try to use it to the best of my (blogging) advantage. Each Wednesday this month there will be a WCW post here so be on the lookout! This one is going up late, obviously, but the others should be more timely. Meaning I’m going to schedule them. (#spoileralert)

So without further ado…

Embed from Getty Images


Can Meryl Streep do any wrong? Nope. Even in bad movies, she’s good (*cough* Death Becomes Her *cough*). I call her Mama Meryl because if I could chose anyone in the world to be my mom, other than my real mom, it would be her. My mom is aware of this and will help me pack my bags if Meryl comes a- knocking.

She’s just… effortless. And amazing. And so talented it’s ridiculous.

meryl streep batman



Embed from Getty Images

I’ve talked about my love for Melissa McCarthy before. Nothing’s changed. If you haven’t seen “Saint Vincent” go to your nearest RedBox, Target, DVD bootlegger (hey, whatever works) get it and thank me later. She is excellent in it.

She seems fun to be around. I love when she goes on talk shows, she tucks her leg underneath her when she sits. get comfortable, girl. That’s how I like to sit too but I’m constantly getting yelled at because it messes up the couch cushions. if melissa can do it, so can i.

And finally for today…

Embed from Getty Images

Kate DiCapri… oh wait.

Kate Winslet. The British Meryl Streep. (too far?) The only way I could like her more is if she and Leo stopped kidding themselves and just got married already. I know she’s married and he’s looking for me  playing his role as the New George Clooney, but they love each other; it’s so obvious and seems so right. On second thought, her husband’s last name is Rocknroll, which is pretty badass, so she’s winning either way. I hope that’s his real last name and I’m not making myself look like a total fool.

Who is your WCW this week?

Let’s discuss!


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