i got your w(h)ine with dinner right here.


I feel like I have to make that announcement every so often because I tend to neglect this space. So maybe my announcement should be

I’M HERE! I’M ALIVE! I’M A BAD BLOG MOM. (not momblog- def not one of those)

Truth is, life happened. I’ve got a few things going on (that I will tell you about eventually) and honestly, that back issue I’ve been having (I talked about it a few posts ago), hasn’t gone away. It got a little better, now today it’s like “I’m here! Ready to fuck shit up”.

Happy Monday.

Otherwise, I’ve been OK. A little blah but OK. It finally hit me that I’ll be 29 in about 2 weeks. And when I say hit I mean like a ton of bricks. 29 isn’t 30 and age ain’t nothing but a number, I know, but Christ. I’m almost three decades old. THREE.

whaaat minion

I don’t think it’s the number that’s bothering me, it’s that people my age and younger are doing things that I’m not. Getting engaged, married, impregnated, jobs with benefits. They’re traveling and buying houses. I’ve talked about this before and about the dirty mind games social media plays on you, but I’ve always been able to see it, process it and move on. This time I can’t seem to move on.

I know that I can also do all those things  but how am I going to do them with no opportunity? If I can’t get a date, how am I supposed to get engaged? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’m going to marry every guy I see. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not holding out hope for a chance meeting with the love of my life. i watch way too many hallmark movies.

Same goes for traveling and buying things like a house. How am I supposed to do that if I don’t have the money? Last time I checked, my last name wasn’t Carnegie or Rockefeller. god, I wish.

My other gripe of the moment is The Mindy Project. I’m not feeling the second half of this season and it’s making me sad. It’s cool that she’s a single mom trying to date, but if you wanted her to still be a single girl about town, why did you make her a mom? Having Leo ties her to Danny, who has been noticeably absent most of the second half (other projects, indie films, blah, blah, blah), and forces her to be a little more mature and selfless. The reason I loved Dr. Lahiri is that she was totally self-centered and slightly immature. And call me a prude, but has being on Hulu made the show a bit more raunchy? Like, maybe more than necessary? I dunno. I love a good dirty joke and can out curse a sailor, but doesn’t it feel a bit forced? 

Do you ever get in to one of these funks? 

Let’s discuss!


quick chat

I was supposed to have an extremely delayed weekend recap up today but that’s not happening. I’ll just have to break that post into two separate ones, which is great for you because, more Martina!

Anyway, really quickly, I wanted put something up because everyone else is in a meeting and I’m taking some me time.

For the last few weeks, I’ve had a pain in my lower back that I can’t get rid of. Actually, I got it to almost go away but now its’s back with a vengence. It’s on the left side and feels like I need to be wrung out like a dishtowel. It sucks. I’ve already played internet physician and narrowed it down to sciatica, poor posture or regular old hypochondria. Am I too young for sciatica? Could it be from wearing heels and walking like a newborn giraffe for two days?


On a lighter note, except not that light because this kind of sucks too but I’m trying hard to not be the 80 year old that I feel like, I’ve fallen twice in two weeks. First on Good Friday and then again today at work. Both times funny and ego- shattering. The thing is, I never fall. I usually am able to catch myself; not anymore, apparently. The last time I fell, it was off of the lowest balance beam in gymnastics camp. I was 12. (it was actually pretty funny. lisa, of course, was there to witness it so i’m not allowed to forget it. that’s what friends are for.)


The worst part is that my first reaction is rage because I’m so mad at myself so, today I fell in front of my Director and desk manager. They kept asking if I was OK and even though I was totally fine and wanted to laugh, my brain was all, “BE A BITCH.” and my body was like, “YOU’RE FINE.” Oh, really? Because my vain-ness tends to disagree.

Speaking of vanity, Mindy is back in 6 days! I’m more excited then I was when Harry turned 21. (right, like I was going to let a post go by without mentioning him. one day.)

What’s going on with you? Anything exciting?

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fingers crossed!


Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I entered a few of my photos in to a photography contest (where I just realized almost nothing I wrote about the contest was correct. Was I even paying attention?)? Well, a few days ago I got this letter in the mail.

Is this for real? #finalist #photography #photographersforum 📷 🎉🎊

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It’s hard to read so I’ll just tell you. It turns out that on of my photos made it to the Finalist round of judging!

I had to read the letter at least five times to even comprehend what it said. Even now, I still think I read it wrong. According to the letter, there was over 10,000 entries and they picked about 16% of them to be finalists.

giphy (1)

As of right now the only guarantee is that my photo will be published in the Photograph Forum 2015 Best of Photography book, which of course I ordered and will be arriving sometime in December. merry christmas, martina.

The winners will be chosen and notified on or around August 10th, which I can’t believe is a week away already. They will chose a 1st-4th place winner as well as 100 honorable mentions. The winners recieve all sorts of cash and prizes; the honorable mentions will have their name published in the November issue of Photography Forum magazine.

I’ll share the photo with you when I find out that if I’m a winner. Deal? Good.

Hopefully August 10th comes fast because my old Field Day Participation ribbon nightmares are starting to creep back in.

Fingers crossed!


this was supposed to be a friday favorites… i don’t know what happened.

I wanted to do a Friday five post today but, to be quite honest, if I’m not at work, I’m at the hospital. Or just trying to find some normalcy in my current life situation. (did i just lapse in to a vague facebook status? sorry.) Anyway, I have a few favorites and a few not so favorites. Let’s get started.

I’ll get the shitty stuff out of the way so that the good seems so much better.

My father is still in the hospital (if you hadn’t guessed from the above paragraph.) Yesterday started week three. The doctors have been a little bit less elusive and a little bit more talk-y. They’re running more tests that will take at least another week or so for the results to come back. Again, since I feel like I’m (and everyone) is grasping at straws here, I find myself hoping they find something wrong. The other problem is that since there isn’t anything technically wrong, the doctor told my mom that it is going to be very hard to justify keeping him in the hospital. Which is another huuuggee reason why I’m hoping they find something, anything that they can start to treat.

On a slightly related note, for the past three weeks, the birds in my neighborhood have been starting their chirping between midnight and 3am and haven’t stopped until noon-ish. My mom said there’s an old Italian myth that says if you hear birds after dark for three straight nights, death is coming. This, of course, has given me anxiety. Especially since she followed that up with “that’s what happened to your grandfather. we heard birds for three nights and then he was gone.” um. have you met me? don’t tell me these things.


Let’s move on to happier things, shall we? Good.

LISTENING TO: Along with always having a plan, Lisa is usually my main source of new music. I was in the car with her the other day and she tells me, “listen to this song; you’ll love it”. Normally it takes me a while to warm up to new songs because, let’s face it, the Backstreet Boys, One Direction, or Taylor Swift haven’t released anything in a while. Anyway, she put this song on and I was hooked.

I know, right??!! Sometimes I like to pretend that it’s somewhere between 1950 and 1965 and I’m Reese Witherspoon in Pleasantville. Or Diana Agron in that Sam Smith video. Maybe even a female Calogero from A Bronx Tale – minus the Mob. You feel me?


This song takes me right there. It gives me hope that music is going back to basics. Like, when lyrics actually made sense and conveyed emotion. amirite? I also recommend River, which I’ve had stuck in my head for two days already.

READING: I’m currently reading the new Princess Diaries book, Royal Wedding. I had forgotten how much I loved these books. Mia is so smart and strong; it’s so refreshing. A quick example, she wants to be engaged to/marry Michael, but it doesn’t consume her. She knows she’s got other shit to do, like RULE A COUNTRY. #yougogirl. Also, there’s a third PD movie in the works? The excitement is real. Except what the heck, Anne Hathaway? You know you want to be a part of this, stop playing. Strap on that crown and let’s go.

make over

WATCHING: I’m a sucker for a good commercial and this one from Cheerios doesn’t disappoint.

I literally cannot with those two.

I guess that’s it for now. Sorry this is so all over the place. ugh i feel like such a slacker.

How was your week? Has anyone else heard of the bird thing? Is there a way to make them stop?

shut up

thanks for your help, princess mia

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this is what happens when writer’s block creeps in…

Let me first state for the record, that I have mentally written at least 4 posts. The problem was that I never physically wrote them down or typed them out so all of that brain energy and brilliance was wasted and now you’re stuck reading this. My other excuse is that I had a post brewing about how I heard that people have been making a big stink over Nikki Minaj’s Anaconda and Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass, and how it’s unfair that they shame skinny girls in their songs. The problem I came across was that when I went to find the direct quote, I couldn’t find it. I KNOW I HEARD IT. I was in the car with Nicole and Lisa and someone on the radio said it. I couldn’t think of anything to say but, “it’s not the same. it’s just not the same.” Because it isn’t. I’ll go into further detail when I have all of my facts behind me. Wait for it.

Also, my social life has picked up. Mindy and Danny are back and we have plans every Tuesday night at 9:30. If you aren’t watching The Mindy Project, you should. Then we could talk about how adorable Drs. Castellahiri are. Mindanny: The New Lucy and Ricky.

Since I don’t have written record of any of the posts in my head, and since my mind has been like a sieve lately, I’ve had to start from scratch. Inspiration has not come very easily the last few days but all I can do is think about writing. Today at work I went on to Pinterest and tried to find some writing prompts that might get things moving. I felt like Blanche Devereaux when she was writing the great American novel and she was complaining to the girls about having writer’s block.

Blanche: Oh girls, I have writer’s block! It’s the worst feeling in the world!

Sophia: Try ten days without a bowel movement sometime.

Blanche: You just sit there. Hour, after hour, after hour.

Sophia: Tell me about it.

I tried to find a .gif of that conversation to make this post a little more visually appealing but the internet has failed me tonight. I could have just made one myself but let’s not get crazy.

Anyway, somewhere between handing out gym equipment and searching Pinterest I decided to check out what was going on in the OKCupid world. If you know anything about OKCupid, you should know that even if your finger accidentally taps the godforsaken app you will get notifications about people wanting to meet you the next two weeks. I was looking through the list of people who have visited my profile and clicked on someone who seemed interesting. I hate making the first move, online or otherwise, so I just closed the app and moved on. I had things to do- basketballs don’t hand themselves out, you know. All of a sudden, my phone vibrates signaling that I have a message. I won’t lie sometimes getting messages on OKCupid is fun, mostly because you never know what to expect.  Who will it be this time? A repeat offender who has said “hi” (or some variation of) 6 times in two weeks?, the guy who looks good in the thumbnail but when you click on his picture he looks a little… off?, or maybe the guy whose profile is written in English but you can’t understand any of it  (“i lykke lawng wawks on daaa beechhh” – umm… i’m sorry to hear that?). I clicked on the message and well, this is something you need to see.


I always thought my eyes were my best feature.. guess not.

I always thought my eyes were my best feature.. guess not.

I’m still laughing.

In all seriousness, I just wanted to put something up to show that I’m still here! And with the help of Pinterest – it’s a magical place- I should be here more often. Lucky you.


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