keeping up with martina

*insert same sorry i’ve abandoned this space again greeting*

*insert next sentence about how i didn’t mean to be away this long but life got in the way and time just moves so fast when you’re an adult (or an “adult”)*

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I know I’ve been quiet here lately and the truth is, there’s lots of stuff I want to talk about but it’s hard to write when everytime you sit down to put fingers to keyboard, you wind up instead falling down some Youtube hole and then falling asleep with your laptop on your chest. To try to combat this, I’ve dusted removed all of the clean-ish clothes from “The Chair” (you know the one) and fired up my regular old desktop computer. It feels like 2014 and I kind of like it.


It’s funny because unlike past disappearances, I DO have some ideas for posts. I just can’t seem to get myself into a routine. They’ll come. I think as long as my desktop doesn’t get any slower, the solution might be to kick it old school. At least I won’t fall asleep.

So, what have I been up to? What’s new and exciting?


Um, I have purple hair now. Ok, purple ombre hair. I’m in love. I’m so scared it’s going to fade that I made a whole wash schedule and bought some high powered color safe sulfate free shampoo, conditioner, and treatment. I’ve gotten a glimpse of parenthood and it is exhausting. Every time I rinse and see the purple puddle near the drain, my heart breaks a little. Wanna see a pic? Like it or not, here it is.


This is from when it was at its freshest. It looks best when it’s curled, otherwise, it looks flat on top, poofy at the bottom and 9.5 times out of 10, is super oily.

What else?

Taylor Swift released a new record and except for the 1:30 preview iTunes offers, I haven’t had a chance to give it a good listen. From what I have heard though, the songs all sound… the same? breathy Taylor, vague dance but can’t really dance to this song beat, autotune, meh. Maybe I just hold 1989 in too high regard? Maybe because I didn’t have high (or any) expectations, my brain can’t figure out if it likes what my ears are hearing. The other reasons I haven’t given it a running chance are 1) it’s not on Spotify. (what the heck, T?) 2) I’m not allowed to listen to my own music at work so even if it was streaming, it’s not like I have that option. There’s a part of me, a very, very small part, that wishes T would write about things that aren’t boys and feuds. However, what kind of world would it be of T. Swift didn’t write/sing about those things. Leave the battlecries to the pros, like Gaga or Pink.

Niall Horan also released an album that I haven’t had the chance to really dissect yet. I loved his first two singles and had high hopes for this album. Like, really high hopes. I thought this was the album I wished Harry Styles would have released. But then I listened to 85% of it and meh. I’m not sold. I need time to really sit down and bombard myself with both albums. That’s what I did when Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran came out with new music and it made me really appreciate it.

Speaking of Spotify, really, quick, WHY CAN’T I DOWNLOAD MY PLAYLISTS ON TO MY iPOD? Yea, I still use my iPod, whatever. I’d rather use the storage on my phone for pictures and text messages so downloading music on m phone is just not going to happen. However, I have a perfectly good iPod that I haven’t updated in forever because why would I pay for the music I listen to for free on Spotify? Even if I paid for Premium, I can’t transfer my offline playlists into iTunes. They’re protected and don’t download as mP3 files, apparently. Whatever. Someone needs to get it together because I don’t want to use all of my data just to listen to a little One Direction.

tenor (1)


I finally saw Wicked on Broadway last weekend. OH. MY. GOD. such a good show. First of all, Jackie Burns as Elphaba, was AMAZING. Her voice blew us all away. She sounded (to me) just like Idina Menzel (if not better), who originated the role. Second, there was some high-level star power on stage. From one O-Town to the next, Ashely Parker Angel (!). What a surprise! A boy band lover’s dream! I was looking at the Playbill over my cousin’s shoulder and I exclaimed OH EM GEE! Ashley Parker Angel is in this?! To which my (23-year-old cousin) replied, “Who? How do you know him?” I gave her a good *sideeyeemoji *and replied “I’m old, ok? That’s how I know who he is.” There was talk a few years ago that they were going to make Wicked into a movie and Harry Styles was being considered for the role of Fiyero and after seeing APA do it, I can’t wait to see if that comes true.

On a sad note, The Mindy Project’s run has come to an end. I haven’t really processed this and I’m sure come next Tuesday I’ll be looking for a new episode. I really liked the finale, can’t say I loved it though. I wish Leo would have been in it since Mindy fought Danny so hard that she can be a working mom but on top of that a good mom. I loved Morgan and Tamra’s wedding. So perf. I realize now (literally, as I write this) that Mindy and Danny’s story essentially came full circle, but do I wish it happened elsewhere? Yea, I kind of do. Like, maybe in her office. Also, the whole time Mindy was riding the bike, I kept thinking “I’m Saaaandra Bullock”. Missed opportunity, if you ask me (I get that circumstances were different, but… whatever).

There’s a new ULTA in my mall. So that’s.. dangerous. The mall is walking distance from my house. GOD BLESS.

I want to give this space a makeover. GIVE ME STRENGTH. Any way of doing this on the cheap and stress-free? Etsy? Google?

I think that’s it for now. You’re all caught up with my wild life. What’s going on with you? Thoughts about the Mindy finale?

I’ll be back soon, promise. For real this time.


desert island essentials

What seems like forever ago (it’s been two weeks), I saw this sort of desert island survival needs post from Steph and I thought that it was different and I should try to narrow my picks down to one. Maybe two. You know what, let’s just see where this goes. I think it goes without saying the main thing I’d need is a way off the island. I hate most social interaction just as much as the next guy, but eventually, I’d need to shower and not have to worry about a monsoon wiping my little hut right off the island. i’m really not made for this, huh?

sidenote: since they’re asking what movie/tv i’d choose, i’m going to assume there’s a small hut with electricity (and plumbing, air conditioning and refrigeration.)

Food – don’t do this to me straight out of the gate. how can I choose between bagels, greasy Chinese and my mom’s eggplant parmigiana? Also, grilled chicken caesar pizza, regular pizza, fries, restaurant specific delicacies? Now I’m stressed. And hungry.

giphy (3)

Snack – cheese and crackers? grapes? watermelon? cereal? i’ve thought about this answer for about 10 minutes. whyyyy?

Drink – Diet Coke with ice and lemon, hands down. but also, lemonade, iced tea, and iced coffee.

Clothes – it’s a desert island, does it really matter? i’ll go with shorts, tee shirts, and unlimited underwear because i have a thing about underwear.

Accessory – sunglasses

giphy (4)

Beauty product – moisturizer, assuming there’s some sort of plant i could easily make into soap.

Luxury item – a bed with a mosquito net.

Books – i’ll just bring my kindle and internet/amazon access.

Music –  spotify, please. although, i could never go wrong with boy bands, 90’s/early 2000’s music.

TV Series – HULU. I need them all. (if someone could get my 90’s only streaming service off the ground, i’d take that too)

Movie – NETFLIX. I can’t choose just one.

Binge Watcher

So, what would you bring/want waiting for you?

Let’s discuss!


DJ martina on the ones & twos

I’m probably not someone who should give musical recommendations but guess what I’m here today with. Well, maybe not recommendations, per say. More like what I have on repeat lately. I feel like I should put it out there from the get-go: As of late, I can’t handle the regular radio. I like to listen to my local morning show  when I can, but that’s about it. I just can’t take the playlists of the same 5 or so songs constantly. That being said, I have about 5 songs that I rotate on my Spotify constantly that I’m going to share with you right now. #irony.

I Can Hear the Bells – Surprisingly, I haven’t heard much about NBC’s latest live production. Personally, I loved it. I like the story of Hairspray – the chubby girl gets the heartthrob (swoon), the desegregation of music and basically working together to do the right thing. Anyway, I didn’t know if it was more of a there’s nothing nice to say about it kind of thing or if it was more of a low viewership kind of thing. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed it. That Jennifer Hudson, man. That girl is going places. (seriously though, for those who watched- did you see everyone in tears when she san I Know Where I’ve Been? woof.) This will be the song I walk down the aisle to at my wedding, should it happen in this century.

Million Reasons – I’m so happy Mother Monster has started to really showcase the talent God gave her. She was always good and we all knew the talent was there (hello, Tisch graduate!) but the meat dresses and the egg suits were not doing her justice. The song is raw, emotional and perfect for getting my diva on. This song makes me question my life. Do I want to stay where I am? I have nothing keeping me here. Maybe I should just go elsewhere. Start over. Then I remember that my mom does my laundry and I sit my ass down. It’s the thought that counts though, right?

Perm – I mentioned in one of my last posts that the new Bruno Mars album took a little while to grow on me. This song was one of those that I was iffy about in the beginning but now it’s one of my favorites. I would love to incorporate “throw some perm on that attitude!” into my daily vocabulary but somehow, I don’t think that would go over too well. Bruno is probably the only one who could actually get away with it.

Fall For You- I know I mentioned this song in a recent post but I’m still loving it. Another one perfect for diva-ing out, I love pretending I’m filming my very own music video when I sing lip-synch this gem. I kind of reminds me of a grown up version of songs I would like as an angsty teen. You know, the one who liked the boy and was toootally ready for a “real” relationship but didn’t want to get hurt because she’s been through that too many times. My advice for that version of me is to listen to this song and to get a life.

Mercy – Watching Shawn Mendes perform this on SNL two weeks ago was what did it for me. I love when singers get so impassioned and into the performance that their voice goes raspy (see: harry styles, drag me down – carpool karaoke). That’s what happened for Shawny boy and it gave me the feels.

So, what have you been listening to lately? I’m always looking for songs to add to my rotation!


Late (as usual) Friday Five!

We made it through another week! Let’s keep the good times rolling and get right into my Friday Five, shall we?

I like to change my phone case every couple of months and it’s getting to that time so I was on the hunt for a new one. Somehow I stumbled across this one and I need it. Like, right now.

ursula- PUS

Did you ever? I would have bought it right then and there but I refuse to spend $25+ on a phone case because, Amazon. #sorrynotsorry My other reasoning was that I wanted these two also and I definitely was not spending that much money on cellphone cases. I found them here, so if you want to buy me a present, feel free!

I did, however, find exactly what I was looking for (minus Ursula). wait until you see them!

After Mindy on Tuesday, I immediately logged on to Tumblr (am i too old for Tumblr? if i am, ignore that statement) because God forbid I just leave well enough alone. Anyway, I’m scrolling and reblogging, etc and I come across this gem.

SPOILERS AHEAD (i think. at least it’s fair warning.)

danny india


Is he asking for Mindy’s hand in marriage? I thought her parents lived in Boston! I mean, they just had a whole episode about how Catholic Danny is, so I think it’s safe to assume marriage is on the horizon. Ugh. Only two episodes left and I really don’t know what to do with myself.

I’m trying to keep myself occupied so I’ve bought multiple books to get through the hiatus. Right now I’m reading “Searching for Grace Kelly” by Michael Callahan.

searching for grace kelly

It’s set in the mid 1950’s New York City. It’s about the girls at the Barbizon Hotel. The hotel was THE place for glamorous women to stay/live while in New York. The book is dripping with glamour. It makes me want to be there. I think I was a Barbizon Girl in my past life because, obviously, I am the epitome of class, grace, culture and all around refinement.


I’m only about halfway through but I would definitely recommend it.

I use Spotify at work, when I could get on a computer. I feel like it’s more personalized than Pandora and it has a ton to choose from. I made a playlist of all songs I used to love in high school. I don’t know who I thought I was back then. I have a little dance, a little R&B, and a LOT of rap. Missy Elliott, Jagged Edge, Biggie, Cascada, Deborah Cox, Angelo Venuto (if you had a sweet 16 and didn’t play him, your party was lame. what else are brooklyn gweeds supposed to beat the beat to? #sorrynotsorry ). So, I’ve been busy dancing down memory lane.


Since my life isn’t all that exciting, I’m going to make the last item some Friday funnies.




me. so me. my future./caption]

I guess that’s it. Have you read any good books lately? Any ideas on what Danny is doing in India?

Let’s discuss!


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