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When I went to see (new! live action!) Beauty and the Beast for the first time (didn’t everybody see it more than once? no? oh, OK.), one of the coming attractions was for the upcoming Wonder Woman remake. The previews are my favorite part of the movie going experience because I get to rate them on a thumbs up/thumbs down scale. Thumbs up – I’d see the movie, preferably in the theater, thumbs down – I (most likely) wouldn’t see it, and halfway thumb – which is eh, if I can’t get to the theater, I’ll catch it eventually on Netflix.

Anyway, I’m not a superhero movie fan and definitely not one for comic books. I mean, the only reason I saw the last Batman movie was because Tom Hardy was in it. I checked out after Marion Cotilliard shanked him in the bank. #spoileralert. So, the Wonder Woman trailer came on and immediately I was Team Thumbs Down. By the time it ended, I wanted to see it right then and there.

It was all about #girlpower and bad ass women. I got a little choked up, actually, which kind of says a lot. I always dream about the day I grow up to be a bad ass woman and this movie gives me hope.

With the absolute nonsense going on in Washington, where it’s been decided that having a vagina is basically a pre-existing condition (breathe, Martina), I figured I would share the trailer so that we can all enjoy and celebrate the badassery together.

Brooklyn: worth the hype?

A few posts ago I mentioned that I wanted to link up with Steph and Jana for the Show Us Your Books link up. I missed the last one, but here I am now! finally.

I peruse Amazon on a pretty regular basis for new books. I keep a queue on my Kindle and I have a small box of paper books, much to the annoyance of my roommate mother. sorry, ma. #dealwithit I found Brooklyn on Amazon a while ago. The synopsis seemed OK, but I knew I would need to be in a certain frame of mind to read it. I usually read frothy chick lit. I’d apologize, but nah.

giphy (16)

Anyway, Brooklyn had been on my radar for a while when I saw the trailer for the movie. I was immediately intrigued. New York/Brooklyn in the 1950’s? Sign me up!

Knowing that books are notoriously better than their movie counterparts, I dived in, book first. The book is being praised left, right and center so I was excited to start. I usually give a book a little time to get started. Brooklyn took over 100 pages. The whole book is 288. So, yea. I wasn’t expecting swordfights or explosions, but I could have heard less about Eilis’ sea sickness and more about her acclimating to city life or something.

As I was reading I kept thinking about the trailer. “Where’s the guy? I know she meets a guy. When is the love story going to start?” I told you, I’m a lover of chick lit. Romance is in my blood. Tony, the Italian, finally showed up and it was almost unnoticeable, like most of the major events in the book. I thought that him being an Italian who snuck into an Irish dance because he liked Irish girls there would be more of an issue. Back then, from what I’m to understand, the Italians and the Irish in America weren’t the best of friends. Even when Eilis brought Tony to the boarding house, maybe the other girls raised an eyebrow, but nobody said a word to her.  Unrelated to the love story, there was an unexpected event that caught me so off guard that I had to read it twice to make sure it actually happened.

giphy (18)

I finished the book and was happy with the ending but I still felt a little let down. I felt gipped because I, quite frankly didn’t get enough Tony. The book was a hurry up and wait kind of thing for me. I found myself waiting for something to happen, getting to that moment, savoring it and having to start all over again.

giphy (19)

After I finished the book, I went to Redbox and rented the movie. I watched it with my mom because she had read the book also. Right off the bat, things were awry. They opened the movie with Eilis getting ready to make the trip to America. They never mentioned that it was her sister who secured her place on the boat, a job when she got here and a place to stay through her friend, a priest from their County. It’s important because they had a close relationship and it was hard for Eilis to leave her sister and her mother behind.  There’s more that wasn’t right, like how they left out Eilis’ brothers completely as well as the Bartocci’s and only included a little bit of Miss Fortini. The scenes that I was obviously waiting for were the ones that involved Tony (and his family). They didn’t disappoint. There just wasn’t enough of them, in the book or the movie.

I think I’ve gone a bit off the rails here and I’m not entirely sure how to get back. Bottom line is this: Brooklyn is one of those rare book to movie adaptations where the movie is the better option. So, see the movie and skip the book. Or skip the movie and read the book; it’s your life. And, where can I find myself a Tony Fiorello?



Did you see/read Brooklyn? What did you think?

Let’s discuss!




Backstreet Boys (to men!)

Backstreet-boys-documentary.0This past weekend I finally got to watch the Backstreet Boys movie. FINALLY. I really had every intention to get to a movie theater with my Backstreet lovin’ cousin, Jill and sit back with our barrel full of popcorn and trough of Diet Coke. However, life got in the way and we never made it to a theater playing it.

By what could only be explained as an Easter miracle, VH1 aired the movie on Friday. I set my DVR and told Jill to clear her schedule for the following night because I was watching it with or without her.

We camped out in front of the TV for the best two and a half hours of our day.

 i know i used tina and amy in my last post but i love this gif and it fits so there.

i know i used tina and amy in my last post but i love this gif and it fits so there.

I’m going to put it out there right now – if you haven’t seen the movie and want to but don’t want spoilers, although I don’t know how there could be spoilers for a documentary, please stop reading now.


Instead of giving a play by play of the movie, I’m going to tell you what they did touch on and what they didn’t and why I wished they would.


  • their time with Lou Perlman and what a dick he was
  • their hometowns
  • AJ and Nick’s alcohol/drug use
  • NSYNC feud and how it started (like I said, Lou was a dick)
  • they went back and were able to get into Lou Perlman’s now abandoned house
  • Brian’s struggles with his voice
  • they’re working on their 9th album (!!) 


  • they’re all in stable relationships and have all said that they run things passed their wives to get their input. Like for song lyrics or the music and even with what was shown in the movie. The wives/relationships were not mentioned once. I just found it odd because it’s a known fact that Brian met his wife at the “All I Have to Give” video shoot. Howie’s wife used to work as their webmaster and Kevin left the band to be with his family (among other reasons).
  • They went back to each of their hometowns but I felt that they gave the most backstory to Kevin and Nick. I wish they showed more of Brian, Howie and AJ’s background and not just the school they went to.
  • What was up with this?


And why did Nick say (something like) “go ahead and be the dick everyone knows you are” to Brian? Ugh. that part killed me.Should I admit that I audibly gasped? Well, I did. Brian is my favorite, always was. I also always loved his friendship with Nick (frick and frack fo’ life!) so that was like a real blow for me. But Brian gave it right back to him so boo ya, nick!

I hope this didn’t come off as a negative review because I truly loved this movie. It was well done and should be shown to the contestants at every X Factor audition. It shows that it’s not only luck that will give you a career, but hard work.

I love One Direction and am glad that Simon Cowell gave them a chance after seeing the magnitude of their popularity on social media. However, for the Backstreet Boys, it took at least two years of playing in high school gyms, usually for free, and going over to Europe to find any kind of success. After they hit Canada, it was almost no time before they became huge in America. So, I think what I’m trying to get at is they’ve paid their dues and all of these youngin’s need to take a lesson.

It’s available for pre-order on Amazon if you want the DVD, or you can download it from Amazon or iTunes. I highly suggest you do. My DVD is pre-ordered, but does that surprise you? I didn’t think so.

Have you seen the movie yet? Are you going to? What was your favorite part? Who is your favorite Backstreet Boy?

Let’s discuss!


everybodayy… backstreet’s back! alright!


The long awaited (for me, anyway) Backstreet Boys documentary is finally being released!

January 30, 2015 – MARK IT DOWN, AMERICA.

February 26, 2016 – MARK IT DOWN, WORLD.


Sorry Kevin.


Sorry again, Kevin 

"From 1992 to 2002 we were the biggest band in the world. No one thought it was going to be as big as it was...Then it just stopped. And what do you do when you're a full grown man in a boy band?" - Brian Littrell ugh.

“From 1992 to 2002 we were the biggest band in the world. No one thought it was going to be as big as it was…Then it just stopped. And what do you do when you’re a full grown man in a boy band?” – Brian Littrell

I love me some One Direction but the Backstreet Boys will hold my heart forever. They showed me the shape of their hearts and promised they would never break mine. How could I not love them forever? (where do i come up with these things?)

So, who’s coming with me?


new movie alert!

Remember when I tried to tell you the “abridged” story of how there was a movie starring Tom Hardy in my neighborhood and how I met him? Well, that movie is finally being released! It’s coming out on September 12th(so soon!) and it now has an official trailer. Want to see it? Look no further:

I said in my original post that the movie takes place in Boston but, I was wrong and it in fact does take place in Brooklyn. I totally should have offered him my linguistic accent services. Not that he needs it because he is just… TOM HARDY. Need I say more? I didn’t think so. Speaking of stellar performances, James Gandolfini’s doesn’t seem to disappoint. Not that I thought it would.

At first I thought I wouldn’t be interested in seeing this movie because it’s not exactly the feel good rom-com that I usually enjoy, but this one looks like it’s got just enough dark humor to make it not so bad. I just can’t sit through a movie that is all violence and blood and all of that for two hours.

I’m excited to see my neighborhood on the big screen and I am also excited to see the scene that we watched being filmed and how it came together. With my luck it got cut, but I’m going to be optimistic. I keep watching the trailer to see if there are any scenes with that hat and blue jacket he has on in my picture. I found the blue jacket but no hat. Sometimes I don’t believe it was him and just a really decent stunt double or something and that we were duped. Him or not, don’t burst my bubble; I need to believe I really met him.

September is shaping up to be a big month. All new television shows, a new season of The Mindy Project, and now this. I’m excited! Who’s coming with me?


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