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christmas carpool

Can you believe Christmas is in 5 days? I sure can’t. I wanted to share with you not one but TWO early Christmas gifts I got and am googly eyed over.

And they’re from a celebrity!


I kid. I kid. They’re the newest Carpool Karaoke segments from one of my many celebrity husbands, James Corden.

Last Tuesday he released the long-awaited (for me, anyway) Bruno Mars collab. It was, as expected, amazing. My favorite part was when James said that his woman wouldn’t be wearing Versace, she’d be wearing Target. ya damn right, boo.

Then, on Thursday, Jimmy dropped the All I Want for Christmas is You mix. As I’ve mentioned before, Lisa and I were big Mariah fans back in the 90’s and we usually incorporated this gem into our act at the various Christmas parties/ Girl Scout meetings we attended. we still do. she’s going to kill me.  My point is that our invitation must have gotten lost in the mail but, speaking for both of us I’ll say, we’re being good sports about it and will enjoy from afar. Maybe next year.

Also, Nick Jonas- what the hell, man? EVERYONE knows this song, what’s your issue? Google that shit. Make an effort.

That’s all I got today, kids. I’m off to wrap gifts.


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the art of the music video

Being a child of the 90’s, I have a special place in my heart for music videos. They were a big deal back in the day, just ask Carson Daly. Remember Pop Up Video on VH1 and Making the Video on MTV? Those were my jams. Nothing better on a Saturday than reading all about who was coming to Melissa Ethridge’s window. It was a simpler time.

Since I am such an aficionado of these mini masterpieces, this week’s Friday Five Favorites (oh, whatever.) is going to be dedicated to my favorite music videos. spoiler alert: there will probably be more than five. you’ve been warned.

So in no particular order…

One Sweet Day – Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men: Does it get any better? I don’t see how it can. The jorts, the snap clips, the sunglasses – YAASS. Also, Mariah & Wanya 4eva.

Fantasy – Mariah Carey: Beyonce, I’mma let you finish but Mariah had the best amusement park video of all time.


Seriously though, Mariah was the QWEEN of the 90’s. I used to watch this video and dream of the day when I could rollerblade around an amusement park singing my number one hit, just like MC. Maybe I should learn to rollerblade.
Honorable Mentions: Always Be My Baby, Forever, Heartbreaker

Bigger – Backstreet Boys: You thought I was going to go for I Want It That Way, right? While I certainly do enjoy the Boys dancing around an airport, there’s something about this video that I love. Maybe because it’s the first one I’ve seen from them since 2001? Maybe I just like the song? Whatevs.
Honorable Mentions: Everybody (Backstreet’s Back), Shape of My Heart, Just Want You To Know, basically all of them.

It’s All Coming Back To Me Now – Celine Dion: I was OB-SESSED with this video. The romance! The drama! The ghost! My tiny 10 year old heart couldn’t deal. Pepperidge Farm couldn’t make a bigger cheese ball.
Honorable Mentions: None. I think this one takes the cake.

Night Changes – One Direction: I’ve gushed about this video before. Not much has changed.
Honorable Mentions: One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks), Best Song Ever, Story of My Life.

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran: Oh, Eddie.

giphy (2)

And finally…since I have six already, what’s one more?

All I Have – JLo & LL Cool J: Holy early 2000’s, Batman! This video isn’t exactly a favorite of mine but the song and the Coach luggage holds a ton of memories for me. It reeks of Glow by JLo.

What are your favorite music videos? Do you wish Making of the Video would get revived?

Let’s discuss!


photo dump: brooklyn heights

On Sunday, (yes Sunday, as in almost a week ago) Lisa and I headed downtown to relive our college days. By relive our college days I mean eating lunch, getting Starbucks and act like idiots real adults. We went to school in Brooklyn Heights, which is like a little Manhattan. Really little, but it has everything you may need. Like Five Guys and Sephora. Some stores have changed but for the most part it was like we took a short ride in Dr. Brown’s DeLorean (except we went backwards and not in to the future. i think i messed up that reference.) After lunch, we walked down to the Promenade. (a note to my out of town friends: if you come to new york, try to make your way over here. great views of downtown manhattan and the brooklyn bridge. it’s a nice walk from beginning to end and if you keep going, you’ll find yourself under the bridge, where there’s a carousel, and ice cream place and great views of the manhattan bridge. it’s worth the trip if you like to walk.)

Anyway, this post is going to be a small photo dump of the day. Consider this also a weekend recap since this was basically it.

princess diaries

All of these photos were taken on my cellphone. I felt like that needed mentioning because even I am blown away by the quality. I still love my trusty Nikon DSLR though.



it’s just a sweet, sweet fantasy bey-bey.

Lisa’s dream was to tell the barista at Starbucks that her name is Beyonce. I played along and used Mariah, which didn’t get the reaction I was hoping for so the next time I go to Starbucks, I’m going to wear red lipstick and tell them my name is Taylor Swift. They’ll take one look at the short, not skinny (i just could not decide on an adjective here), brunette in front of them and be totally convinced. The barista in this case was a good sport. He called out Lisa’s drink but didn’t say a name so, of course, I sadi, “For Beyonce?” to which he responded, “yea, but I didn’t want the paparazzi to swarm”. “Good looking out.” I said. now lemme get yo numba. (because this is as close to a meet-cute as i’m going to get.)

20150315_161652_aWM 20150315_161226_WM

20150315_162903_WM 20150315_163015_WM 20150315_163702_WM


19 Cranberry Street. What movie is this from? Here’s a hint – “I HAVE NO HAND!” No? How about – “My dying mother in Italy!” Give up? Moonstruck! It’s the house Cher lived in. I tweeted her this picture and didn’t get a response. Maybe it’s for the better, homegirl is not the best at handling the tweet machine.


We’re going to pretend this  1)picture isn’t blurry and 2) building is not a bunch of apartments and that I could live there when I marry super super super rich. I’m in love with that turret. I’m sure, if no one ruined it, these apartments are filled with charm. High ceilings, built in bookshelves, creaky wood floors. ugh. Honestly, I based some of my decision to go to the school I did on being able to troll hang out in this neighborhood everyday. The brownstones, the carriage houses, the Promenade – oh my!

carriage house

I didn’t take this photo,(click the photo to go to the site I got it from) but I did pass this house. Isn’t it gorgeous? You could almost hear the clip-clop of the horses parking in the driveway.

That’s about it. What’s your go-to Starbucks alias?

Let’s discuss!


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