weekend update: food, friends and billy joel

It’s weekend recap time! Let’s pretend I do these almost every weekend instead of almost never. So, it was a lot of nothing/lot of everything kind of weekend. I mean, the usual.

Friday: Billy Joel has a residency at Madison Square Garden. He does one concert a month, which he said he would do until people stopped coming. like that will ever happen. I got tickets to the May show. I’m going to take a sharp left here and not ramble for a million hours about this concert. i’m going to try to, anyway. I’m going to take another left and just put it out there that I do not have tons of pictures to share from the show. gasp! Actually, I DO have a ton of pictures but they’re mostly blurry, colorful dots. My seat was close enough to watch but not close enough for decent pictures. If I wasn’t so nervous about it being confiscated, I would have brought my new mirrorless camera. It’s for the best because if I did, the whole post would have been Billy’s bald head.


What I love about Billy Joel is he’s all about New York. Like Springsteen has Asbury Park, Billy has Oysta Bay, Lawn Guyland. (Oyster Bay, Long Island – for the non-natives). He still lives out there and can be found out and about around town. He seems like a truly nice guy and very down to Earth. He never forgot where he came from (maybe because he never left), which is big in my book. Since it is Fleet Week, there was a group of sailors at the show. Bill had them all come up during Goodnight Saigon and then thanked and shook each one of their hands. Coincidentally, the best pictures I took that night were from this moment.


It turns out that Carson Daly was also at this show. So, you know, typical Friday night, hanging with Bill, Carson and 18,000 of our closest friends. Speaking of our 18,000 friends, I think one of the coolest moments of my life was standing there, listening to Billy Joel sing Piano Man along with all of Madison Square Garden. I mean, I’ve sung along to I Want It That Way with 4 of 5 Backstreet Boys and all of Nassau Coliseum, but this trumps it by a loooong shot.

Saturday was a whole bunch of nothing. I went to work, came home and emptied my DVR. the roller coaster of life, my friends.

Sunday I worked again then came home and got ready to go out for Nicole’s birthday. Her birthday was Friday but I was indisposed and she had family plans so Sunday it was. We went to a beer garden in Park Slope with the best tater tots I’ve ever had. They were shaped like Tetris pieces – a party for the eyes and mouth! We played a rousing game of cornhole, where the most un-athletic person in the place (me) was on the winning team.

To round out the weekend, on Monday, I took a trip with Lisa to the city. She had to drop something off for work and after we just walked around. The city was empty, which was amazing. Summer is definitely on its way because the humidity was high, which brings out all the best city smells.

I can’t say I’m ready for work tomorrow, but are you ever really ready to go to work? Nah.

What did you do this weekend?

Fill me in!



a little ball of nerves, mixed with hope, a healthy dash of desperation and some uncertainty.

Hey guys! Long time, no blog, I feel. There’s a bunch of interesting things going on with me right now. Some I am not even ready to talk about yet; still cooking, if you will. But, I did want to fill you in on what I could so here we go.

it has taken so long to get this post started – with editing photos and finding gifs –  i feel so out of practice.

Last week I had a meeting with someone at an employment agency. I’m not the most comfortable with going into the city by myself but I’ll do it when it is absolutely necessary and getting a new job is absolutely necessary. Armed with my MetroCard and my resume I hopped on the train and was on my way. I felt like Pee-Wee; on a big adventure.


I had to take the train to 42nd Street/Grand Central. The train ride was faster than I anticipated so I got there much earlier than expected. This worked out in my favor because I was a little ball of nerves, mixed with hope, a healthy dash of desperation and some uncertainty. To combat this, I tried to put myself into my happy place (which is usually Central Park, but more on that later). I wanted to bring my camera, but decided that would be a little weird so I said a prayer to the camera phone gods that mine wouldn’t act up and took a detour to the Main Concourse for some distraction photography.


Fun fact: the third level of the Main Concourse is an Apple store. I had no idea until I stormed up there for a better angle. They were nice about it, but I felt like I was intruding so I snapped a few shots on my non-iPhone and quickly scuttled out of there. I could have explored Grand Central for hours, but I had a potentially life-changing meeting to get to so I tore myself away.

I was still running pretty early so once I knew I was close enough to where I had to be, I found a McDonalds where I had my second iced coffee of the day. It wasn’t the best idea because too much coffee gives me the shakes, but I figured, what the hell, at least I’ll be on my toes. When I couldn’t wait/stall any longer I gathered myself and headed for my meeting. I walked in, signed in with security, hit the button for the 3rd floor, and eventually figured out that I was in the wrong building. and we’re off to a good start. Back down I went.

I walked next door, to the correct building, signed in, hit the button for the third floor and was finally on my way to new beginnings. I filled out all of the necessary paperwork and then I waited. My name was called, I was escorted to a conference room and then I waited. Over 30 minutes later, my recruiter comes in. I’m not going to go into details, but I will say that my hope was rapidly decreasing and my anxiety was rapidly increasing. That’s what happens when it is implied that you’ve lied on your resume (which i would never, ever do). As soon as I was told that I could leave, I gathered my stuff and got out of there.


Like I said before, I wanted to bring my camera so that when I was done, I could celebrate taking this first step to emancipation by walking around Central Park taking pictures. Since I decided against bringing it and I was feeling low, I walked the other way, towards Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. I should have gone to the park because AJ from the Backstreet Boys was there with his wife and daughter. I could have asked him for a little I Want It That Way to boost my spirits. Oh well.

Anyway, I walked to Saint Pat’s because I wanted to light a candle. I love lighting candles there because they’re legitimate candles. At my local church, all you do is press a button and a light comes on. Call me crazy, but it sort of loses something. When I walked in I noticed that there was a mass going on. I figured I’d light the candle, sit for a minute and then sneak out the back. I asked the security guard when mass was over because I wanted to take pictures and the Catholic in me just couldn’t do it when the priest was giving communion. I lit my candle and decided to sit for a minute; the Catholic guilt about sneaking out was too strong. I was a bit in awe of the people walking around taking pictures in the middle of mass. Frankly, I was getting annoyed because even though I know this is not an everyday kind of experience and that most, if not all, of the photographers/gawkers were tourists, it just felt rude to me. Then I realized that I was receiving mass at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. Granted, Cardinal Dolan wasn’t up at the altar and it seems like at lunchtime they sort of become a mass factory, but still, I had to stay. Eventually, the rituals of the mass came back to me and I found myself reciting all of the prayers from my childhood. I fit right in. When it was over and I knew there was a half an hour before the next one started, I got up and walked around a little bit. I took some pictures, but definitely want to go back with my regular camera because, STAINED GLASS.

After I left Saint Pat’s I was going to get something to eat but honestly, I was ready to go home. Luckily, the bus was on its way so I waited for it and just over an hour later, I was pulling in to my stop.

So that’s my update. I’m finally starting to take my job in my hands. The meeting might not have been what I wanted it to be but, I didn’t know what to expect at all so it is what it is. I’m going to fix my resume and send it back to them and see where that takes me. I’ll definitely keep you posted!

What’s up with you?

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photo dump: better late than never!

How has Christmas come and gone already? I hope everyone’s holiday was great. Filled with lots of love, food and presents. I just wanted to share two things. One is a really quick “aww” moment and the other is a collection of pictures I took before the holiday that I hadn’t gotten a chance to post until now. Better late than never, right?

So, the aww moment happened on Christmas morning. My mom’s aunt, who is either in her late 80’s or early 90’s called to wish my family a Merry Christmas. After my mom filled her in a bit on her siblings and asked for her cousin, Aunt Margie asked about me and my cousins. Being the cute, little old school Italian lady that she is, she wanted to know if I had a boyfriend. Normally I’d have to roll my eyes at this question. Except when it’s from an adorable aunt. She didn’t ask my mom outright if I had a boyfriend or if I was seeing somebody, the way she put it was “Is Martina keeping company with anybody?” Is she not the cutest? First of all, I love older phrases like that. Like pillbox hats and ballgowns with gloves; very vintage. Second, it’s so to the point. It’s not like the term “hooking up”, which means 100 different things depending on who you ask. Anyway, I just thought it was cute and thought I’d share.

Next are some pictures I took last week when I was in the city (yes, again). Basic stuff. Bryant Park, the tree, candles at Saint Patrick’s (i have to go back. i got kicked out because a mass was starting), a Christmas Village in the basement of an ornament store. Good stuff. sidenote: what better place for a Christmas village than an ornament store? this year was the first year and i really think they should keep it going. until it gets mobbed and noone could breathe or move down there.

The village was really cute. I got tickets on Groupon for $15. Totally worth it. They were originally $30. I probably wouldn’t go that high. Or if I paid full price I would have been a little disappointed. I mean, it was cute but it was literally in the basement of an ornament store. It wasn’t a show or anything, just a quick (or slow) walk-through.

How was your Christmas? Did Santa treat you well?

Let’s discuss!


last leg of the tour!

Here is, as promised, the final installment of the 5th Avenue tour. I wouldn’t leave you wandering around and since you paid for it, you should get it. If you haven’t paid, let me know and I’ll give you my PayPal email.


Anyway, this last part will be a collection of things. We have to backtrack to the tree but, like I said before, we’re saving the best for last. By now we’ve watched the light show at Saks and have somehow have been carried by the crowd and are now standing across the street from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. She’s a beauty.

They’re holding a mass, so we can’t go in for picture taking. It’s totally worth a return trip though. It’s time to turn around and get swept up in the tree crowd again. Ready? Hold on tight.


It’s a real beaut, Clark. All SPRUCE(d) up and looking good!

giphy (23)

That concludes this tour of 5th Ave at Christmas.Please remember all of your belongings and to tip your driver. As a bonus, here’s a picture of the stars at the Shops at Columbus Circle. They aren’t on 5th but I love them and wanted to share.




next stop, lord & taylor!

I had a different post in mind for today, so that I wouldn’t have two of the same types of post in a row. Then I figured, why start now?

giphy (22)

We last left off at Bergdorfs. We will now continue our trip down 5th Avenue. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle and enjoy the ride.

What should come next is actually the tree but we’re going to come back to that. I believe it was the American philosopher, Vanessa Williams who said, “save the best for last.” #wisewords.

So, we’ve passed the tree and the library (wave to Patience and Fortitude!) and we’re coming up to Lord and Taylor. L&T have always done my favorite window displays (with the exception of Saks last year).  This year their theme is “…A Few Of Our Favorite Things”. I mean, who doesn’t love gingerbread men, cupcakes and canopies made from evergreens and covered in white lights? magical.

The lights from the canopy reflecting on the windows is perfect. DO YOU SEE THE PERFECTION?! I really hope they planned it that way because if they did, they need a raise. This is the first time that I could remember L&T having something in front of the windows, like the canopy. I love anything that feels like an enchanted forest and this definitely does it.

Are these a few of your favorite things? What would you include in your window display (hmm.. that sounds like a blog post idea.. except I think we all know my answers!)

Let’s discuss!


window watching: Bergdorf Goodman

This year it’s been very hard for me to get into any kind of Christmas spirit. Actually, let me clarify that. I’m smack dab in the middle of not wanting anything to do with Christmas and Buddy the Elf. It’s a weird feeling. It probably doesn’t help that the weather has been absolutely not Winter in New York. As a matter of fact, Lisa and I made a trip to Central Park and for a minute, I forgot Thanksgiving had passed already. The trees still had leaves on them. Beautiful, fall colored leaves. It was warm. Too warm for my wool peacoat. It’s December and I could be outside for more than five minutes and still feel my face? Lunacy!

In an effort to take the plunge into Christmas, after Central Park we walked down 5th Ave to see whatever windows weren’t mobbed and, of course, the tree. Because I don’t want to innundate this post with pictures (no, i’m feeling fine.), I’m going to break up this post and the next two or so into each set of windows we saw. For example, from the direction we were coming from, we hit Bergdorf Goodman first so this post is of their windows. I’m going to post them in the order that we saw them as we walked. A 5th Ave walking tour without leaving your house!

Ever since I watched “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s”, I’ve been obsessed with this store. If you haven’t seen it, get on Netflix, now. It’s not a hard hitting documentary that exposes the lives of Manhattan socialites and their shopping habits so don’t get too excited. It just tells the history of the store, its famous patrons, and it even tells how the holiday windows are made. It was one of those documentaries that are so much fun that you never want them to end. It also gives a glimpse into a world that I will personally never know, personal shopping. *swoon* Bergdorf’s is the highest of high end. Why shop for yourself when someone else can do it for you? Sales Associates, by the way, can make upwards of $120,000. Or $500,000 but that’s up for debate. (except i totally believe it. call me gullible.)

I’m not sure what the over all theme of this year’s windows is except SPARKLES. EVERYWHERE.

Sorry for the quality of some of these. The crowds weren’t too bad but they were enough that you just wanted to keep it moving.

Which window segment was your favorite? I love the party scene.

Let’s discuss!





featured image was found here.

photo dump: central park, where else?

I’ve had these pictures hanging out, waiting to be posted for a little while now, but I haven’t gotten a chance to actually put it all together. Don’t get too excited, they’re of Central Park – again. I know, let’s all put our shocked faces on. Whatever. It was a nice day, albeit hotter than Hades. This time, Martina and Lisa’s Day of Fun started at the Shakespeare Garden, which is like something out of a fairy tale. Or the English countryside. I assume.


I was too busy running around chasing butterflies, trying to get pictures of them, and failing miserably to get pictures of what was at the top of the stairs. Imagine a round English garden and that’s what’s upstairs. Not that I’m in any kind of situation for this to happen to me, but if I had to list a few places to get engaged, this would be pretty high on my list. take note, boys.

Before we left for the park, Lisa told me she was going to bring a sandwich and have a picnic. The last time we had a picnic in the park, we sat on a bench and watched a Men’s softball game. This time, we’re walking down the path and Lisa says, “Let’s sit here”. I look around and there’s no bench, no men in tight pants. I said, “Where?” “Right there”, she replies, pointing to an open space of grass. She walks over, opens her bag and pulls out a bedsheet, spreads in out, sits down and starts getting her sandwich out of her bag. Thankfully, there was a hot dog vendor nearby so I bought myself a hot dog since I really didn’t believe we were picnicking in the park. From where we sat we had an excellent view of the back of the Belvedere Castle and the trees provided excellent shade.



After we ate, people and dog watched, we started our journey down to the East Side. I keep forgetting that Central Park is basically the Met’s backyard. One day, I’m not going to make myself not look like a subway troll and I’m going to go to the steps of the Met, channel my inner Blair Waldorf, and have lunch. #pagingchuckbass Except I heard that that’s not allowed so I guess a quick photoshoot will have to suffice. Through the trees, I spotted 5th Avenue and like the Ansel Adams that (I think) I am, I stopped and took 400 photos, even making Lisa move the weeds out of my way. #ineedanassistant #thatswhatfriendsarefor


The building on the right is Marymount, which is an extremely Catholic school, or so I was told. Either way, it sure is pretty.

We made our way down past Alice in Wonderland to visit Hans Christian Anderson. Good old Hans. I take the same picture every time we come to see him, but I really don’t care. After we said goodbye to Uncle Hans, we started back on our journey down and out of the park.




Finally, we made it to the Bethesda Fountain. I’ve been trying to get artistic shots of her for a while now and today was no different. What was also not any different was the fact that I still couldn’t nail the shot I wanted. There’s always next time because you know, sure as shit, I’ll be back.




We walked through the mall, got a Hello Kitty ice cream bar, which promptly fell on the ground. Left the park and went over to Columbus Circle in search of a bathroom.

NEW YORKER TIP: DO NOT I repeat, DO NOT use the bathroom at the Starbucks near Columbus Circle. It was filthy and horrible. I actually felt bad for my shoes. So gross. But I was really desperate. I don’t know what that says about me and I’m not sure if I like it.

I was getting dark by the time we were ready to leave so my pictures of Columbus Circle are eh. I’ll have to go back at Christmas time because everything is prettier at Christmas. Wait for it.

We had finally had enough of the heat and humidity so we decided to head home. While we waited for the train I looked down at my arm and it was literally wet from the humidity. Ahhh, Summer in the City.


And that’s that. Now I’m waiting for the mail because Amazon says that Mindy Kaling’s new book will be delivered today. Gotta love Prime!

What’s going on with you?

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14 years

September 11th is my generation’s Kennedy assassination. I could remember being in the car with Jessica and her mom, so nervous about being late to school. It was the first week of my freshman year of high school so I was a ball of nerves. We were listening to Z100 and I could still hear Elvis, the morning DJ, announce that a plane had hit the World Trade Center and they didn’t know if it was some sort of freak accident or a deliberate attack. I tried to put it out of my head because I had other things to worry about, like navigating through the 2,999 other students to get to class. I finally made it to my math classroom when the fire alarms started to ring. Within minutes, the whole school was back outside. “Does this have something to do with the plane crash?” I wondered. After about 45 minutes of waiting around, we found out that the school had a bomb scare. I found some friends and together we asked a teacher if we could leave. “I can’t tell you to go and I can’t tell you to stay.” he responded. We started to walk home when my friend’s mother pulled up next to us and told us to get in to the car. She dropped me off at home where I tried to call my mom at work. The phone lines were crossed and I kept getting different departments. I turned on the TV and saw that this “plane crash” was all over the news. My mom was finally able to get through. As we were talking, Jessica came pounding on my door. She told me that I couldn’t stay home alone and that her mom would take me to her house. I had no idea what to do, so I went. In the car, I found out that tower one had collapsed. We got back to Jessica’s and sat around the TV for the rest of the afternoon. Images of people covered in dust and debris filled the screen. We watched the buildings fall, people wander aimlessly in total shock, the first responders trying to help whoever they could. Lower Manhattan was a ghost town. It was unbelievable that just across the river all of this madness was going on. My mom came straight to Jessica’s house after work to pick me up. We went home and tried to process what just happened.

In the February following the attacks, I went with Jessica, her mom and her uncle to Ground Zero. Well, we were actually going to the Century 21 that’s down the block, but since we were there and it was open enough to the public, we figured we would take a peek. It was still being cleaned up, bodies/body parts were still being found. There was dust still lingering on some of the buildings. I’ll never forget the bike. It was covered in dust and missing person’s flyers. It must have belonged to a messenger or courier and was attached to a pole, as if it were waiting for its owner to come back for it. The missing persons flyers were everywhere. Smiling faces of people who… well. We passed Trinity Church, which I remember, looked so dark and scary. The air was heavy. Not so much with dust but with sadness. It’s a feeling that I’ll never forget. The city, usually so alive and loud, seemed to just stop.

A few weeks ago, after we paid Taylor Swift a visit, Lisa and I took a walk over to One World Trade. Maybe because the last time I was there it was nighttime, but it felt so bright. Too bright. There were tourists everywhere. Now, you know how I feel about tourists, but this was too much. I think the problem is that the area is too clean now. It’s too sparkly and flashy, which makes it hard to believe or remember that anything bad happened here. It looks like another one of New York’s famous landmarks, which I guess it sort of is now, huh? I think whoever planned this out did a lovely job, but it’s New York and it needs some grit. Maybe if there was something (other than the museum) to keep people grounded and put things into perspective, it would be a little better. Maybe they should have figured out a way to keep the bike there. I’m sure it was taken away a long time ago, long before the area became all shined and prettied up. Then again, with all of the visitors that come it would probably get lost in the shuffle and its significance would basically be nothing. Because let’s face it, there could be all the signs and staff in the world offering information, but people are going to read and hear what they want to read and hear.  Lisa and I, quite frankly, couldn’t afford to go up to the Observation Deck (but it’s definitely on my list of things to do) or down in to the museum so we just passed through the hoards of people to get to the reflection pools. This is where I get a little annoyed with my tourist friends.

Maybe it’s because I’m a New Yorker. And maybe because of that I can’t separate myself or be unbiased. The reflection pools were surrounded by people. Cool, until it wasn’t. These people were taking selfies and letting their kids stand on the ledge of the pool. I don’t want to be that Touchy Tammy who shits on someone’s vacation but show some respect. The reflection pools were built in the footprints of the Twin Towers. So, again, not to piss on anyone’s good time, you are essentially letting your kid stand on someone’s final resting place. #sorrynotsorry Maybe I shouldn’t say anything because I was there taking pictures too, but I wasn’t making the Freedom Tower my selfie backdrop and I sure as hell had my feet on the sidewalk.

About a week ago I saw someone from high school post a Facebook status that 9/11 should be a national holiday. Sorry (not really), but I’m going to have to disagree. September 11th should be remembered and treated with respect. It should not be an excuse to get a day off from work. It should also not be another day for stores to make a profit on. I could wait for October and it’s lovely Columbus Day sales. Thanks for discovering America, Chris. And also for this 30% discount on these fabulous shoes! #hypocritemuch?

Have you been to the Freedom Tower? September 11th as a national holiday – yay or nay?

Let’s discuss!


photo dump: flatiron to fifth avenue

What do you get when you mix two single gals, New York City and a camera?


The other night, Lisa and I found ourselves venturing into the city. Our plan was to get soup and then frozen yogurt. And, in case you were wondering, yes, we were fully aware that it was 90 degrees and humid out. We even had a conversation about how making good decisions is not on our list of marketable skills. But really, when Tomato Cheddar is soup of the month, the bad decision would be not to get the soup.


We got off at 14th Street/ Union Square and headed off to find soup nirvana. We noticed a group of fire engines on the block of the soup place.

Lisa: Oh, that’s definitely Hale and Hearty.

Me: No it can’t be.

Lisa: Totally is.

We get closer and we notice that the fire department set up caution tape right in front of the soup place.

Lisa: I told you it was Hale and Hearty.

Me: Ugh.

For a brief second I contemplated hopping the caution tape and getting the soup anyway. Then I realized that my foot would 100% get stuck and New York City’s Bravest (and hottest, if you ask me) would get to watch me eat the pavement. not a good look.


It turns out that there was falling debris from the top of the building. As far as I know, no one was hurt except me and Lisa because we were denied our beloved Tomato Cheddar.

After dinner we took a walk over to the Flatiron Building. From there, our excellent decision making skills kicked in again and we started to walk to Rockefeller Center. Just for a point of reference, the Flatiron is on 23rd Street and Rockefeller is on 45th. You do the math, because we didn’t.

We tried to get a cupcake and a cup of coffee before we headed home, as per usual, but Crumbs had the nerve to be in the process of closing for the night. I mean, what is this? Don’t they know that there’s a possibility that two psychos from Brooklyn may need a sugar fix at 10pm? city that never sleeps, my ass. 


As I was going through the pictures I took I was thinking that if Taylor Swift needs some assistance in her role as New York City’s Ambassador, maybe Lisa and I could help. Sooo… Taylor, if the pressures of the job get to be too much, just know that we gladly volunteer to lend a hand. Just as long as Lisa gets to play with Olivia and Meredith and I get to meet Harry Styles. Or Ed Sheeran, at least. It’s up to you, just let us know.


photo dump: FAO Schwarz

Just when you thought I’d cooled it with the photo dumps, here’s another one. It’s not of Central Park this time, though. Close, but not exactly.

As of July 15, 2015, beloved New York toy store, FAO Schwarz is closing the doors of its flagship store. Being the true New Yorker I am, I went to say my last goodbyes. That was dramatic, seeing as this was the second time I’ve ever been there. Ever, in my life. But it’s famous and who doesn’t love famous things?

Why is it so famous?

  • The BIG keyboard
  • it was the inspiration for Mr. Duncan’s toystore in Home Alone 2 (maybe. i might have made that up. sounds good, no?)
  • They have a make your own muppet section. need i say more?
  • it has every toy imaginable. no joke. the last time i went in there, a movie about a farm was coming out (Babe? Charlotte’s Web? whatever.) and they had every single farm animal you could think of made into huge cuddly stuffed animals. they even had a turkey. and we all know how cuddly those beasts guys are.


If you couldn’t tell, I’m trying to procrastinate because 1) I don’t have a ton of photos to share and 2) they aren’t anything to write home about so I’m trying to lure you in with my witty words and excellent gif selection. Is it working?

Thought so.

Except I have nothing else to say. So, here they are.

Here’s the entrance. Notice the guard, ready for a photo op. Also notice that the building is not tall. I don’t know how they fit all of the magic in just three floors. Granted the building is long. Real long.

Upstairs is the famous BIG keyboard. Tom Hanks not included. Also, please excuse my Flinstone feet. I don’t usually take my shoes off in public, but when I do, it’s to play piano. There’s also a video of me and Lisa on the keyboard but, that will probably never see the light of the internet.

On the way out you can get ripped off your fortune told by Zoltar. I put my dollar in, he said a few words, I waited for my fortune to print and I got nothing. Typical. Should I be worried? You can also stand in a life sized kaleidoscope, hence the picture on the right. I would have lived in there if I knew no one would notice me.

In between the keyboard and Zoltar, there’s a HUUGE candy section, a baby doll nursery (totes adorbz), LEGOS, crayons, just anything and everything you can imagine. And imagine it you must because I got pictures of none of it. why do i even try?

The view from the outside is the Apple store and The Plaza Hotel. Isn’t she a beaut?

Lisa and I then ventured to Rockefeller Center, which is pretty even when it isn’t Christmas time. who knew?

And that’s all I got. If you have a trip to NYC planned for any time before July 15th or if you live close enough to take a quick ride in, stop by FAO Schwarz. Even just for a quick hello to Zoltar. Ask him for my fortune and leave it in the comments, will ya? Thanks!


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