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weekend update: oldest bridesmaid, reporting for duty.

Helloooo! It’s Tuesday, which means I’m finally getting around to writing my weekend update post. I have no excuse as to why it was late again except that I’m old and needed to recover.

I had off on Thursday because of Rosh Hashana (sidenote: september is officially my new favorite month. i get off for labor day and two Jewish holidays, so long as they fall on a weekday. amazing.) so I took that opportunity to get my nails done for my cousin’s wedding on Saturday. I’ll just consider that the start of wedding weekend.

Friday I went back to work and the day dragged unbelievably. Like last week, I can’t remember what happened Friday night. I had tentative plans with Lisa and Jessica but we decided to reschedule, so I assume it was spent on the couch.

Saturday was the big day. I was up bright and early to go with Desiree to get our hair and makeup done and then head over to my aunt’s house for pictures. Honestly, this is my favorite part of weddings. Walking into a salon looking like what the cat dragged in and walking out looking like the cat’s pajamas.


After we were painted and pinned, we headed off to Queens to get dressed and take pictures with the bride and her other bridesmaids. There was also talk of bagels and mimosas and we all know how I feel about both of those things.


The rest of the girls got to the house and we were finally ready to get dressed and take some pictures. Let me tell you, I can’t wait to look at every single picture from that day. The photographer(s) were amazing.

Speaking of amazing, look at my cousin.


I guess that I should explain that Jill is very plain Jane. We joke that her favorite color is beige. She’s not into frills and frou-frou. Doesn’t gravitate towards bling. A little weird, if you ask me. When she walked out I was floored. Maybe I’m biased (I’m not), but isn’t she stunning?

We took about 86386 more pictures and then we piled into the limo and were on our way to the venue.

Speaking of pictures, I have to note, because this is a big deal for me, this is the first time that I’ve been to a big event and 90% of the pictures I took were on my phone. I had my mom bring my little point and shoot camera so that she could take some pictures of the ceremony and so that I had it for the reception but it died right after we were announced. So, not ideal, but thankfully, it’s 2017 and phone cameras don’t (totally) suck.

At the venue, we took even more pictures (I was in my glory, don’t let me fool you) and then the bride and groom did their first look. I used to think it was cheesy, but I’ve warmed up to it. Except then I think of when Will and Kate got married and Harry snuck a peek at Kate walking down the aisle, and he said to Will, “wait till you see her”, and I kind of love that even more.



ugh. amirite?

Finally, FINALLY it was time for these two crazy kids to tie the knot.


My mother didn’t do the best job at documenting so this is all I’m working with.

I don’t have to tell you what happens after the bride and groom are pronounced husband and wife, right? EVERYBODY GETS TO EAT. GOD BLESS.

We ate, we drank (boy, did we draank) and we danced like maniacs. There was a particularly rousing rendition of “I Want It That Way” that is still giving me life. There was a Disney montage, that caused me to scream across the room at the bride that this was the best wedding ever!

I’m a real gem.

Oh yea, and I caught the bouquet.

(no pictures, yet. i’ll have to troll facebook)

This is going to be some wedding video.

I’ll end it here and leave you with a few more pictures of me and my favorite nutjobs.


Sunday I came home, took my hair down, a nap and many Advil. And this my friends, is how the oldest bridesmaid ends her wedding weekend.


evil in amityville



who knows what movie this is from? get it right and we’ll be best friends forever.

Happy Halloween, my friends! Instead of showing my costumes of Halloween past and present, I’m going to share a slightly (and even then, not so much) scary story. And for the sake of honesty, I don’t have a definite costume this year. I found out at 10:15 last night that I had to go into work and I don’t think my resurrected martini costume would have went over well. I found a very old flip phone of mine the other day, so my new plan is to contour the shit out of my cheekbones, try to wing my eyeliner and go as Adele from the Hello video. Specifically the 3 second part where she’s got her hair in a messy bun because I’ll have no time to do my hair. That’s the plan, we’ll see what happens. Also, I need to find a sea witch to steal her voice for me.

Anyway, the “scary” story. About two years ago I went apple picking in the Hamptons with a group of my friends. One of whom (who?) lives on Long Island and knows it extremely well. On the way back I noticed that we were driving through Amityville. My wheels started to spin and I asked if we were close to the Amityville Horror House. Turns out we were and my friend knew exactly how to get there.


On our way, my friend was saying how she doesn’t really like going past the house and how it’s really creepy. I wasn’t convinced but I needed to see for myself. The people who live there now don’t want anyone on their property, which is totally understandable, so we had to do all of our snooping from the car. No problem, I do my best snooping from the backseat.

If you have never heard of the Amityville Horror, let me fill you in. The story goes like this – the DeFeo family lived in a (very nice) house in Amityville, Long Island. One night in November, 1973 the oldest of the DeFeo children, Ronald, murdered his parents, two brothers and two sisters in the house with a rifle. This is where things get a little Hollywood and I’m not 100% sure of facts. The next family that moved in claimed that the house was possessed. The walls bled, they heard people telling them to get out, etc. Either way, bad things happened at 112 (now 108) Ocean Ave.

We approached the house and since I was so excited to be there, I wasn’t paying attention to where everyone else was looking so I took 20 pictures of the house next door. Once I got myself situated and in the right direction, I felt it. There was a bad feeling around the house. All of a sudden I got very uneasy. It was almost like Ronald DeFeo was still in the boat house in the back (where he supposedly stayed before he called the police. Or where he hid from them, I don’t remember), watching us. It just wasn’t a nice feeling. It just felt like, as I said before, you knew automatically that bad things had happened there. Nicole, who was in the car also, says she didn’t feel that way. I think she’s nuts, but to each their own. All I know is, I’m glad the owners don’t want people on their property, giving me a reason to definitely stay in the car.

I posted that picture to Instagram last year. I, of course, have since traded in the phone I was using at the time so God knows where the other pictures of the house (and the neighbor’s) went.

So that’s my not so scary, but definitely creepy, Halloween story. Hey, I tried.

What are your plans for Halloween?  Have you ever passed the Amityville Horror house (or anything else like it)? Did you feel the evil?

Let’s discuss!


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