2017: the year that started halfway through

Last year I did a sort of year in review post and I thought I would put together another one because ’tis the season and all that jazz.

2017 was the year of 30.

Ready or not, it was coming.

In January I helped Lisa usher in her third decade of life, Nicole in May and Jessica in June. They helped me in July. We also celebrated our 25th year of friendship. I think that means we’ve been together longer than Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Take notes, amateurs.

April marked my 1 year anniversary of working at the vet and my 12 year and 4 months working at the Student Center. I was pretty miserable and didn’t know what to do to fix it. Little did I know what the next few months would bring. I also started a quickly forgotten segment on this blog called Do It Your Damn Self (DIYDS), where I take you step by step through the inane tasks I was given at work. The first tutorial was how to wrap a coffee mug.

While I was looking through my blog posts to link in this post, I realized that 1) I didn’t blog as much as I should could have and 2) I had written a 2017 wants/wishes post in early February. None of them came true. I’m still really pulling for a new version of We Didn’t Start the Fire and for the 90’s TV/movie streaming service. WHO CAN I SPEAK TO ABOUT THIS?

My year really kicked into full gear in June.


June took me to California. *heart eye emoji* San Francisco quickly became one of my favorite cities that I’ve ever been to. I’m ready to go back, back to Cali, Cali so if anyone can get me across the country with a (nice) place to stay when I get there FOR FREE, let me know.

June also hit me with my first case of fat shaming by a medical professional. I only mention it because I blogged about it and if I blogged about it, it must have really bothered me (it did).

I spent the part of the first weekend in July pretending to be a brunette Carrie Bradshaw. I finally took the plunge and arranged a photo shoot for my 30th birthday. I had the best time and am itching to do it again. stephanie, if you’re reading, i’m so game to throw glitter on myself. i have a black tulle skirt that’s screaming to be photographed.

Smack dab in the middle of July I turned 30 and it wasn’t as scary as I imagined. It was actually kind of magical and I’m hoping that a bit of magic stays with me through this entire decade because I’ll tell ya, it was intoxicating.

I closed out July by celebrating my cousin at her bridal shower and by interviewing for my current job. Turns out, I didn’t blog about either. #bestbloggerever

August was another whirlwind month.

I met my current celebrity husband, Sal Vulcano. I’ll spare myself from any more embarrassment and I won’t post the horrendous picture (of me) that we took, but I’ll link the post here and leave you with this nugget: I purposefully tweeted the picture at him with a funny caption to no response. I JUST CAN’T LEAVE THINGS ALONE. Let my pride die in peace? NO WAY.

My parents threw me a lovely brunch for my birthday – a little late but a lot of fun. It had a little bit of everything that I love. My family, my closest friends, good food and tons of laughs. And cake. A really pretty cake. Amazingly, I didn’t blog about that either. i could have SWORN i did. ridiculous.


I took the giant leap I’d been waiting 12 years and 8 months to take. I officially resigned from my job at the Student Center. There are still times that I can’t believe I don’t work there anymore. I also happily resigned from the vet’s office and while I wouldn’t close the door to going back to the Student Center/Downstate (if the timing, pay, people were right and every star in the sky aligned), I made sure the door to the vet’s office was closed, locked up tight with a chair wedged under the doorknob. god, i hated that job.

Before I started my new job at the end of August, I had one last hurrah in Ocean City, Maryland for my cousin’s beachlorette. I’m glad I had a hakuna matata kind of weekend right before I dove into my new position.

On one of my first free weekends in September, I rode a fish, much to my own surprise.


September flew because before I knew it, I was fulfilling my duties as oldest bridesmaid at my cousin’s wedding. Duties include – dancing like no one was watching (except the 2 cameramen she had walking around), singing to Backstreet Boys songs at the tippy top of my lungs, and catching the bouquet. Oh, what a night.


After that, the year started to slow, yet speed up, as it usually does.

October gave me a very cool and very rare experience (for me) in finding a restaurant that shares my name. Totally beats a lousy keychain.


Also in October, my favorite tiny human turned two.


He wasn’t too jazzed about the whole process but I assured him that if I could turn 30, two was a breeze. We’re in this together.

Christmas came and that same tiny human reminded me of the magic of Christmas when I watched his face light up when Santa rode down the block on a fire engine on Christmas Eve. And also that the box is always more fun than the toy that comes in.

And here we are. I’m ready for the new adventures that 2018 and the rest of my 30th year have to offer. Let’s make it a good one!

Wishing everyone the happiest and healthiest new year!


the end of an era

And now, the end is near and so I face my final curtain…

By the time this goes up, I am one hour in to my last day ever as a Student Assistant at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. I’m still processing.

I’ve bitched talked about this job many times on here. I was there for 12 years and at times it felt like I was there for 11 and a half years too long and sometimes I feel like I never want to leave. However, all things, good and bad must come to an end.

And that end is now.

I have a lot of conflicting feelings about it. First, my “work mom” was on vacation last week, when I gave my notice and will be back on my last day. This makes me sad. The thought of never having to drive over there again makes me so happy. Not seeing certain people (at least) twice a week makes me sad. Not seeing certain people (at least) twice a week makes me SO HAPPY.

My job at the veterinarian’s office came to an end on Sunday. My tenure as the (self-proclaimed) worst medical office receptionist is over. I have my weekends back. I won’t have to schedule another appointment for the rest of my life. I won’t have to answer the phone and hear someone whining that their dog hasn’t gone to the bathroom/eaten/blinked/barked in 5 days and they need to see the doctor RIGHT NOW (but then, when I finally give in, knowing I may get in trouble, they show up 45 mins later). The people were, for the most part, the absolute worst part of that job. And believe me, I’ve seen more dog shit, anal gland juice, and vomit than I’d like to think about. I won’t have to come home worried that I smell like animals/disinfectant. I AM JAZZED.

I feel like there’s a blog post about all of my experiences to be written, but it probably won’t be (to be quite honest). Tips on How to Not be an Insufferable Douche in the Workplace, perhaps? Or The Office is Extremely Busy, Give the Receptionist a Break. Maybe, we’ll see.

I really like my new job, so far. I like the people I work with. I have a desk (!) and my own computer (!!). I don’t have much any privacy and it’s been made pretty clear that the internet is for lunchtime use only and I’m afraid to sneak on for a prolonged amount of time, (so no blogging time) but whatever, I’ll deal.  There are a few other little things that I’m a little meh about but I’m not going to harp on them. If they really start to bother me then I know it’s time to move on. I’ve been miserable for too long at work that I’m not putting up with it anymore. So, if it becomes a fight or flight situation, I’m flying.

I officially start on Monday, August 28th, which is the day after I get home from my cousin’s bachelorette party (eek.). I’ll tell ya, this turning thirty, there’s definitely something to it. #magic.

12 years

Yesterday was my 12th anniversary at my first job. I don’t know why I’m writing this post because I really have nothing to say on the matter. I’m all about posterity, I guess.

12 years. I was seventeen, 5 months away from graduating high school, 6 months away from being legally able to buy a lottery ticket. I was bright-eyed and optimistic. 2 years. i’ll stay for 2 years. 3, tops. 


oh, you silly, silly little girl.

Fast forward 12 years. This old gray mare just ain’t what she used to be. I feel like, in some way shape or form, I will always be on shift at this place. My eyes are less bright and the optimism pretty much gone to the wayside.

Since I’ve started working my other job, coming to this one is easier.And, if we’re being honest, vice versa. The thing about both jobs – I don’t think I could have one without the other. I think they’d both kill me slowly. This one because the people I work with (minus a select handful) and the other because of, well, a few things but maybe that’s another post. I should say, I’m not trying to be bitter. I feel like it’s coming off like I won’t be happy at any job, but with that last shred of optimism, I’ll say that’s not true. (it can’t be. for the love of God.)

Well, anyway, it’s been 12 years. My career is in 7th grade. That says alot. It’s a new year – you never know what may happen. miracles

i feel weird using this gif after i complained about the abundance of cursing lately, but, in my experience, this fits. 


les incompétents

This is a quick, impromptu post. I’m trying a new approach to blogging, that being when I’m really riled up (good or bad) about something, I’m going to try my best to come on here and unload/celebrate. This probably won’t last too long, but it sounds good, right?

Today I’m unloading. I’m pissed. And it has nothing to do with the election. Apparently., my director has made some comments about me when I’m not at this job. I found out that she has called me incompetent and has questioned “how someone with a college degree doesn’t know to do XYZ” What is XYZ? Well, in this case, it seems to be not returning a folder to her office.


Let me tell you something about my college degree. If you ask me, it is and has been TOTALLY wasted being here. Every time I try to do something the least bit out of the box, it gets rejected. I’ve applied for jobs all over this campus and all over this building. I could almost bet my next 15 paychecks that my big boss (the one over the Director) has put the kabosh on all of them. Not to mention, a job that I applied for and wasn’t even interviewed for because I didn’t have my Master’s (which is a whole other story), eventually went to the laziest, rudest, out of touch, moron I’ve ever met.

I know, I know. I sound bitter and maybe I am, but, jobs and interviews and all that crap aside, I am not incompetent. I am not stupid and I can run rings around both the Director and the Assistant Director. God, i sound cocky. i’m not, just trust me on this one.

Also, the folder did not get returned to her office because I was busy working an event, just like everyone else. When it was done, I was tired, just like everyone else. So I went home, just like everyone else. The only difference was that I had the next day off. It’s not my issue that you can’t handle the staff helping each other out by doing things like returning folders or whatever. NOT. MY. ISSUE.

Leave my degree out of this. It’s been through enough. Unless you want to pay for another one. That’s the one you can talk shit about.

Meanwhile, or maybe to prove my wasted degree point, I was asked to come in on my day off to prepare the department’s Christmas cards. Why? I’m the “only one” who knows how to do the labels. You know, make them straight and whatever.


I opted to take them home and get them done, this way I don’t have to put on pants or brush my hair. win/win.

What’s irking you today? Sorry for the job rant. I really don’t like talking about this nonsense on here because 1)everybody hates their job sometimes, 2) everybody has that one co-worker/boss.

Let’s discuss!


flat cat

When I started my “new” job, I had a strong feeling that since this position interacts with the public at large much more than my other job, it would lend itself for all sorts of blog anecdotes and stories. In fact when I first started, my boss’ brother, who comes in often and is also a vet, told me that I would have encounters with a lot of crazies and if I had the talent or knew someone who has the talent, I should put together a book of the craziest of the crazy. not in so many words but, you get the idea.

I’ve had a few people grace the front of the reception desk that were definitely blog worthy but this one takes the cake. This story isn’t even mine; it’s about a quarter mine and three-quarters my supervisor’s, but who’s blog is this?


A man came in with his cat to be seen my the doctor on Saturday and after I checked him in, I had to tell my supervisor that in addition to whatever he told me what was wrong with the cat, it also needed something else. Medication, maybe? I can’t remember. This conversation followed: *keep in mind, my supervisor is an excitable Haitian man with a heavy accent*

Me: Hey, F – Mr. whatever his name is also needs ______ whatever, i forgot.

F: Yea? OK. You know, that guy is crazy. Were you here last week when he came in? No, you weren’t. He came in last week with a cat that was *flattening hand motions*

Me: Flat?

F: Yea, the cat was dead. It got hit by a car so the head was all smashed and everything.

Me: giphy-2

F: Yea. He came in and wanted us to bathe the cat because one of his cats had gotten out and he was convinced that this was his cat.

Me:Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt gross ew titus andromedon tituss burgess

F: I told him we would wash it if he wanted us to, but for sure the cat he was holding was not his cat. He asked me how I know it’s not his so I told him because the cat you’re holding is white and your cat is brown. Do you know what he said to me? He said, Yea, I was wondering if when they die, if their fur changes color.


Me: Did you wash the cat?

F: No.The cat was dead! Cremate it! Who picks up a dead cat to check to see if it’s theirs? Does their fur change color? He’s crazy, I told you. He said his wife was on his case and that she had a strong feeling it was their cat. It wasn’t their cat! Their cat is brown!

So, now I’m back at the desk and my supervisor comes out and says Hey, Mr. whatever his name is! Did you find your cat?

WELL. I almost lost it.

It turns out, that night the man was in bed, watching TV and he has cameras all around his house so he happened to glance at one of the monitors and saw a cat on the screen that looked like his. He was happy his cat had made it home but he felt bad for the owner of the cat he had found.

Alls well that ends well, I guess.

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i got something to tell ya, i got news for you!

I try to be as open as I can be in this, my little space on the internet. I’ve been keeping something from you guys that I’m finally ready to announce. And, no, it’s not some nonsense that I’ve been watching the Kardashians.

i got a(new)nother job!


Yep. So that’s why I’ve been a bit more absent than usual.

There’s so much to tell so let’s get started.

I now work in a veterinarian’s office that is walking distance from my house. Literally 10 minutes, door to door. It’s part time for now so I’m only there three days a week, two of them being Saturday and Sunday. I’m not thrilled with working the whole weekend but I’m crossing my fingers and toes that it will change eventually because, honestly, I don’t want to do it forever.

I started in April; today is my 4 month anniversary, actually. Telling my other job that I would be giving up my weekends and Mondays did not go as planned, which is par for the course in the 7th circle of hell. But, they gave me a small lunch and a dog pendant from Tiffany’s, so it wasn’t such a loss. I’m there a day and a half a week, which is more than enough. If the guy who does the schedule asks though, I’m working at my new job 5 days a week. Believe it or not, I’m getting asked to work now in the 7th circle than I was when it was my only job.tumblr_me652mT1py1ry1cmfAt the vet’s office we only service dogs and cats, although we had a turtle stay for a few days last week. As amazing as that sounds, it’s not all puppies and kittens and rainbows. On my first day, someone came in to put their dog down. So.. yea, there’s that. Did you know that when dogs get nervous they tend to pee and poop all over the place? Yep. Welcome to the waiting room. Where I sit. ALL.DAY.LONG. Don’t get me wrong, we clean it up as fast as it comes out, but smells linger. I’ve seen, smelled and heard things that I never thought I’d hear, see or smell at work. But it comes with the (marked) territory, I guess. The worst thing about dogs and cats, though? THEIR OWNERS. Sure, some are fine and understanding and patient. And some are pushy monsters. Listen, I understand that pets are like children. They’re part of the family. I GET IT. But, you have to understand that I have to answer to my boss as to why there are 15 appointment slots and we saw 20 people that day. I hate turning people away but I hate getting in trouble more.

It’s taking a lot of getting used to. The one thing I have to say about working in the seventh circle is that they took their time in training you. Or, at least they did when I started. Here, I’m not really being trained. It’s more like I get told what to do and I’m expected to remember it and do it right every time. That’s going well.


I don’t have traditional co-workers and, to be honest, I really miss that. I’m also working in a predominantly male workplace, which is a total change from the seventh circle. Speaking of men, when I told my boss that I had found a new job and that things were changing, she said to me “This is great, but I’m a little concerned about how you’re going to meet people” So I said,” You mean, to network?” She said “Yeahhh and like SOMEONE. Like, maybe a boyfriend?” (yep. she went there.) I wanted to say to her that in the 11 years I’ve been here, although I’ve found many people attractive/funny/dateable, nothing has ever come about (which is a whole other post about how I don’t take initiative, but I digress). I assured her that I’d be on the lookout, especially since the office is in my neighborhood so you never know who will pop up. Especially people from high school who come in with their spouses and children, or people you hated growing up that you have to pretend to be an adult in front of now.

I’m doing alot of complaining but it’s not all bad. First, puppies and kittens, duh. Second, did I mention it’s walking distance from my house? Third, it’s a stepping stone out of the seventh circle. All I need is for my new boss to tell me he needs me for one more day and peace out 7C. And really, if he doesn’t, and April 2017 starts to rapidly approach, well, there’s not much keeping me there (except the fact that it’s walking distance from my house. i don’t know how i’ll give that up.) Fourth (do I have to keep numbering?), my boss is nice. Lately he seems a bit more agitated, but in general he’s nice and it’s refreshing. Fifth (guess so), although some of the pet parents suck, there are some really cool ones. I appreciate them so much.

I have a feeling this job is going to provide many blog posts so stay tuned!

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lessons from the working world

I can’t believe how many posts I’ve scheduled to be put up this week. I’ve never felt more productive. I feel accomplished. I feel like I’m finally doing something right. I feel like I need a nap. Before I go and rest my eyes, I want to quickly talk about an email I got last week. The team over at The Ladders contacted me to see if I wanted to talk about my first job and what I learned from it. I was a little hesitant because I’ve only really had one job. And it’s not even a good one. But, they were nice enough to invite me to the party so I figured I could at least try.

First, a little about The Ladders: (from their website)

TheLadders is a comprehensive career resource dedicated to advancing professionals’ careers.

Founded in 2003, TheLadders began with a simple mission: Create a community that helps job seekers and employers connect to fill $100K+ jobs. Since then, the company has expanded to provide reliable tools, services and insights to help all professionals, at all stages of their careers succeed.

TheLadders is now used by more than 8 million professionals and 95,000 employers nationwide, with a growing suite of best in class products:

  • Find a New Job: TheLadders wants to save you time and take the anxiety out of your search. We use our deep analytics to only show relevant jobs, interested recruiters, and the insights you need to understand where you fit into the job market.


  • Improve Your Career: TheLadders wants you to take control of your career. We provide in-depth, user-generated data points to help you get what you want – whether it’s a raise at your current job, or just a better understanding of where you stand in the job market and what your next move should be.


  • Find Great Talent (100% Free Recruitment Resource): TheLadders is a free resource that delivers only the most qualified, relevant candidates to hiring professionals, so you can close your time-to-hire.

Now, where should I begin? I started at my job over 10 years ago as a senior in high school. My parents were tired of trying to teach me the value of a dollar so they decided to show me. I was optimistic about life back then, thinking that I’d graduate both high school and college and be well on my way to the working world. As we all know, life had other plans and I got a bit very stuck. Everything happens for a reason though, right? Hopefully. Being there for so long has taught me many lessons. Some I wasn’t quite ready to accept and some I know all too well. So, without further ado, What I’ve Learned from My First Job.

  • YOUR CO-WORKERS WILL BECOME A SECOND FAMILY: You love them, you hate them. You laugh together, cry together. Let’s face it, you’re at work (usually) 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You see your co-workers more than you see your best friend. You talk about what’s going on in your life, discuss last night’s television viewing, complain about the boss. They’re a big part of your day to day life. They also are the only people who truly understand what goes on at work. Trying to explain Suzie from Accounting’s heinous haircut to your friends/boyfriend/mom will never get the same reaction as it will when you’re discussing it with your best work friend. Like cousins or siblings they always have your back against “the adults”. Who else is going to warn you when el jefe is on a rampage? 54832a9f56382_-_gclph8d
  • YOU WILL DO GREAT THINGS THAT WILL NOT GET ACKNOWLEDGED: If your boss is like mine, they just want the job done. They don’t care who does it or how it gets done – JUST DO IT. They also probably will not acknowledge the hard work that you put into the project. It doesn’t matter that you stayed an extra hour to make sure those flash drives were filled because the person who should have sat with you for five minutes so you could have handed the project over refused to even ask you what you were doing. Just me? Moving on. The job got done and the boss didn’t scream. Consider it a win.
  • PEOPLE WILL STEAL YOUR IDEAS: Or at least ride on your wave of creativity. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put up a bulletin board, have it come down and a few months later it will be right back up there because the person who was supposed to think of something to put up, just didn’t. Usually, (in my experience at least) you will have executed your idea better. Take solace in the fact that the leech has no idea what to do with your work so it will never be as good as yours.
  • THERE ARE THINGS YOU WILL NEVER FIGURE OUT: Like, why certain things are left for only you to do. Or why your boss refuses to offer you a full time position. Or why your work ethic always seems to be the only one in the room. I haven’t figured out how to really deal with these things yet. Sucking my teeth, rolling my eyes, and shaking my head helps a little bit. Nitrous oxide would help a bit more.
  • THERE WILL BE GOOD DAYS: I know I made it seem like working sucks, because it generally does. However, there will be days where it sucks a little less. Those days are usually known as  “payday”. Seriously though, if you have a good group of people around you and can block out most of the annoyances, you should be set.

What have learned from your first (or any) job?



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