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Can you believe Christmas is in 5 days? I sure can’t. I wanted to share with you not one but TWO early Christmas gifts I got and am googly eyed over.

And they’re from a celebrity!


I kid. I kid. They’re the newest Carpool Karaoke segments from one of my many celebrity husbands, James Corden.

Last Tuesday he released the long-awaited (for me, anyway) Bruno Mars collab. It was, as expected, amazing. My favorite part was when James said that his woman wouldn’t be wearing Versace, she’d be wearing Target. ya damn right, boo.

Then, on Thursday, Jimmy dropped the All I Want for Christmas is You mix. As I’ve mentioned before, Lisa and I were big Mariah fans back in the 90’s and we usually incorporated this gem into our act at the various Christmas parties/ Girl Scout meetings we attended. we still do. she’s going to kill me.  My point is that our invitation must have gotten lost in the mail but, speaking for both of us I’ll say, we’re being good sports about it and will enjoy from afar. Maybe next year.

Also, Nick Jonas- what the hell, man? EVERYONE knows this song, what’s your issue? Google that shit. Make an effort.

That’s all I got today, kids. I’m off to wrap gifts.


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rolling in the carpool karaoke

Hello, it’s me. My mood has considerably lightened so I decided to come back on here and talk about what happened the other night on the telly.


James Corden has done it again! He did a Carpool Karaoke with the Queen herself, Adele. It was, as expected, wonderful and I wanted to share it with you. As if you haven’t seen it or for whatever reason forgot how to use YouTube.

I was going to, in the tradition of the One Direction carpool karaoke segment, write down my thoughts as I watched. But honestly, and this would have worked for 1D also, all I can come up with is this:


Again I have to ask, HOW IS SHE SO EFFORTLESS? I’m sorry but I don’t think Beyonce could sound that good, be that chill and down to earth if put in the same situation. I know I’m alone here. Moving on.

I loved that she had no idea that James is a singer himself, a rather good one too! I also loved that when she was really into it and doing her thaaang, he stepped back and came in when it was appropriate. Unlike what I would do and try to match wits with her, vocal chord to vocal chord. As if I don’t say it enough, I really can’t wait until I meet her and we become best friends. I would love to have a few glasses of wine with her and see what trouble we could get into. And I don’t even like wine; that’s how dedicated I am to making our friendship work.

My favorite part though came when she SKILLED the Nicki Minaj rap. Just another reason for us to be best friends. I can rap Biggie like nobody’s business. Red and black lumberjack, with the hat to match, B I double G I E skillz. I wonder if I could add that to my resume.


What did you think of Adele’s carpool karaoke?

Let’s discuss!


the one before the break

Ok, here’s the deal. I totally did NOT want to write about One Direction. Their hiatus has officially started, we’ll see them in 18 months (hopefully).


They did a Carpool Karaoke sesh with James Corden and it got me feeling all sorts of things. But mostly things that make me go RAWR.


So, we all know what Carpool Karaoke is, right? Basically, James Corden and a musical star drive around singing said star’s songs. Get it? Good.

Watch this one and then we’ll come back and discuss.

  • what good boys, putting their seatbelts on.
  • “Turn the air con on” – Harry. soulmates. nobody likes to schvitz.
  • i wonder if they’ll ask James to be the 5th member of the band after they come back from this silly little “break”.
  • they totally should.
  • “Who the hell put my seat heater on? Stop it, man. My ass is on fire” it was totally harry. man up, liam.
  • this chick follows them so much liam recognizes her? i don’t know if i’m disgusted or impressed.
  • i’m going to go with disgusted.
  • ugh. i love when they call people “love”. so british.
  • did they stop at mcdonalds?
  • belt it, harry.
  • ohh Best Song Ever. yesss.
  • YAAAASSSS, harry.
  • james has officially replaced zayne #girlbye
  • niall’s got a canadian tuxedo now (only love to my northern neighbors)
  • “i’ve got double denim” – niall “you’re winning already then” – louis
  • when did No Control become so risque?
  • harry is killing it today
  • it does feel right, james
  • niall’s marrying selena gomez. well played, my little leprechaun.
  • james, you dropped the ball. what about harry and taylor? he needs to stop giving that media rehearsed answer. i thought you’d be the one to get it out of him. fine.. moving on.

giphy (8)

  • ok jimmy, you’ve redeemed yourself.
  • HAROLD. christ.

giphy (27)


So, I guess this is it for now. Have a great break, boys and we’ll see you when we see you. And seriously, consider adding James to the band. That rap was brillant.

It will get easier, right?


i feel like i should add for the people who are new here or for the ones who don’t speak sarcasm, i’m totally kidding. sure, i’m bummed but nowhere near as dramatic as i’m pretending to be. just so we’re all clear. 


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