evil in amityville

  Happy Halloween, my friends! Instead of showing my costumes of Halloween past and present, I’m going to share a slightly (and even then, not so much) scary story. And for the sake of honesty, I don’t have a definite costume this year. I found out at 10:15 last night that I had to go into work and I don’t…

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so festive for the ween of hallow

A little glitter, pink lipstick, a vintage headband (circa 1992), some wings and pair of seqined leggings later and I’m a fairy. Or an angel. Or just someone who finally didn’t have to work on Halloween and didn’t know what to do with themselves.

Blogtober14 Day 31: the last one

Day 31- blogtober’s over. =( The prompt for today is to reveal your Halloween costume. I’m going to be… I plan on sitting on my stoop (that’s Brooklyn for porch) and give out candy to the neighborhood kids. Once 8:00pm hits, I’m going inside and shutting the door. i’m officially old. Remember how I said one year I went as a…

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