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midweek random roundup

I probably should have saved this post for Friday since it fits the Friday Five description, but I’m a rebel and play by my own rules.


It’s been a pretty busy week so let’s get started, shall we?

MINDY IS BACK: !! Season 4 premiered on Tuesday and all is right in my world. It was an extended episode and, honestly, I savored every extra second. I won’t say too much because 1) we’d be here all day and 2) spoilers. I mean, I assume there are some people who are not like me and happened to be up early enough on Tuesday and were able to watch the episode before work. before you plaster the big L on your forehead, I was up at 8 and had to be at work for 12. there was more than enough time. Anyway, the episode in a nutshell- Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mindy’s parents, Mindy’s wardrobe, Danny being Danny, Morgan being Morgan, kisses in the rain, and the perfection that is Mindanny. And, of course, Mindy speaking my mind.

THE WAITING GAME: No, I’m not talking about my love life or my job hunt. I’m talking about Kate Spade’s video series with Anna Kendrick. They released a new installment this week and, as usual, it is perfection. I’ve said it many times before, just like everything else on here, but I just want to be Anna Kendrick’s best friend. Is that so much to ask? Also, I want NEED a gnome purse. Doesn’t everyone?

BIRFDAYS: Yesterday was Tom Hardy’s birthday and today is Nick Jonas’. Happy birthday, my little stud muffins.tom beautiful

source: perezhilton

THE SPLAT: It came out this week that Nickelodeon might be making a whole channel dedicated to 90’s Nick. Well, it’s about time. I have a feeling that it will be mostly the cartoons but, small steps. Personally, I hope they also include the game shows and shows like Clarissa Explains it All and Salute Your Shorts. And maybe some old school commercials. The possibilities are endless. Don’t let us down, Nick.


Last, but not least…

THE GOLDEN GIRLS TURN 30: As you may know, I love this show. I can quote it, relate it to everyday life. Lame? Whatever. What’s not to love? It’s older than I am, yet is still relevant today. Which is more than I can say about myself. It tackled taboo issues in a way that, still in today’s world of political correctness, wouldn’t offend anyone (although, you just never know these days.) LOVE.


Oh! a bonus item! because i never have those. Who watches Dancing with the Stars? Nick Carter, hello? I really didn’t have high hopes for this season, with the exception of Nick, but this group is growing on me. I really hope Gary Busey stays on for as long as possible because holy hell that man brings the crazy.


I think that’s about it. This week has been a bit of a fail compared to the non-stop posting last week. Whatever. I’ve come to terms with it.

How’s your week going? Anything new?

Let’s discuss!



WCW week 2!

It’s that time of the week again and I’m back with another installment of WCW. Get excited.

Let’s get started, shall we?

mob wives

Mob Wives

Before you get all WHHAATT?? on me, all I could say is

big ang hystericalI don’t really believe in guilty pleasures because if something brings me pleasure I’m not going to deny or feel bad about it. life is too short, my friends. But if I did believe in them, Mob Wives would be it. They are so stereotypical, I love it. Are they “role models”? No, probably not in the most traditional sense of the word. They are all mothers who want only what is best for their children, and I think that’s admirable. They are all about family and keeping it together. Say what you want about them but, I would love to walk out of the house as put together as they do. Even if it’s just for a day. You may call it tacky or gaudy, but all I see is that their hair is done, their makeup is done and they have something other than sweatpants on. That’s put together in my book. Maybe I just identify with them because they’re so close (literally, right over the bridge). I don’t know.

nat d

that about sums it up.

While we’re on the subject of wives…

First Wives Club


Ok, so they’re technically characters but we all know I can’t resist a good 90’s movie. It’s the perfect mixture of girl power and blackmail.

This is one of those movies that when it comes on TV (which is never), I have to stop and watch it, even though I could quote it word for word. as if that’s a surprise.

first wives club

And to round out this week…

The Golden Girls


Again, I know that technically they’re characters but how could you not love them? If say you don’t love them you’re a) obviously lying and b) we can’t be friends. I watch them every night before bed (thanks hallmark!). And, I’ve mentioned this before but, I could quote from any episode. #lifeskillz For real though, I’d like to think that when I’m their age my social life will be that active. It must be a generational thing because lately all I want to do is nap.


so is mine, blanche. so is mine.

And that’s it for week two! I don’t know what to discuss this week but you can leave nice comments anyway!

ang mimosa

aww. thanks ang!


first post of 2015!

I hope everyone’s New Year was rung in safely and surrounded by people you love. And with booze, lots and lots of booze. Unless you aren’t in to that type of thing. Then I’ll go with cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

I don’t make resolutions so I won’t go on and on about things I resolve to accomplish in 2015. I will, however, wish for myself, my loved ones and all of you (!) the happiest, safest, prosperous, love and laugh filled year ever! Here’s to only good things!

So, from my four favorite Floridians (well, technically three but we can’t forget about Sophia!) and myself…



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