2017, are you listening?

It’s Friday, so here are five things.

What better time than just past the middle of February to make a list of things I’d like to see in 2017? These aren’t resolutions, so it’s fine. Right?

2017 – I’m going to need a few things. You listening?

A new “We Didn’t Start the Fire” – I  was watching Billy Joel’s WDSTF video and thinking back to when I heard it live at Madison Square Garden. It’s one of my favorites from Bill. With all that’s going on these days and all that’s gone on since the original came out, I think it’s time for BJ to update and re-record this classic.

giphy (5)

A streaming service dedicated to 90’s television- ONLY 90’s television. And movies, maybe. I live in a state of nostalgia and love when I catch a good Designing Women marathon. I would readily pay my $8.99 a month to have every 90’s gem at my fingertips. No matter how obscure. the encyclopedia of 90’s sitcoms i have in my head is ridiculous. try me. I recently found out that the Hallmark Channel plays “The Father Dowling Mysteries” on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Praise be. I need a little more of that on my life. I’d even pay a little more if they threw in some commercials to the mix. WHO CAN I TALK TO ABOUT GETTING THIS OFF THE GROUND? Kickstarter?

A spinoff of The Gilmore Girls featuring only Paris Geller- Come on. We all know she was the best part of that revival (minus Jess, of course) and quite possibly the entire series. Liza Weil is being wasted on How to Get Away with Murder as Bonnie. I keep hoping she’ll snap and transform into Paris. Then I feel bad for typecasting and I power through. From what we saw in the revival, Paris has more than enough going on to make a series out of. She’s divorced, so she could navigate the dating scene or try to get back with Doyle. Will she ever be able to keep a nanny? How is she as a mom? Will she ever use the upstairs of her home? Maybe she’ll just move out of the house, hilarity and snarkiness ensues. The possibilities are endless! The spinoff would also need a little bit of Emily, the Queen of Hartford. And maybe Rory, but only if she brings Jess. Otherwise, no thanks.


Get rid of shipping fees- I may have mentioned this here before but it bears repeating. I HATE shipping fees. And return fees. And taxes. Anyway, I just got an order in that I paid $15.99 in shipping fees for. Turns out that some items have to go back and they want to take $7.50 off my return as a return fee.


Yea so, I would like to be excluded from this narrative, one that I never asked to be a part of. Why am I paying for you to take back things that I’ve tried on once? Isn’t it bad enough that the item doesn’t fit or just doesn’t look right?

a better way to online date – listen, online dating is what it is. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. I re-signed up for Bumble a few weeks ago and was immediately reminded of why I stopped using it in the first place. Bumble is known for having the cream of the crop men. They’re smart, good looking and have good jobs. Great. Perfect. So you swipe, swipe, swipe hoping for a BOOM. And if you’re me, the BOOM never comes. Sometimes I’ll swipe left (to reject) on someone who seems great but I know will also swipe left when my profile pops up. Why? Well, partly because my profile wasn’t filled out until recently and two, and I don’t know how to say this without word vomiting it out – most men don’t give me my body type a second look. there, i said it. And that’s cool; to each their own. I mean, I too base my swipes on the picture more than the profile sometimes (it’s natural) so maybe I should just take a seat. I just feel like there’s got to be a better way. Out of the maybe 5 BOOMs I made, two wrote back. Of those two, one just wrote back to tell me how much he hated the app. um. ok. I tried to steer the conversation in another direction – ANY other direction- and he wouldn’t bite so I gave up. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m just lonely. Maybe I’m too single. I don’t know. Short of having a dating website/app that prohibits pictures, there’s got to be a better way. Unless that way is putting on pants and leaving the house. hard NO. (i kid, i kid) Sidenote: for my fellow Bumblers – have you found “celebrities” on there? I saw the founder of Tumblr and Vinny from Jersey Shore (totes swiped right on him, tbh. no BOOM though.)


Woo.. that went on longer than expected.

Got it, 2017? Let’s make this happen.

What would you like to see in 2017? Let’s discuss!


2016 recap, 2017 goals

HAPPY 2017, FRIENDS! I hope everyone’s new year celebrations were wonderful!


I couldn’t decide if I wanted to write a 2016 recap post or a looking ahead for 2017 post, so I’m going to try to combine them.

At the beginning of 2016, I resolved that it would be my year of yes. I wanted to really try and say yes to things that I might have shied away from. How did it go? Well, in February I took my cousin and her fiance’s engagement photos. I didn’t write about it because I wanted to keep that special for them. It was an interesting experience that, if they wanted to do again before the wedding, I’d do in a heartbeat. We took them in the same place they got engaged, in Long Island City.


These two were naturals from the first photo. I was nervous because I wanted everything to be perfect for them. I guess I did something right since they used them for the save the date cards.

In July, not only did I watch one of my oldest friends get married, I performed the ceremony.  It was a cool and surreal and satisfying all at the same time. For right now, I’ve made the decision to hang up my robes, but you never know what the future brings. I think that decision can swing the other way if I find out I could get a Clergy parking permit.


Also in July, I started the last year of my twenties. I was torn up about it then and even more torn up about it now. 30 is 6 months away. yikes. I’ll be ok. It’s fine.

giphy (1)

I went to New Orleans in May, which was a destination on my travel bucket list. I’d go back for the beignets and the spirits. My tarot reader said I might be taking one or two trips in the coming year, which I was kind of disappointed in since I want to go EVERYWHERE but who knows.

In January, I had published 200 posts. I probably shouldn’t have included that fact since I haven’t hit 300 yet and I promised to post more, but there’s always 2017. According to my stats, I really fell off in June and wasn’t able to get back on track.

That being said, in October, I reached 10,000 page views. I’m pretty sure 9,500 were from me, but it’s still an accomplishment.


In May, I saw Billy Joel in concert. I said it in my original post but it bears repeating. Being in Madison Square Garden, singing Piano Man with Billy Joel and 30-40,000 other people is an experience. I highly recommend it.

In August, I checked “walk across the Brooklyn Bridge” off of my bucket list. I have to do it again though since now I know what to expect. It was a little nerve-wracking the first go around, but now I’m ready to go again (as soon as the weather cooperates).


In April, I started a (new)nother job. It has its ups and downs. (like New Years Eve was nightmare inducing) I like it enough, but hopefully 2017 brings more professionally. I think I’ll leave it at that.

I got through the first year of the One Direction “break”. I’ve found a new celebrity husband in Sal Vulcano. I programmed the Entertainment Weekly SiriusXM channel in my car so the celebrity gossip train is still going strong.

I didn’t write as much as I wanted to last year, but I do have some posts that I like better than the others. #badblogmom. The one about the Erin Andrews verdict came out pretty good, I think. I also love the one where I unearthed my dance festival video.

In 2017 I am going to try to not take myself/life so seriously. I’m a worrier by nature so I;m sure this “resolution” has already gone to the wayside by the time you’re reading this. I’m going to make a conscience effort to laugh at myself a little more. To not let things get to me. To not succumb to stupid drama. Life is too short.

My other hopes and wishes for 2017 are to meet someone. You know, that special someone. To be happy and healthy, to grow professionally. For my family and friends to be happy and healthy and successful. I want to write more, photograph more, promote myself more and be my own biggest supporter. To keep saying yes.

What do you hope 2017 holds for you?

Let’s discuss!


living like a kardashian

I’m going to put something out there and I need you guys not to judge me.

I’ve gotten hooked on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


I know. I KNOW. But honestly, I did some quick math as to when they would have filmed, and I thought there was a possibility of Harry making an appearance since he and Kendall were a thing. So far, no luck. Not even a mention of the yacht trip. I’m still holding out hope. Then again, I’ve never been that great at math.

The up-side to my new time killer is that it got me to thinking. I’ve written about what I’d do if I won the lotto a while ago. Although I still love and stand by my answers, I feel like the lotto is a bit of a hassle; too much pressure. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say no thank you to a Powerball win. As I have gotten deeper into the lives of Kim and klan, I keep thinking to myself, one – why are you still watching this? and two – how can I live like a Kardashian? Unlike lotto winnings that can run out, Kardashian money just keeps coming. I’ve said before and I’ll say again – I know they work hard. I could never be ON all the time. Also, Kendall is a legitimate model. Anyway, they just seem to have a constant flood of money. Like when Kendall was away for work and was feeling left out when she came home so the other girls planned a sleepover/girls night and had their faces put on to sticks. What the heck is Kendall going to do with them afterward? It just seems like a waste all around. Basically, I want to be able to buy/do stupid things with my money and not regret or worry about it.

Getting back on track – when I was little and got a little out of control with the pointing at the TV and screaming “I WANT THAT!” at almost every toy commercial, my parents would tell me that the money tree in the backyard hadn’t bloomed yet. Well, now I’m going to pretend that the undying money tree has bloomed and I now have the ability to live like a Kardashian, without the pesky lottery commission taking out taxes and without having the hassle of filming a sex tape for my mom to sell.

She-Shed: I was flipping through the channels the other day and I came across a show called “He Shed/ She Shed”. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Two designers. One puts together a shed oasis for a woman and the other does one for a man. There’s no winner or loser. Immediately I thought about how great it would be to plop one of those in my backyard, wire it with the essentials – electricity, internet, carve out a small corner for a toilet and maybe a small sink (because, #convienience) and live there. I realize it would be easier and probably more self-sufficient to just use the money to buy my own place, but I’ve always wanted one of these bad boys so even with my own home, I’d still get one. Like a staycation home. It would be like living in a Diane Keaton movie, only less menswear.  I would need the money tree because I get bored pretty easily and I would need to redecorate often. And those things aren’t cheap. But who can put a price on paradise?


Pedro Garcia Idana flats – First I would need a foot transplant because my feet are too flat and too wide for these beauties. They hurt just looking at them. But tell me these aren’t the most summery shoes you’ve ever seen. They totally are. Also perfect for summer brides or brides doing the destination thang and getting married on a beach. Having horrible feet and not being a bride, I’ll have to sit these out, but I’ll think of them always. the shoes that got away.


Flowers – EVERYWHERE. I absolutely love fresh flowers. Big bouquets, small ones. Wildflowers, captive flowers. I would have a florist on call. Maybe set up weekly deliveries. Then, when I get old and senile, I’ll think I have a secret admirer who sends flowers all the time. Right now, I’m my own paramour and treat myself to bodega bouquets pretty regularly. Still, not as exciting as weekly deliveries and not so secret admirers.


Sunglasses- I’m going thorugh a sunglass phase in my life. I can’t get enough. I would love to be able to buy any pair I want with no remorse. I was wondering through Macy’s recently and I fell in love with this pair from Michael Kors. I tried them on and as the sales girl came over to see if I needed anything, I looked up and she said “Ohh yes. Those are so you!” Sales tactic or not, I need these glasses now. (I mean, my birthday is less than two weeks away.. #hint.) I also heard RayBan has come out with a pair that has really dark lenses. This may not be a new thing. I live for dark lenses. The better to hide my side-eye with, my dear.


Gel manicures – In the scheme of things, this is probably the one thing that I wouldn’t need a money tree for, but I figured I’d add it because I don’t always make time to go. I just got a gel mani for a wedding (that I will write about in detail soon!) but not 5 days after I got the manicure, one nail is chipped and two more are lifting. NOT COOL. Aren’t these things supposed to survive nuclear war?

PicMonkey Collage

BRB, going to sprinkle some Miracle Gro on the money tree.

What would you do with unlimited funds?

Let’s discuss!



new year, same goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe we’re 4 days deep into 2016 already? I  can’t, but only because the holidays really threw me off this year. I’ve thought every day for the past 4ish days has been Sunday. Maybe it’s me.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to find a way to write my new year’s resolutions/goals without whining about everything in the world. I haven’t figured out a way yet, but I did happen to come across a post from a long forgotten blog of mine. It’s from 2012 but (sadly) it’s still kind of relevant. laaaaaameeee. And, I’m still all about taking the easy way out so pre-written posts for the win.



I figured I should post this before wishing everyone a happy new year makes me look like the drunk cousin at the family barbecues (you know the one). I have mixed feelings about the new year. It makes me sad because the holiday season is over. There’s no more magic in the air. The world has a certain blah-ness to it. On the other hand, there’s a feeling of hope and new-ness to it that makes the changing of the calendar so much more significant. Pretty soon though the hope will fade, the new-ness will wear off and we’ll look at the calendar and think “It’s January ___th already?! This year is FLYING”. Before all of that happens, I want to publicly (to the 5 people who read this) announce my “goals” for the new year. I hesitate to use the word goals because goals are meant to be met after a while and I sometimes, OK usually, forget to finish what I start.

  • I NEED A JOB. This week marks the [11]th anniversary of me being at my high school job. I was able to get out of high school, but not out of this place. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be there this long. I won’t go into how I feel about the place just in case someone from there finds this. However, I will say that working there has been the most exhausting, tumultuous, educational ride I’ve ever been on. One that will definitely leave my head spinning for a while after I finally get off. It’s been a good run but I’m ready to explore the rest of the amusement park. There are many rides I want to try and games I want to play.
  • I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT. So cliche – I know. It’s just gotten to a point where I can’t stand it anymore. I look in the mirror and the person who looks back at me does not match the picture in my head. There’s not much more to say. Wish me luck.
  • I DON’T WANT TO BE ALONE. Ok, so that was a little dramatic. Let’s face it though, there’s no way to say “I want a boyfriend” without sounding needy, desperate or childish. I’m [28] years old; enough is enough. My 6 year old self is getting worried that when I’m 30 I’ll be the only single person in the nursing home (side note: I found a school journal from when I was in 1st grade and one of the entries said something about when I’m 30, I’ll be so old that I’ll need a wheelchair. When I read that, I laughed so hard I almost needed some Depends – ahead of schedule.) My 8 year old self is pretty disappointed that my last name isn’t DiCaprio yet. I think she’s more disappointed that it never will be. I’m not looking to get married or anything but it would be nice to know that someone might want to marry me someday. (Does that make sense? Moving on.)
  • I WANT TO FIND MY PASSION. Right now, I feel like I have so many pots on the stove and none of them are getting heated up. I started this blog to try to light the fire. I like to write, I just get sidetracked. I usually either forget to post something, or I don’t know what to write, or I’ll start a post and then I won’t like how it’s coming together so I shut the window and watch videos onYoutube instead. I’m too hard on myself and I need to change that. Sometimes I’ll write a post that I feel isn’t good at all but after I post it go back to read it a few weeks later and I surprise myself. This will probably be one of those posts. This is the second time I’m writing it because I stupidly didn’t save it the first time and tried to insert a picture and lost the whole thing. For the record, I loved the first one. It was one of the best things I’ve written, in my opinion. It’s the same thing with my photography. For my thesis project in college I made a photo book of pictures that I took of my family’s house on the beach and all of the surrounding areas. When I handed it in my professor glanced at it and asked me if I took all of the pictures myself. I told him that I had. He seemed impressed. I was too embarrassed to stick around any longer so I wished him a happy summer and I got out of there. I checked my grades everyday expecting the worst. (The “worst” being a B; I think that’s the lowest I could handle. I worked HARD on that project. No matter what anyone says.) It turned out that I got an A. Not to toot my own horn, but whenever I show my copy of the book to anyone I get such positve feedback on my photos. (toot, toot!) It’s humbling, really. [2016 edit: i think, through this blog, i’ve finally found my passion. even if it never makes me a dime or even if my site stats stay abysmally low, i like coming here to write, to comment and to read everyone else’s posts. i mean, yea, i don’t post everyday and i say lot of the same things and post alot of the same kinds of posts but that’s something i could work on in 2016. i want to get myself on a schedule and start writing everything down.  things that piss me off, make me happy, make me laugh, links, random ideas. everything. just so that i don’t forget so that when i’m “out of ideas” i could look back and maybe formulate a post. that was longer than expected. back to it.]
  • I WANT TO RECONNECT. I feel like I’ve lost touch with so many people that I used to be so close to. I’m horrible with the phone and I acknowledge that, but here’s the funny thing about the phone – it works both ways. MIND BLOWING. I know. I’m willing to work on using the phone if you’re willing to work with me. I’m a plan maker. If I make plans with you, I’m sticking to them and expect you to do the same. Don’t stand me up. Don’t call me last minute to cancel. Don’t pretend to forget we had plans (or even worse, don’t actually forget we had plans). Don’t cut the night short. I thrive on the past (which is a problem in it’s own) and love to reminisce about things. Deal with it for a few hours.

Other things I want for 2012 (and beyond):

  • to be a happier person
  • to be a more positive person
  • to stop sweating the small stuff
  • to be healthy
  • for my family, friends and loved ones to be happy, healthy and safe
  • to stop worrying and being so nervous
  • to remember to save my work
  • for the 1st post to magically appear (wishful thinking)
  • a new Backstreet Boys album (you think I’m joking?)
  • [2016 edit] to travel. I’ve gotten bit by the travel bug – BAD. It’s gotten to a point now that when I see vacation photos on Facebook, I get violently jealous, meaning i suck my teeth and roll my eyes harder than usual then sulk for a few minutes.
  • [2016 edit] to really focus on this blog – i know i said it above but i really want to focus on writing about things people want to read. i want quality. and, if we’re being honest, i want my site stats to go up. don’t we all? not necessarily viral (although…), but maybe consistent 3 digit numbers? 4 digits are too much to comprehend right now.
  • [2016 edit] to WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN.

Here’s to 2016! New year, new me and all that jazz.

giphy (32)

What are your resolutions?

Let’s discuss!


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