thank you for being a(n internet) friend!

If you’re reading this as soon as I get it posted, then I’m sorry for being kind of late. If it’s tomorrow morning or later already, then where were you?

I noticed on Twitter that today is Internet Friends Day. So, I’m here to celebrate you! Quite frankly, I would have given up this space a long time ago if it weren’t for the people who read, comment, share, like my posts. Well, those who do that and who I don’t know in real life. Hence, internet friends.

Thank you for liking my tweets, following my Facebook/Bloglovin’ and double tapping on my Instas. Thank you for allowing me to do the same. I could be a real creep sometimes. Thank you for not making me feel like a dork when I leave a comment.

I’m what they call a “perfect blogger”. I post regularly, I have fun, thought-provoking, well-written content. I share that content on all forms of social media. I always know what to say and how to say it. I don’t harp too much on a certain topic, I don’t overuse gifs or commas. AND I’M NOT SARCASTIC. AT.ALL. Perfection is something that one must work on so if I had to pick one thing that I could work on, it would be commenting on other people’s posts. What (I think) I’m trying to say is, if I comment on your posts fairly regularly, you’re in my blog tribe. My blog besties, if you will.

This is where I’d insert pictures of us doing fun things together if I had any. But I don’t so I’ll just leave this here. And, if you’re so inclined and want to photoshop me into a picture with you (or vice versa), send it to me and I’ll add it here later.I’d do it but I’m lazy and not that talented.


Anyway, here’s to all of you! Thank you for being a(n internet) friend!

i know this post makes sense in a “technical” way, but i also know what i said didn’t match what i wanted to say and it, to me, came out a little thrown together. i’m not going to stress over it because it’s late. even though i love you guys, there’s always next year.



let’s do brunch!

There are a handful of things that I miss about not having weekends off. Well, maybe more than a handful but I digress. I think one of the things that I miss most is doing brunch. Actually, I miss the idea of doing brunch because, if we’re being honest, it’s not like I brunched every weekend. I miss the ability to wake up and decide to get a mid-morning meal and a cocktail or two (or seven) and then come home, take off my pants and find the inevitable Kardashian marathon on TV that I will watch from the comfort of my bed. God, I miss my weekends.

The best brunch/party throwers, in my opinion, are socialites (preferably from New York, but I’m biased) and Southern Ladies. Loooorrrd what I wouldn’t give to be either one. Sadly, those weren’t the hands I was dealt. However, I’m all about pretending so that’s what we’ll do. I’m pretending to be a mix of Blair Waldorf and a football mom from Georgia who monograms the shit out of everything. (no hate; i’m all about that life)

I was scrolling through Pinterest (sidenote: as always, if you click the picture you will (should) be taken directly to the pin. i couldn’t figure out how to embed the pin so if i linked it wrong and it’s your pin, let me know and i’ll try to fix it.), as one does when they’re planning fake parties in their heads. I found tons of cute ideas that I’m going to collect here and put together a fabulous brunch!. I’ve decided that I am going to host a brunch for bloggers. More specifically, my blogger friends. Not that I’ve ever met any of them in person, but I’m starting to think that may be the best kind of friend.

Now that we know who is invited, let’s start planning. Every party needs a theme and this party’s theme is *drumroll* A Splash of Mimosa! quelle original! (i don’t speak French, obvs.) Because it’s a blogger brunch and because my blog is splashes of everything, I think it’s the perfect theme. Also, it’s great because, like my niche-less blog, everything will fit. Non-specificity (is that a word? it’s a word now.) works for me!


I can’t decide if i want to go old school and send paper invitations or if I want to go modern and use e-vites. Either way, I’d use Paperless Post*. They offer both paper and electronic invitations. Most come in both formats! They have pre-made invites and ones that you can customize with your picture or one of your dog, whatever. There are so many invitation choices that it was hard for me to choose just one. These are the two that I kept coming back to.


Since my delusion lies in two totally different places, it’s a hard call as to where I’d hold this event. If I’m channeling my socialite side, I’d have to go with either the Plaza Hotel or the Bryant Park Grill. IRL, I’ve never been to either place, but I’ve passed the BPG when they were having other types of parties and they always look like a good time. If I’m channeling my Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side side, I’d of course entertain in my home. Because it’s probably 3500+ square feet of open floor plan.



I like a little of this and a little of that. The overall look I’m going for is very Kate Spade inspired. Lots of stripes, polka dots, flowers, sparkles, cute little touches.



the food

A party is nothing without good food. I love the DIY idea. I’d set up stations like a bagel bar, waffle bar and, of course, a mimosa bar. i mean, duh. I’d also have regular, non-DIY food too. 0d5c3622fa20cf1d707aed85b9e61195



My cousin always says “it’s not a party without goodie bags”. I happen to agree. Maybe not the traditional candy and a pencil but everyone should leave with something. I would set up (*cough* rent/hire cough*) a photobooth. I love documenting parties, so much so that I have to beg my family and friends for “just one more picture”. I also love a snazzy picture frame to house my party pictures.



I want my guests to be comfortable but, honestly, come dressed. I don’t get dressed up often so I’m coming in heels, a dress and full hair and makeup. But that’s just me. I’ll probably want to scrub my face, throw my hair in a messy bun and take my bra off halfway through. That’s an idea. the after party could be watching movies in either my suite at the Plaza or in my basement movie room, depending on who I’m channeling that day.


Girly. Britney, Bey, Mariah boy bands, old school, new stuff. Is Spotify OK or should I just get a DJ? I mean, is a DJ appropriate at a brunch? Eh. Go big or go home, right?

Did I miss anything? Would you come to my brunch?

*Paperless Post contacted me and asked if i would write this post detailing the perfect brunch. i am not being compensated for this at all. all opinions are my own.

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bedroom concerts

I can’t dance. I mean, I can, but I suck. Except when I’m home, alone in my room. Then, I’m JLo.


My best performances come when I’m supposed to be getting ready. For work, for play – doesn’t really matter. As long as I have music and a makeup brush microphone, I am invincible.

When we were little, Lisa and I used to pretend we were Mariah Carey in my living room. One side of my couch was Italy, where Lisa used to perform. The other side was France, where I put on my show, complete with a jaunty beret. We would each grab a remote control, crank up Dreamlover, and sing our little hearts out.

That was the mid-90’s, when apps were things that we talked our parents into ordering at TGIFriday’s. Now, instead of potato skins, we can share music. The people over at Airtime* introduced me to their app, with the app Lisa and I don’t even need to put on pants or leave our respective houses to live out out Mariah Carey tour fantasies, or Fantasy tour.    *The nice people at Airtime contacted me and asked me to write this post, but I am not getting paid to mention them.

Since Friendship Day is this week, and my friends and I all have such different music tastes, I have asked Lisa, Nicole and Jessica what songs keep them moving. What do they sing into their hairbrushes when they’re supposed to be getting ready? Here’s what we came up with.


Ok, so you can’t necessarily dance to this, but it makes me feel so bad ass.




When I asked them for their input, I got so many answers, I put together a Spotify playlist. Enjoy!

I’m probably missing tons and I’ll probably hear about it later, but for now, Happy Friendship Day to my three whack jobs.


What are some songs that keep you and your friends moving? I’m always looking for new tunes!

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belated bridal shower photo dump!

I’m here! I’m alive! Did you miss me? I didn’t go anywhere, procrastination has been my first, middle and last name lately. Hence, why I’m coming to you today with a recap from two weekends ago. whatever. my blog, my rules. 

Two Sundays ago, we gave Jessica a bridal shower. I wanted to share some pictures in my usual photo dump style. Is it too late for that? Is it officially irrelevant in blog time? whatever. MY BLOG, MY RULES.

When Jessica asked all 586933 girls to be bridesmaids, she decided that she was not going to have a Maid of Honor. Instead, she gave each girl a specific task that encompasses the role of bridesmaid and Maid of Honor. One of my tasks was to, with Lisa and Nicole, help Jessica’s mom plan the shower. Jessica is simple and classic. Her mom, and I say this out of love and because I’ve been friends with Jess for almost 25(!) years, lives in a Laura Ashley showroom. Opposites are an understatement.

The shower’s theme was Love Birds. I have to admit – I’m totally obsessed. I love bird cages; they’re so pretty. I’m not the biggest fan of birds so I was careful to only incorporate the cute ones.

Let’s get to (photo) dumping!

The shower was supposed to be a surprise, but well, are bridal showers ever really a surprise?

The party was finally underway. Surprise parties, whether they’re a true surprise or not, always make me nervous. Like, jello leg nervous. At this point, I was hoping that Jess came in and loved the room and all of the little touches that make showers special. Taking away the fact that you’re in a room full of people who love you and only want the best for you and your future spouse. That’s pretty special too.

Then we did a panty line. If I remember, I’ll post the little poem that goes with it on here, someday. I’m not making any promises though, so if you want/need it you might as well Google it.

Finally, it was time for gifts. If you’re wondering, we did eat in the midst of all this. Boy, did we eat. The shower was at a steakhouse, need I say more? delish! And don’t worry, I’m not going to include all the pictures of the gifts. It’s the most boring part of any shower. I wouldn’t do that to you.

After cake, it was time to leave. My feet were so thankful because they don’t play well with heels. They were gearing up for the next day when I had my job’s annual Spring Fling. But that’s for next time.

I hope this wasn’t too boring for you. I figured, in keeping with the my blog, my rules deal, I should post it for posterity’s sake. You know, in case Facebook ever loses my pictures and I need a throwback Thursday picture or something.

See you soon!



single gal speaks: adventures in speed dating

Gather round, friends. I got a story for ya.

Picture it- New York, 2012.

It was the Monday of Labor Day weekend when two single gals from Brooklyn decided to take matters of the heart in to their own hands and get out there and try something new.

As we should all know by now, Lisa likes to think of new adventures for us to go on. Sometimes I have a say in our activities and sometimes I just get a phone call that says “So, I bought these tickets”. This was one of those times.

Tickets? Getting tickets to something should be fun! Tickets mean Broadway shows or the movies or plane rides to exotic locations where you can sit poolside with a refreshing drink in your hand. But I digress.

These tickets were not for something fun. These tickets were for my worst nightmare. These tickets were for…


To say I didn’t want to go was a gross understatement. But there I was, getting off the train at Penn Station, waiting for two of Lisa’s co-workers to meet us for a quick drink before we made our way to the torture chamber restaurant. By the time we got there, whatever was in that quick drink must have worked because I was feeling better about what was going on. I wasn’t 100% sold, but I didn’t feel the need to find a hole to fall into anymore.

Before I continue I feel the need to say this – I have/had nothing against speed dating. My feelings of apprehension were totally cause by my insecurities. Not to get too serious or psychological but, I was always seen as “the friend”. I was always nice enough or funny enough to hang out with but anything past that almost seemed like a joke. Basically, after years of being too shy to pursue anyone and after years of feeling like I shouldn’t pursue anyone because they probably wouldn’t be interested anyway, putting myself into a situation like this was a hard pill to swallow. I felt that since I’ve been written off for how I’ve looked before that it was just going to turn into a parade of NOs and I just couldn’t deal with that. I know I have a good personality and an excellent sense of humor and I can carry a conversation, but I also know that I can be very introverted and shy when I’m in a new situation, especially when I’m uncomfortable. I was letting all of my doubts and insecurities and pre-conceived notions get the best of me.

But again, I digress.

We walked in a were led to a long set of tables and were told to make ourselves comfortable on the booth side. The men were then escorted in and sat in the chairs across from each of us. I was seated between Lisa and one of her co-workers. I figured if all else failed, I’d pull one of them into my “date”. We were given pieces of paper to write down the names of our dates, make some notes and rate them on a scale of 1-10. 1 being “I never want to see this person again” and 10 being “what are you doing for the rest of your life?”. The bell rang and we were off.

I don’t remember all of my dates but when they were good, they were really, really good. And by good, I mean bad. Here are some highlights.

Me: So, where are you from?

Him: Guess.

Me: Um, OK. Want to give me a hint?

Him: I’m from the same place Obama’s father is from.

Me: -_- (i actually knew the answer but I didn’t want to look too eager)

Him: It’s in Africa.

Me: Zimbabwe?

Him: No, try again.

Me: Oh, um. Kenya? (told you i knew it)

Him: Yes!

Me: (to myself) Good because my knowledge of African countries was running out.

Him: So, what do you like to do for fun?

Me: (to myself) oh shit. lay on the couch? eat? plan my weddings to my celebrity husbands? oh, God.

Me: Well, I like to explore the city, read, be with family and friends, go to the movies, maybe see a Broadway show. Ummmm… I’ve recently gotten into photography…?

Him: Oh, so you’re boring?

Me: Um. Well, I guess so. *rates him a 1 on my evaluation sheet*

funny story, a few weeks after we went on this adventure, i was talking to someone that i was starting to have a nice size crush on. i was telling him this story and he started to laugh and asked me how i answered the question. i told him and he said “you’re not boring! that’s a hard question to answer and probably not the best to ask in that kind of situation.” then i promptly melted. he’s engaged now so… yea. digressing, yet again.

And now, my personal favorite.

Me: So, is this your first time doing something like this?

Him: No, I come every week.

Me: Oh! Really? Um. Ok.

Him: Yea, they call me when they’re having an event and I show up.

After the final bell rang, we gathered whatever dignity we had left our things and high tailed it out of there. We found ourselves in a diner (that had the best French onion soup ever in life), like real, stereotypical New Yorkers. There were a few guys I tried to make a match with (ok, one), like the photographer from Connecticut, but feelings weren’t mutual I guess. That’s cool.

Would I do it again?: Absolutely! Now that I could go in knowing what to expect and being OK with the possibility of not making a match, I would definitely go again. And really, you just never know who is waiting for you just around the corner. I know Lisa got our tickets on Groupon (or LivingSocial, whichever.) and I’m sure things like this are offered all the time. why pay full price? My suggestion – make sure the place has a bar (but don’t get sloppy drunk – just in case!), grab your girlfriends and have good time!

britney’s got the right idea!

Have you ever gone speed dating? Would you?

Let’s discuss!

isn’t this what facebook is for?

Well, the time has finally come. I’ve known about this for a while now and it’s finally coming to be.



I mean, I am fully aware that it’s been 10 years since I’ve walked those hallowed halls. I graduated on June 23, 2005. The same day I got a Razr cellphone, so clearly it was a day worth remembering. The reunion is in it’s planning stages but already I’ve been invited to join the Class of 2005 group on Facebook and I’ve also taken a survey about what kind of venue I’d be interested in and how much I’d be willing to spend. And in case you we’re wondering, “just enough to get me drunk enough to get through the night” was not an option.


Believe it or not, I’m on the fence about going. And by on the fence I mean I’m fully on the no side but I’m leaning against the fence to see who’s on the other side. If enough people I like and can have a good time with are going to be there, I’ll cough up my $120-$140 for a ticket, step into my dancing shoes and go. If not, it’s the usual Netflix and sweats for me.

I just wish there were something that could connect people who went to high school (or college, or work) together, where they can (over) share their whole lives. Births, deaths, marriages, divorces, break- ups, make -ups, recipes, political opinions, lunches, general complaints, new jobs, graduations, cute animals, petty drama, anything and everything. It should be called something catchy like FaceSpace. No… Facebook! Yea, it would be called Facebook and… oh wait. I mean, really. I know people put on Facebook and Instagram what they want to but everything they post can’t be a lie or an exaggeration. I liked the people I hung out with in high school. That’s why they’re my friends on Facebook, so I could see how/what they’re doing. Do I always like or comment? Nope. But they don’t always like or comment on my stuff either and that’s ok.

My other and more personal reason for not wanting to go is that I feel if you took 28 year old me and put her back in that school/environment, there would be very little difference. Except that 18 year old me would want to beat the shit out of 28 year old me. She would be so disappointed in her. (I wrote about that here, if you’re interested.) I’m working the same part time job, listen to the same type of music, hang out with the same people (actually, I had more friends back then), live in the same house, have the same cellphone number. I’m single with no kids. The only thing I’ve done is graduate from college and even that’s not enough because I’ve seen a lot of Master’s graduations through that Facebook thing. I haven’t been to Europe or even the West Coast. I want to go places and do fun things but I haven’t and it sucks. It sucks more with a reunion looming over my head. for the record and in hindsight, i liked high school so i’m not afraid of seeing certain people or anything like that.

Most of the guys I liked back then are now engaged or married so I don’t even have that to look forward to. I guess I’ll just pray that wherever this event is (because let’s face it, even with all of this complaining, I’ll wind up going), there’s an open bar and a kind Uber driver to take me home.


Graduation 2005: so full of hope and free of makeup

Maybe I should just Romy and Michelle this situation and OWN. IT. except i didn’t invent post-its.

romy and michelle

Would/did you go to your reunion? Am I wrong for feeling this way?

Let’s discuss!


That’s what friends are for

I’ve been having a pretty shitty day at work today (or everyday) so I was complaining listing all of my problems to Nicole. Because my problems are much more important than teaching the children of America (or New York, in Nicole’s case). Anyway, a while later, as I still wallowed in self pity, I got a text with this picture in it:


That’s what friends are for. Minions and help with hiding the bodies.

Hope your day is going well!


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