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Guys, it’s mid-August already.


I am a summer baby and live for the 2-ish months out of the year where I don’t need to wear a jacket or pants that reach my ankles. My goal for the next few weeks (i’m praying for an indian summer), is to soak it all in, as much as I can. I’ve been thinking about what I love most about this flash in the pan season and I thought it would be nice to list some things that get me through the long, cold winter.

  • not waking up in the dark
  • lightning bugs
  • not wearing a jacket
  • Dolly’s Ices 20160806_153023
  • the smell of the morning
  • torrential summer downpours
  • coming inside from the heat to an air conditioned building
  • lazy afternoons in the pool
  • being tan
  • the first shower after the beach/baking in the backyard
  • mermaid hair (even though my hair constantly ignores my pleas to be mermaid-y)
  • July
  • long days
  • stoop nights
  • pizza and vanilla swirl ice cream from L&B

    PicMonkey Collage

    the only time i’ll willingly drink Pepsi

  • neons
  • vitamin D – sunshine!
  • fruit straight from the refrigerator
  • mini golf
  • shorts
  • a perfectly grilled cheeseburger giphy (6)
  • my birthday
  • Italian feasts/street fairs
  • dining al fresco
  • pina coladas
  • laying in bed with the air conditioner blasting

What are your favorite things about summer? What do you think about during the winter to get you through?

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It’s Christmas Time Again!

With mere minutes left until Christmas (21 to be exact!), and the fact that I have been totally deficient in posting on here, I figured I should kill two birds with one stone and write something festive.


Ha! You had to see that one coming.

Anyway, in the spirit of the season I thought I would write about some of my favorite things. Without further ado here are

Martina’s Favorite Things : Christmas Edition

1. Miracle on 34th Street (1994)- How perfect is this movie? First of all, it’s a John Hughes production. I know, I should stop right there- but there’s more! Second, it’s set in New York (where else?) AT CHRISTMAS TIME. Third, two words – DYLAN MCDERMOTT. And finally, well two things actually, there are old fashioned taxis all over the place. Where did they come from? And can we have them back? Also, can we talk about Mrs. Walker’s ring at the end? Way to go Mr. Bedford.  One last thing (I promise!), the head of makeup for this wonderful Christmas gem was Ben Nye Jr. Perfect.

2. Rockefeller Center- Ok I know, the crowds suck. They really, really do. But that’s all the more reason to practice your New York strut. Getting through the crowds like a New Yorker doesn’t mean to push or get crazy. You have to be agile and take every open opportunity. Basically, don’t be an animal. Also keep in mind that in this case the ends will certainly justify the means.



3. Chocolate Chip Cookies – I try to make them every year. Then I try not to eat them all.

4. My Christmas tree – A few years ago I challenged my mom to decorate our tree with only lights and bows and those sparkly stick things. To no surprise of my own, she totally skilled it. So now, we only decorate with lights and bows and sparkly stick things. Sometimes I miss our ornaments since they all had meaning but then I turn on my tree and see the whole living room light up and sparkle and it makes me happy. I could always visit the other ornaments in the basement.



4.5 Speaking of trees,

5. Like I could really limit myself to 5 things. The food, the friends and family.My aunt’s cookie tray, the meatballs, the manicotti, and antipasta. The sparkle, the magic. The gifts, the traditions. The movies, the songs. The Christmas specials of my favorite TV shows. The Hallmark Channel and Lifetime movies. The surprises, the wrapping paper. The good cheer and the warm fuzzies.  You get the idea.

It is now officially Christmas! I guess I should get to bed or else Santa won’t come. 😉

On an unrelated note before I go, does anyone know how to personalize these posts? I just learned how to download fonts and would love to use them on here but I don’t know how to do that. If nothing else, is there a way to change the color of the letters? Let me know!



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