DIYDS: how to wrap a coffee mug

I’m not the most crafty person in the world nor am I the most patient. Especially when I know how I want something to look and when it doesn’t come out that way, I usually just throw my hands up and find a spot for my unfinished project to collect dust. Go hard or go home, amirite?

There are times, however where things just come together nicely and, frankly go my way. Like that time I shared my instawall project. Which, by the way, I still love and wish I had my own place and could cover every wall with it.

Then there are the times when I have no choice but to power through and just get it done. This is one of those times. Ever since starting this blog, I am more apt to look to other people’s blogs for ideas, how to’s, and personal experiences (esp. when I’m planning a trip) when Googling. I want people to come here for the same reason, not just for my incessant ramblings about plus size shopping, being single and Harry Styles. But by all means, come for those things too!

Anyway, I’m here today to share a how-to. I love a good how-to, or as I like to call them, Do It Ya Damn Self (DIYDS – because if you want it done right…). This is a fun one and suuuuper useful. Ladies and gents, I now present:


You’re probably thinking “Martina, you don’t gift wrap coffee mugs, silly” or even “a gift bag and some tissue paper works.” And in both cases, I’d scoff and say “taking the easy way out, are we?”

giphy (13)

Step One: have a boss who is anal – super anal. But one that also doesn’t want/ know how to do these things for themselves. Or one who is kind of obsessed with finding things for you to do for them instead of letting you help your other co-workers. (too specific? probably.)

Ok, so your super anal boss has called you into their office and tells you that they need you to wrap some end of year gifts for the upcoming staff meeting (graduation is in May, so things are winding down). Three sweatshirts and three blankets. No problem, easy peasy.

Step Two: have an inkling that something else is coming down the pike. You’re almost finished with the blankets and sweatshirts and they’re getting that look in their eye.

You know the one – it looks like they’re going to ask you to do something you’re going want to say no to but they’re the boss and know you won’t say no to them. step 2.5 is not smacking the look right off their face because you have an online shopping “issue” and need the stupid paycheck.

Step Three: let SAB (super anal boss) know that you’re done with the blankets and sweatshirts. Also, be patient when they ask you more than twice which one is for the male recipient and which is for the female recipients. (floral paper for the girls, bright green for the boy. i mean, really?)

giphy (14)

Step Four: Wipe look of disgust off your face when SAB asks if you could wrap these eight(!) mugs. Mention that last year you used tissue paper to wrap them (because it’s quick and easy.) Make sure eyes don’t roll when they say “oh, I don’t have tissue paper, just use the wrapping paper”.

Step Five: Take a selfie showing said disgust.


With any luck, your boss will leave the office for a few, so you can take advantage of their absence and your hot pink lipstick and snap a sanity saving selfie.

Step Six: Be overly cheery when SAB comes back and asks if you’re doing OK. “Yep! Great!” *dies a little inside*

Step Seven: Figure out how to actually wrap a coffee mug. Personally, I put it on its side, rolled the paper around it, taped it down, and then somehow folded the top and bottom and taped that down too.


Step 8: Give SAB options by wrapping one in paper and one with just ribbons. Pray that they’ll say the ribbon one is fine, but know deep down that they won’t.


Step Eight: Resign yourself to the fact that you will be spending all morning wrapping mugs. FOR. THE. LOVE. OF. GOD.

Step Nine: Try (again, for the 603682686th time) to not claw SAB’s eyes out when they look at your finished products and ask they there be more “curly things” on the “flat side” of the mug. WHAT EVEN IS THE FLAT SIDE OF A MUG? THE TOP? WHERE THE PAPER IS CAVING IN? THE SIDE? WHEEEEEREEEEE?

Step Ten: Finish (finally!). Try not to laugh when SAB tells you they look really good.


Even Stevie Wonder knows they look like garbage but, thanks!

And there you have it – how to wrap a coffee mug in just 10 easy steps! I hope this helps!


just call me mart(ina) stewart!

I like to think that I’m a crafty person, but when it all comes down to it, I’m not. I get distracted or disappointed in how the project is coming out so I just put it off to the side and move on to the next one.

That being said, I was walking through Walmart and found these cool 4×4 frames. I didn’t know what to do with them, but I bought them anyway. Because, why not? When I got them home I realized that I would have to cut pictures to fit the frame and that’s not something that I enjoy. I went to Google and looked up places that print odd sizes. I found Nations Photo Lab. You guys, I’m in love! They have everything! They offer 3 different finishes, you can make proof prints if you’re a professional photographer, they’re great for graduation photo sets. They print on metal and canvas which I will probably take advantage of for Christmas. So, I placed an order for wayyy too many 4×4 prints of my favorite photos. I also ordered some wallet sizes because I found all of those plastic inserts that I bought at Claire’s a million years ago. And again, why not?

The prints came and I still didn’t know what to do with them. I wanted to incorporate some of my other frames and make a collage of varying sizes but I had no idea how to go about it. Whenever I try to do things like that they wind up coming out crooked because I have no patience with tape measures and levels.

Finally, I was looking around my room and, you know when you see things everyday but then all of a sudden it’s like you’re seeing it for the first time? I noticed that the wall to the left of my door needed updating. score! I already had things up there but they’ve been there forever and now I had a reason to change it up. I took down what was on there and started to arrange the new photos to see how they fit. That’s when the light went on.


I used the Command Picture Hanging strips to hang them without having to put millions of holes in my wall. Thankfully, I had the foresight to put the pictures I ordered into PicMonkey first and edited them a bit with some filters and the like. Now I have my very own instagram page on my wall. What’s great is that since they’re all hung on velcro, whenever I want to change a picture, I could just pull the frame off, replace the photo and stick it right back on the wall. I’m sure things like this are all over Pinterest, but I’m proud that I figured this one out myself. let me have my moment!

DSC_0068What I also love is that I have more room at the bottom and at the top so if I wanted to add more, I could. Except for the fact that I went on to Walmart’s website and they’re all sold out of the frames in this size so I have to wait until I could get to a brick and mortar store.

I think the cherry on top of this instasundae is how cheap it was*. Online, you can get a set of 6 frames for $6. In the store, they’re sold in sets of 2 for $2. The prints are 26 cents each, which is more than Shutterfly or Snapfish but I’m willing to pay extra to not have to cut them down myself. The velcro strips are usually about $9 a pack, which is high because you don’t get that many in a pack (I think the biggest pack has 8 sets in it. Each picture needs 1 set.) I was able to find smaller packs at the dollar store so I stocked up.

I wish I could do this on every wall of my house but I don’t think my mom would appreciate it. wait until i move out. instawalls for everybody!

signature*i purchased all of the supplies with my own money. i was not given anything for free nor am i being compensated for writing this post. 

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