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christmas carpool

Can you believe Christmas is in 5 days? I sure can’t. I wanted to share with you not one but TWO early Christmas gifts I got and am googly eyed over.

And they’re from a celebrity!


I kid. I kid. They’re the newest Carpool Karaoke segments from one of my many celebrity husbands, James Corden.

Last Tuesday he released the long-awaited (for me, anyway) Bruno Mars collab. It was, as expected, amazing. My favorite part was when James said that his woman wouldn’t be wearing Versace, she’d be wearing Target. ya damn right, boo.

Then, on Thursday, Jimmy dropped the All I Want for Christmas is You mix. As I’ve mentioned before, Lisa and I were big Mariah fans back in the 90’s and we usually incorporated this gem into our act at the various Christmas parties/ Girl Scout meetings we attended. we still do. she’s going to kill me.  My point is that our invitation must have gotten lost in the mail but, speaking for both of us I’ll say, we’re being good sports about it and will enjoy from afar. Maybe next year.

Also, Nick Jonas- what the hell, man? EVERYONE knows this song, what’s your issue? Google that shit. Make an effort.

That’s all I got today, kids. I’m off to wrap gifts.


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DJ martina on the ones & twos

I’m probably not someone who should give musical recommendations but guess what I’m here today with. Well, maybe not recommendations, per say. More like what I have on repeat lately. I feel like I should put it out there from the get-go: As of late, I can’t handle the regular radio. I like to listen to my local morning show  when I can, but that’s about it. I just can’t take the playlists of the same 5 or so songs constantly. That being said, I have about 5 songs that I rotate on my Spotify constantly that I’m going to share with you right now. #irony.

I Can Hear the Bells – Surprisingly, I haven’t heard much about NBC’s latest live production. Personally, I loved it. I like the story of Hairspray – the chubby girl gets the heartthrob (swoon), the desegregation of music and basically working together to do the right thing. Anyway, I didn’t know if it was more of a there’s nothing nice to say about it kind of thing or if it was more of a low viewership kind of thing. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed it. That Jennifer Hudson, man. That girl is going places. (seriously though, for those who watched- did you see everyone in tears when she san I Know Where I’ve Been? woof.) This will be the song I walk down the aisle to at my wedding, should it happen in this century.

Million Reasons – I’m so happy Mother Monster has started to really showcase the talent God gave her. She was always good and we all knew the talent was there (hello, Tisch graduate!) but the meat dresses and the egg suits were not doing her justice. The song is raw, emotional and perfect for getting my diva on. This song makes me question my life. Do I want to stay where I am? I have nothing keeping me here. Maybe I should just go elsewhere. Start over. Then I remember that my mom does my laundry and I sit my ass down. It’s the thought that counts though, right?

Perm – I mentioned in one of my last posts that the new Bruno Mars album took a little while to grow on me. This song was one of those that I was iffy about in the beginning but now it’s one of my favorites. I would love to incorporate “throw some perm on that attitude!” into my daily vocabulary but somehow, I don’t think that would go over too well. Bruno is probably the only one who could actually get away with it.

Fall For You- I know I mentioned this song in a recent post but I’m still loving it. Another one perfect for diva-ing out, I love pretending I’m filming my very own music video when I sing lip-synch this gem. I kind of reminds me of a grown up version of songs I would like as an angsty teen. You know, the one who liked the boy and was toootally ready for a “real” relationship but didn’t want to get hurt because she’s been through that too many times. My advice for that version of me is to listen to this song and to get a life.

Mercy – Watching Shawn Mendes perform this on SNL two weeks ago was what did it for me. I love when singers get so impassioned and into the performance that their voice goes raspy (see: harry styles, drag me down – carpool karaoke). That’s what happened for Shawny boy and it gave me the feels.

So, what have you been listening to lately? I’m always looking for songs to add to my rotation!


late thanks

*ignores the fact that i haven’t posted in two weeks even though i had every intention to. also ignores the fact that all of the posts i had written in my head are long forgotten so we’ll just pick it up from here.

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? Mine was super chill, filled with family, food and football. SO. MUCH. FOOTBALL. I love to complain, as we all know, but I also have a lot to be thankful for this year. I’ll list some because, why not? You don’t have to only feel gratitude on the last Thursday of November. The last Wednesday works also.

new music from bruno mars – I’ll admit – at first listen I was a little disappointed in 24k Magic. Why? Well, first of all, it’s only 9 songs. WE’VE WAITED 4 YEARS, BRUNO. Second, I love a Bruno ballad and, for me, there isn’t one on this record. Versace on the Floor comes close, but meh. After giving it a few good listens, I’ve come around to it and am really feeling the 70’s/90’s vibe. In reality, I’ll take pretty much anything that pint size Polynesian (he’s not even Polynesian, but he’s from Hawaii and it’s alliterative; it works. he’ll forgive me, i’m sure.) puts out.

this little face-


I want to bite it, ice cream and all.


kris jenner- hear me out. I never paid any attention to the Kardashians until one lazy Sunday afternoon when I fell head first into a Kardashian marathon. Do I think some things they do/say are ridiculous? Sure. Can I stand Scott’s “Lord” phase? Absolutely not. However, it’s like those anti-smoking commercials – you don’t want to watch but you can’t look away. I’ve chalked it up to this – I’m an only child and, quite frankly, sibling relationships fascinate me. Is that weird? Like I care. Anyway, without Mama K, there would be no Kardynasty.

the men and women in uniform – military, police, fire department, sanitation- anyone who keeps me and my loved ones healthy and safe, I’m all about them. I’ve said it before but it’s worth saying it again – they do jobs every day that I couldn’t handle for an hour.

people who are nice to receptionists at the doctor’s office – *ahem* they just make the day easier and more pleasant.

this blog- if you’ve been here for a while, you know that I started this blog because I needed to start something and see it through to the finish. I needed to find a passion. Thankfully, I kept with it and can say that it worked. I love writing on here, taking pictures for my posts, being part of the blogging community. It might not seem like it, especially when I take two week plus breaks for no reason, but I truly love this, being here with you guys.

I’m grateful for all of these things and so much more. like, tons more.

What are you thankful for?



cool your jets, b

Ok, so here’s the deal. I have a little less than an hour to write this post. I’m scheduling it because I have to be at work tomorrow way earlier than usual. This post falls into the category of “maybe I shouldn’t post this because I’m not sure of what to say and how to say it” with the sub-category of “maybe you shouldn’t rush this one, Martina.” I’m willing to give it a go. If you’re reading this, I’ll virtually accept that pat on the back. Thanks.

By now I’m sure everyone has seen and/ or has heard about the Superbowl’s Half Time show. Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Beyonce. When I first heard that Coldplay was the headliner, I wasn’t too thrilled. I’m just not a huge fan. The Carpool Karaoke James Corden did with Chris Martin helped a little though, to be honest. Then I heard that Bruno Mars was going to show up. I love that pint size Philipino. I’m monitoring Twitter for any updates on a new album; it needs to happen soon. Then it was rumored that Beyonce was going to make an appearance. Here’s the thing…

I don’t like beyonce.

giphy (4)

On top of that, I don’t understand the overall obsession with her. I mean, as we all know I tend to get obsessive with certain things and celebrities also so far be it from me to judge. But, at the end of the day, they’re just people who have faults and I’d probably be the first to point them out. What makes Beyonce so special that she could (hypothetically) slap the Pope and everyone would be like “yaasss Queen B. slayyyyy”?


*cue the angry mob*

Listen, I liked some of her old stuff. I even had Independent Women stuck in my head for a large portion of the day today. BUT. There’s something about her that I just can’t like. I’m all for diva behavior but she just seems too high maintenance, which I don’t understand for two reasons. One, her husband does not give off that vibe at all. One of my favorite viral videos is him on the train headed to the Barclay’s Center and having a conversation with an elderly woman. And two, believe it or not, my uncle has ridden the train with her. At first, I didn’t believe the story, but after I grilled him for more than 20 minutes I decided that he was telling the truth. I had to be sure since he did use to steal my nose all the time. According to the story, she got on and was headed to Brooklyn. She was dressed down but still really attractive. She wasn’t with a ton of security (if any) and she just sat and rode the train, in the seat across from my uncle. So I don’t know where the attitude comes from. She seems extremely fake. She seems like a nightmare to work for. Which, if you know me, makes me crazy. I hate horrible bosses.

My first thought when he name was being thrown around was “really? didn’t she JUST do a half time show?”  Then, a few days before the big game, it came out that she was planning an anti-police performance.

giphy (5)

I’m going to try to keep this as simple as possible. First, let’s for a minute take away that she also wanted to perform for the Black Lives Matter movment. I’m just going to focus on the whole anti-police thing because even though they are unfortunately related, the Black Lives Matter cause is not what’s bothering me.

Beyonce – the next time you want to do anything anti-police, please DO NOT demand a police escort. You can’t have it both ways. Think of it this way, Angelina Jolie goes to third world countries to feed children and to help breing awareness to the plight of the people in said countries. I highly doubt that she’s sleeping on a straw mat on the ground, but I also (would like to) believe that she’s not looking for 5 star accomodations either. Also, and I didn’t want to bring this up because there are good and bad cops all over, but you live in New York. You have one of the best (maybe I’m biased) police forces protecting you and your family everyday. Don’t pull that shit. You can take over all the floors of a hospital to have your children, you can drop all of the surprise music videos and albums that you want, but just remember that at the end of the day, you’re just Beyonce. Cool your jets, B.

There’s more to say about her performance and about all of the underlying meanings behind it but it’s past my bedtime already and I think I’ve said what I want to say for now so I’ll end it now and bow out gracefully.

What did you think of Beyonce’s performance? What about the rest of the half time show?

Let’s discuss!


playing catch up

It’s been about a week since I’ve last posted and it feels like a lifetime. At work, we are going full force with our annual Silent Auction and guess who is running “lead”. That’s right, yours truly. We’re about a month behind, which is totally not my fault. I usually pick up the project when donations start to come in and they’re not rolling in like they usually do. It’s driving me nuts because I have a female Gordon Ramsey for a boss. Actually, she really reminds me of Abby from Dance Moms. Yes. It’s that bad. She’s been OK so far. I’m just waiting for the blowout. I get stressed thinking about the day of the auction, which is coming up fast and furious. I’m taking it as it comes and hopefully it comes with a Valium.


This month marks my 10 year anniversary here, at this job. It’s odd to find a 16 year old with that kind of work ethic, but here I am. I kid, I kid. I’m 18. In my dreams. Anyway, I really don’t know how to feel. I NEVER expected to be here that long. I never WANTED to be here that long but things happen, I guess. I really don’t want to get into it on here because I’m trying to keep my job negativity out of my little corner of the internet, but I just don’t know what to do anymore. I can’t quit, I don’t want to stay. I’ve been proactive about looking for a different job and I’ve been lackadaisical (hello, $10 word.). I’ve sent resumes and gotten no responses. I’ve gone to the career center at my alma mater (that sounds fancy!), I’ve even applied for jobs at the school and they didn’t even give me the courtesy of an interview. I’ve applied for jobs in other departments in my current place of employment and have gotten interviews and then, without fail the inevitable “it’s not you, it’s us” letter. Personally, I think my boss has put the kabosh on all of them in some way, shape or form. So to say I’m at my wits end is a big understatement. I’ve thought about going back to school but 1) I’m scared that I’ll finish and still not be able to find anything and 2) I have no idea what to go back for; the possibilities are endless and I’m afraid of making the wrong decision.

Woof. that went in an unintended direction. Moving on to happier things.

I accidentally came across spoilers for the Mindy Project. It really was an accident. I was looking for gifs of the last episode on Tumblr and they popped up and I couldn’t. look. away. Anyway, if they’re true and they really happen, I’m kind of torn. I sort of like what I read but part of me feels like they’re trying to tie up some story lines in case they don’t come back for a fourth season (i’m biting my tongue) or they already know they won’t be back (the horror!). The most recent episode was good but I think Mindy needs to be back in New York. California just doesn’t feel right.


Just for the show though. Personally, I am dying to visit California. Who wants to help a poor sister out?

I’ve had the new Bruno Mars/ Mark Ronson song stuck in my head for about 3 days now. I just love Bruno Mars. He’s talented, funny, and compact. I would love to stick him in my pocket and take him everywhere with me so when I need a quick pick me up dance party I’ll be prepared.

This is the point where I’ve realized that there is nothing else going on in my life to write about and since my internet connection is being extremely spotty, I’m going to end this with a few questions for you guys! Feel free to leave your answers/advice in the comments!

  1. I find that I’m having trouble thinking up titles for my posts and I’ve noticed that I’m not getting as many views as I would like. I try to tag my posts accordingly and I share on my Facebook and I have a Bloglovin’ page. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  2. On a related note, I’m feeling a little uninspired lately. Is there anything you would want to see here? I think my problem is that I don’t think I’ve found a niche yet. I don’t know if it’s my writing style (which I happen to like since I write the way I speak – minus my Brooklyn accent.), my love of everything and nothing, my uncanny ability to write about the same topics in almost every post (Believe me, it’s not 100% intentional). I just don’t know. I feel all over the place.


    tell me about it, girlfriend

  3. I’ve been watching that show I mentioned a few posts ago, Big Women: Big Love. I’ll probably be writing about how I feel about it soon. (No question, just letting ya know.)

I’ll stop rambling now.


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