Blogtober14 Day 31: the last one


Day 31- blogtober’s over. =(

The prompt for today is to reveal your Halloween costume.

I’m going to be…


I plan on sitting on my stoop (that’s Brooklyn for porch) and give out candy to the neighborhood kids. Once 8:00pm hits, I’m going inside and shutting the door. i’m officially old.

Remember how I said one year I went as a phone for Halloween? In a lapse of judgement and for the sake of this post, well, see for yourself.


i can’t believe this made it to the internet.

According to the year printed on the back of this photo (1995) I was 8 years old. 8 years old and dressed as one of the most iconic pieces of technology from the 90’s – a Zach Morris cellphone. Which, by the way, I am holding in my right hand (my right, your left).

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s address that it’s the last day of blogtober! First of all, I want to thank Helene and Taylor for putting this together. I’ve had fun partaking in this adventure and have found some great blogs/bloggers to follow in the process. I hope that even though I will not be posting every single day anymore that you’ll stick around anyway. Also, I’ve made a facebook page and a bloglovin’ page for this little blog of mine so feel free to click over and like/follow me on there. Links are on the right —>

What’s next? Are there anymore link ups or blog hops going on? Any photo or writing challenges? I don’t necessarily need to post every day but if you hear of anything, let me know in the comments! Thanks!

Thanks for stopping by! See you again soon!


Blogtober14 Day 30: 15 facts about me


Day 30.. One more day!

Today’s prompt asks for some facts about me. It doesn’t specify how many, which might cause a problem because I feel like once I get started I won’t be able to stop. So I’ll put a cap of 15 on this one. When I was thinking about what to write I had a whole list of things and I, of course, didn’t write them down. This seems to be a trend with this blog.

Here we go:

  1. i don’t know how to ride a bike – my parents tried so hard to make this happen, but it didn’t. neither did learning how to rollerblade/skate, ride a scooter, or swim. but I can drive so i feel like i’ve won.
  2. HATE turkeys. they’re ugly and mean looking and scary. i really don’t like any birds, but turkeys are the worst. in third grade we went on a class trip to a farm and they let us in the turkey pen and the terrors were chasing and biting us. that night i didn’t sleep because i was convinced one was under my blankets. gross.
  3. watching youtube videos and painting my nails are how i unwind.
  4. if i never had to wear shoes i’d be the happiest person ever. i have really bad feet/ankles that are never comfortable in anything.
  5. I was on a bowling league with my cousin when we were little. We won second place in the bumper division. At the end of the summer, when the awards were handed out, I had to go to the bathroom and missed the whole thing.263_505586603967_3398_n
  6. i have a very thick brooklyn accent. sometimes people make fun of it and i pretend to be offended, but i really don’t mind. i actually like my accent.
  7. Miracle on 34th Street (the new one) is my most favorite Christmas movie – ever. it just feels magical.giphy
  8. my nicknames include: mar, tee, tina, mark ween, tinabena, weenie. but only certain people call me them. i usually just go by martina.
  9. i made it to level 8 (?, 11? whatever the highest one was) in spanish. i’m not fluent at all, but i could understand some if i really concentrated. i wish i were fluent in italian.
  10. i love to watch people write. that may sound weird, but when you think about it, everyone basically holds a pen the same way, yet everyone’s outcome is totally different.
  11. i am a deep sleeper. house alarms don’t wake me, talking doesn’t wake me; once i’m out, i’m OUT. however, put a cooing dove or a rascally squirrel on my air conditioner and i’m up like a rocket.
  12. my favorite flowers are daisies, orchids, and stephanodous. my least favorite (although, if they were sent to me i wouldn’t turn them away), are roses and regular carnations.
  13. i’ve said before that my all time favorite bands are backstreet boys and one direction,buti’m not limited to just them.i’ll listen to just about anything.


    BSB1D: yes, please.

  14. i love TV shows from the 90’s. actually, i love anything from the 90’s.
  15. i don’t have a middle name. story goes that my parents had such a hard time deciding on a first name to go with my impossible last name that they just didn’t give me another one. funny thing is, that my father’s name is martin so everyone assumes i’m named after him, which my mom swears i’m not because he does have a middle name that she didn’t like the female version of so i, naturally, could not have a middle name. woof. that took forever.

Well, there you have it.

See you tomorrow!


Blogtober14 Day 29: embarassing moments


Day 29 and feeling fine.. thank goodness this is almost over, I’m running out of rhymes.

Before I begin, I want to give an anniversary shoutout to my parents and a birthday shoutout to my cousin, Jill. love you guys so much!

Now on to blogtober. Day 29 wants to know my most embarassing moment.


Seriously, there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not cringing about something. I’m pretty easily embarassed so I guess I’m at a disavantage. If it’s not embarassment, it’s awkwardness. I feel like I’m too old to be this awkward. On the other hand, I have a (not so) scret hope that someone will fall in love with my “quirkiness” and we’ll live happily ever after. Almost like Zooey Deschanel, but not, if that makes sense. it probably doesn’t.

In keeping with the topic, I’ll list some of the highlights of my embarassing life:

  • when i was about 8 or 9 years old, i had this problem where whenever i got excited or riled up, I would cough and vomit. (another embarassing moment- when i shared that tibit of information to the whole internet) anyway, for about a year or so, everyone knew that when they heard me cough, a storm was a-brewin’ .
  • in high school, before i figured out how to only take either yoga or folk dancing as a gym, i had to take contact sports (i’m almost positive that’s what they called it). we were picking teams for soccer and guess who was picked last. yep, me. i knew the captain of my team and knew that he was pissed that i ended up there so i went over to him and said, “don’t worry i don’t want to be here even more than you don’t want me here.”
  • speaking of high school gym, early into the second semester of freshman year, i couldn’t get the lock on my locker open and got stuck in the locker room while my teacher, the locker room aide and myself tried to figure this whole thing out. in the midst of this, i was supposed to meet friends to walk home with. when i was an hour late, my friends almost got in touch with the police because i hadn’t shown up.

I definitely have more stories, but they’ll have to wait for different posts. I need something to write about when blogtober is finsished.

See you tomorrow!


Blogtober12 Day 28: superstitions


Day 28! Let’s make it great!

Today we’re putting the “super” in superstitions!

My level of superstition is pretty low. High enough to have some rituals and beliefs but low enough to not have me looking over my shoulder all the time.

  • i won’t kill spiders- i’ve heard that it’s bad luck, and i’m not taking any chances.
  • i won’t sit at the corner of a table – i’ve heard that it means that you will never get married. for someone who has planned their wedding since seeing mariah carey and tommy mottola’s on tv, it’s too much of a risk to chance it.
  • i wish on everything. eyelashes, pennies, flower petals.

I don’t know if these are superstitions but I’m going to include them anyway:

  • i believe in spirits – long island medium is one of my favorite tv shows and would love for theresa to read me.
  • i believe in dreams – whenever i have a particularly vivid or memorable one, i look it up to see the meanings. a few times the meanings have come true.

I think that’s it. Sorry this one was a bit lacking. :/

See you tomorrow!


Blogtober14 Day 27: STRETCHing the rules a bit


Day 27 – not happening.

The prompt for today is “Letter to Your Younger Self”. I am not going to do this one. I don’t want to just let today go by without a post so I’m going to write about something else and tag it as blogtober anyway. cheater cheater, pumpkin eater. Instead, I’m going to write about the time I was wrongfully accused. (i got this idea from the idea bank over at kludgymom)

I am a rule follower. Always have been, always will be. Keeping this in mind, picture it: Brooklyn, 1993. It was recess time for my kindergarten class and we were all outside running around, riding our school supplied tricycles, playing with toys our classmates brought in. 

Specifically, a Stretch Armstrong doll.

for those of you who are too young to know who Stretch Armstrong is, he was a rubber(?) doll filled with gel and when you pulled his arms and legs he, well, stretched. then, i believe there was a button on his head that made him go back to normal. or maybe not. maybe time had to work its magic and his limbs just shrunk back into place by themselves, eventually. i can’t remember.


There were four of us around the doll, stretching the life out of him. I can’t remember who the last person was, but I know the other 3 were me, Nicole and Jessica. We pulled and pulled until, finally, the doll ripped. Right in the armpit of the arm that Nicole was pulling on. I SAW IT.  No one said anything and we gave it back to its owner, Thomas. We all went back into the classroom and sat at our desks, not even thinking of the doll. The teacher had stepped out of the classroom for a moment and left a monitor from a higher grade in charge. Whenever the monitors took over the class they made a good/bad list on the board. I don’t know if it was more to keep the teacher informed or to give the monitors a power trip. So, if you sat in your seat and looked at your sticker collection, like I usually did, your name went on the good list. If you got up and walked around when you were told not to, your name went on the bad list. I was terrified of the bad list.

By this time, Thomas had figured out that his Stretch was ripped. He went up to the monitors and told them. Because they were “in charge” they asked him who was playing with it. Nicole was familiar with being on the bad list because she was one of those kids who got up and walked around when she was told not to*. I guess she had enough so she went over to Thomas and told him, “Blame me and I’ll kill you.”  So who got blamed? That’s right, me. My name was now on the bad list.


Now I’m shitting my pants.  This will probably go on my permanent record. I’ll be marked for life. What will my parents think?

Ms. Sidenberg came in and saw that there was a problem. The monitors explained the situation and Ms. Sidenberg tried to calm us all down. I assume she spoke to our parents and maybe they chipped in for a new doll; I really can’t remember.

Fast forward about 12 years. Jessica and Thomas are now dating.** As a Christmas (birthday?) gift she found him a “new” Stretch Armstrong doll! the power of ebay. He showed Nicole and I his gift because of the history behind it. Do you know that when I asked to hold it, he said no? ALL BECAUSE OF THE BAD LIST. 

*she can deny this all she wants, but we both know she was one of those annoying kids who just.didn’t.listen. i have videos to prove this and if i could figure out how to get them off of the DVD and on to the computer i will show you the proof. 

**i feel like i should point out that they aren’t together anymore. i wonder who has custody of Stretch 2.

Hope this makes up for not writing the letter to myself. See you tomorrow with the assigned prompt!


Blogtober14 Day 26: who would play me in a movie


Day 26 already?!

I thought I finally found a prompt that I had only one answer for, and then I proved myself wrong. Today blogtober wants to know who would play me in a movie.


She’s funny and pretty and smart. And, to be quite honest, being a plus sized girl in this world there aren’t many actresses that “look like” me. Especially ones that don’t apologize for how they look.

“Pretty much everyone I know, no matter what size, is trying some system. Even when someone gets to looking like she should be so proud of herself, instead she’s like, ‘I could be another three pounds less; I could be a little taller and have bigger lips.’ Where does it end? Sometimes I wish I were just magically a size 6 and I never had to give it a single thought. But I am weirdly healthy, so I don’t beat myself up about it — it wouldn’t help, and I don’t want to pass that on to my girls.”

She was the first person I thought of when I saw the prompt, but I still wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anybody. Last night, my mom and I were watching a re-run of Mike and Molly and I brought it up.

me: mom, if my life were optioned for a movie, who would play me?
mom: (without hesitation) her. (pointing to the screen)

Well, if mom says it, it must be true, right?

However, Melissa McCarthy seems a little too old to play me right now. Nothing against her, I just look at her and think, “She’s got her shit together” and I look at myself and think “hot mess”.

If I could choose someone to play me right now, it would be Mindy Kaling. So what she’s Indian and I’m not? The studio will make it work. She seems to be the perfect blend of having her shit together and hot mess. I would request that she infused some of Dr. Mindy Lahiri into her performance because I love that character. sidenote: the fact that Fox is airing the World Series, therefore not airing the Mindy Project until November, makes me want to vomit. i need my weekly mindanny fix. I also chose her and look up to her because she’s not a size negative 2 either and has a realistic outlook about it.


Other people I would consider to play me are: Rebel Wilson (as Fat Amy), Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts.

And if all else fails, Meryl Streep. Because she is the queen.


See you tomorrow!


Blogtober14 Day 25: favorite books!


Take a dive in to day 25!

Day 25 is exciting for me because we’re talking about my other obsession – BOOKS!

I’ve loved the thrill of a new book since I was able to hold them. My favorite day of the school year was the book sale; and those Scholastic book flyers were like puppies and kittens and Lisa Frank stickers. Remember them? Ahh childhood. So what I was the only one who ordered that month? At least I had something to read while  everybody else played sports or socialized or whatever it was that the kids were doing. Thanks to that monthly magazine of magic (see what I did there?) I was introduced to some of my favorite childhood books. The Babysitter’s Club (and their little sisters) came with me on family vacations, to family functions, anywhere and everywhere. My mom called me the bag lady because I would pack them all up in an old backpack and haul it around like it held the Holy Grail.(Thanks Mom!)

I don’t have just one favorite book (surprise, surprise) but I can say that when I saw this prompt, the first one that came to mind was “A Little Princess” by Francis Hogson Burnett. I wrote my college entrance essay on that book and the importance of it in my life at the time. I can’t remember what I wrote or of I even kept a copy of it, but apparently it worked! I used to love the movie too as a kid. That one and The Secret Garden but that one was a little too crazy for me. The fire, the kid in the ice bath, the weird uncle, the mean governess(?), the stagecoaches, the moors… too much.

As an adult, my favorite genre is chick lit (i included it as one of the things i can’t live without from day 3). It’s taken me a very long time to even admit that. I also find it hard to find chick lit that isn’t also young adult, or people like me, who would rather not read YA all the time. I have absolutely nothing against YA fiction; I just prefer to read and I relate better to people who are closer to my age, dealing with some of the same things I’m dealing with. People get so judgey when you say you read things that aren’t on the New York Times Best Sellers List. give me a break. It’s annoying because I’m at a point in my life where I don’t have to put my personal reading choices on the back burner so that I could get reading for school done. just keep your opinions to yourself. thanks.

I can’t chose just one book to mark as my absolute favorite, especially since once I read a book, 99.9% of the time I will not read it again. It doesn’t matter how much I liked the story or the characters or even the writing style, once I’ve put it down, that’s it. i feel like such a bad reader/book lover for admitting that. I can, however, make a list of some of my favorite authors.

  • Sophie Kinsella – Believe it or not it wasn’t the Shopaholic series that drew me in (I actually didn’t like Becky Bloomwood when I read the first one), it was “I’ve Got Your Number”. I found it very funny
  • Meg Cabot – I started out with, of course, The Princess Diaries. I love and wish she would come out with another installment of the Queen of Babble series. I also enjoy the Heather Wells mysteries.
  • Janet Evanovich – The Stephanie Plum series of  books always make me laugh out loud. It’s usually something Stephanie’s grandmother says or gets herself into. And hello, Morelli and Ranger. Yes, please. They’ve been criticized for being too predictable but I really don’t care. I like the Wicked series too. It’s sort of paranormal, but I use that term loosely (only because I think it depends on what you consider paranormal).
  • Anna Godberson – I have only read the first two books of the Bright Young Things trilogy but they are so beautifully written that I’m saving the last one so that it doesn’t have to end just yet. (see? i’ll read YA if it intrigues me enough)

Currently, I’m reading “The Diviners” by Libba Bray. To be honest, with all of the hype this book got/gets, I don’t know how I feel about it. It’s definitely a good read for this time of year. I’ve gotten the heebee jeebies more than once while reading. On the other hand, I don’t like the over use of 1920’s lingo. I think I’m comparing it to the Bright Young Things books too much and need to let it shine on its own. It’s also almost 600 pages. I’m not intimidated by large books but, at the same time, I’m 12 behind in my 2014 Goodreads challenge.

Check the right side of this page to see what books I’ve added to my Goodreads page. Or you can click here. I usually leave my star rating on books that I’ve read. I’ll only write a review if I totally loved the book or totally hated it. Feel free to add me as a friend!

What are some of your favorite books? I love recommendations!

See you tomorrow!


Blogtober14 Day 24: beauty products that i can’t live without


It’s not a bore, it’s day 24!

If you saw my post from day 20, you know that my love for makeup runs deep. So imagine my excitement when I realized that I would be able to dedicate another post to it. “One (yea, right) beauty product I can’t live without”.

I’ve been using those skincare products that I wrote about a few days ago and I have to say, I really like them. My skin is really soft and the dark circles under my eyes have lessened. I think I need to look into something that will get rid of dark spots since I have some on my chin from not being able to leave my face alone when there’s a pimple on it. My mom always told me, “stop picking your face, you’re going to put holes in it”. No mom, not holes, but unappealing marks all over my chin? you betcha.

After meaning to buy it forever, I finally got around to purchasing the MAC lip conditioner. MAC lipsticks are not my favorite because they dry out my already dry lips something fierce. Even though I’ve heard only good things about it, I was pretty skeptical because I had yet to find anything that helped. I asked the salesgirl for it and when I went to pay, I noticed it was in a twisty tube in a Prep and Prime box. I always remember it being in either a squeeze tube or a pot. I asked the girl if they had changed the packaging and she said that this was the only lip conditioner they had so this must be what I was looking for. ok, i’ll believe you…for now. I used it for the first time the other night when I did my makeup for a friend’s engagement dinner. My lips are still smooth. Let me say that again – MY LIPS ARE STILL SMOOTH!  I’ll take 100 more, please. The other reason I know the conditioner is totally worth it is that I didn’t even use lipstick, I used a lip liner and some lip gloss and my lips didn’t peel or anything.

The liner and gloss I used has quickly become a favorite combination of mine. I used NYX lip liner in cabaret and Sephora lip gloss in glowing amethyst. I would post a picture except in all of them the color comes off more as red rather than the burgandy it was in real life.


My other go to products are
blush – Nars Dolce Vita (for Fall)
eyes – Naked 1 & 3 palettes by Urban Decay, anything from Inglot, the creme shadows from Flower beauty, All That Glitters from MAC.
bronzer – NYC Smooth Skin in “Sunny” and the one from the IT Cosmetics CC+ Radiance palette.
lips – the Covergirl lip perfection glossy balm in 255 and 225. For the perfect red lip, I love the Kate Moss lipstick by Rimmel in 01.

I think I deviated far enough away from where this post was supposed to be so I’ll just end it here.

What are some of your favorite products? Maybe you shouldn’t tell me – I don’t need any more temptation.


Blogtober14 Day 23: favorite photo editing apps


Oh em gee it’s day 23!

I’ve been excited about this one since I first read the prompts for blogtober. It’s “your favorite instagram editing apps/editing tools for your blog”.

I only have one, and that is I love this website. I don’t usually use it for my instagram pictures; I just use whatever filters they offer. i wish they would offer some more. 

Normally, I use it to spruce up the pictures I post here. I also use it to add a watermark to them. I pay to have a Royale membership so I have access to all that they offer. It’s $4.99 a month and definitely worth it. The only thing that bothers me is that they don’t offer a “recently edited” feature like their predecessor,, did. So if I work on a photo and save it, it’s done. I can’t close the site and then come back to the same photo, or even two photos ago. I’d have to open it again from the file on my computer and start all over. Really though, it’s more of an inconvenience than a huge problem.

I also used that website to make my header and signature for the blog. i told you i’m in love.

I have Photoshop and use it occasionally, but I never sat down to really learn it so I don’t know how to do much with it. It’s a shame because it’s so powerful (and expensive!). A goal of mine is to sit down and play and see what happens.

Since I don’t have anymore tips or tricks, I’ll just post some pictures that I edited on picmonkey.

If you’re interested in printing photos and need weird sizes or want a different finish of paper (like metallic), I recommend using Nations Photo Lab. I had pictures printed for a small project that I’m working on and I was so happy with how they came out. The project is not done yet, but when it is, I’ll share it with you. (*i paid for my photo order with my own money. i was not asked to mention the company here. my feelings about the company are my own.)

I can’t wait to read the other blogtober posts so I can find some new apps/websites to edit on! If you aren’t participating in blogtober, what do you use for photo editing? Leave a comment and let me know!


Blogtober14 Day 22: pet peeves


How do ya do, day 22?

Today’s prompt is “biggest pet peeve”.

Honestly, I have tons of pet peeves. I find myself sucking my teeth and/or rolling my eyes or just plain getting slightly annoyed at something on a daily basis. I’m not a miserable person at all. It’s just a knee jerk reaction I have to certain things and situations. As a matter of fact, I used to get in trouble for it all the time as a kid. I’m trying to tone it down, but it’s just so hard. Also, it’s not like these annoyances ruin my day; maybe 10 minutes of it so it’s not that bad.

Some things, however, take the cake on the annoying scale. Here are some of them.

close talkers: for the love of all things holy, BACK UP. Last year at work we held a defensive driving class and I was asked to greet the man from AAA (I think) who was running it. I went down to the event area to help the guy set up. As I was putting the handouts into neat piles, he came over to talk to me. He was making small talk and when I looked up he was inmybusiness. I backed up a bit and continued to get things ready for the class. I should add here that the conversation was totally appropriate and I didn’t feel threatened or uncomfortable at all. Except for the fact that he was all up in my grill. And by this time, the class was filling up so there were people around. By the time my co-worker came down to let me know she was leaving and to see if I needed anything else, I didn’t know where to put myself. Thankfully, shortly thereafter, the class was set to begin. As soon as roll was called, I was out of there.



being contradicted I feel like a hypocrite because I do this all the time. I just can’t stand when it’s done to me. I’m an exaggerator and a bit of a drama queen. Just let me tell a story, laugh at it, and move on. Ever hear of “dramatic license”?



misuse of words: specifically there/their/they’re and your/you’re. I understand that typos happen, but when it’s all the time, it annoys me. It doesn’t take long to just read over your sentence and think about what you’re trying to say. You’re = you+are (you’re dumb) your = possession (get your dumb ass away from me).



making little things, big: i’m not saying that I don’t do this; everyone does from time to time. However, life is waaaayyy too short to go around making drama out of nothing. Like those people who go around fighting with anyone who looks at them the wrong way. Or the people who always take things the wrong way. God gave us connotations for a reason, and there’s a lot of them – pay better attention and chill out.



There’s more and I’m sure you’ll hear about them eventually, but I’m going to end it here so I don’t look like a total misery.

See you tomorrow!

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