fangirl, full force

if you’ve been here for a while, you know that i have a problem with my inner fangirl. she’s fierce and strong-willed. she’s the elizabeth warren of fangirls. she’s also kind of annoying and obsessive. i love the bitch, but sometimes i don’t like her. anyway, she was out in FULL FORCE last week (8 days, but who’s counting?) because something happened that i still can’t believe happened.


so, i’ve mentioned before that i thoroughly enjoy the show impractical jokers. i also thoroughly enjoy sal for said show. sal also does stand up comedy and i got it in my head that there would be nothing better than to go to one of his shows. it’s hard to pin him down because he’s on tour with the other guys and he doesn’t always announce where he’s doing a show. long story short, lisa found out that he was going to be a judge at a roast.

there’s a weekly roastmasters show held at the stand comedy club in NYC. it’s where new/newish comics battle each other. then the judges who are more well known give a critique or have a comment or whatever. google it.

i rounded up the troops and made plans to get something to eat at the place, since it’s also a restaurant. not that i ate much because i was so nervous i literally had to remember to breathe.


it wound up that lisa had to work that night so jessica and i went for dinner and nicole met us for the show. i sat where i could see the door and don’t ask me why because it made for very distracted conversation. all of a sudden, i look over and sal is outside.


that was the end of me. i must have went sheet white and i turned to jessica with widened eyes and said “he’s here.” at that exact moment, i started to shake like a leaf.


i’m going to be real for a hot second here. i have no idea why my body betrayed me like this. i was nauseous, i could almost not breathe and when i put my hand out in front of me, it was not still. IT WASN’T EVEN HARRY STYLES. i feel ridiculous even admitting this so keep your judgments to yourself.

he finally came into the restaurant/bar area and passed our table. i tried so hard to keep up the conversation i was having with jessica to seem as normal as possible. he went to the bar and was talking to someone over in that area. so now jess and i started to make a gameplan. “you’re going to have to say something to him, mar.” jess told me, matter of factly. “i can’t, jess! i’m shaking. this is no joke!” i frantically whispered. “well, then i don’t know how you’re going to do this.” jessica said in her best teacher voice. none of this was helped by lisa’s texts wanting updates.

he finally ended his convo at the bar and turned towards the door. he stopped to look at his phone at a counter directly behind our table.

“get up and go over to him NOW. RIGHT NOW” jessica demanded in an even better teacher voice.

“umm, uhh, ahhh.. i need to put my flash on. give me a second. jesus christ. ahhh. oh god.” i said as i got up and sat down twice. like a dog trying to find a comfy spot.

by now, he had walked away and my breathing got shallow again.  i was starting to freak that i had come so close and i missed my shot. as luck would have it, he needed another drink. he came back in and on his way out, i shot jess a WHAT DO I DO NOW? I NEED AN ADULT look and then i hear:

excuse me? sal?


hi, my friend martina is a fan and i was wondering if you would take a picture with her?

yea, sure.

sidenote: i had a whole conversation planned in my head if i ever met him where i was funny and adorable. where we would hit it off and i’d be moving to staten island to raise our kids and clean his underwear. maybe this is where my nerves are coming from? just a hunch.

me: yea, big fan.

like slingblade and rainman had a baby.

giphy (1)

i got up and almost tripped all over myself, posed with him and jessica took the picture. i have to note, for posterity’s sake and for the sake of the impractical jokers fans who may have stumbled over here, he smelled really good. not strong like cologne, as i expected, but clean like soap and fabric softener. he was also very soft, which kind of sounds weird, but that was my first thought “he smells good and he’s… soft.” I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE THE JUDGMENT TO YOURSELF. so basically, even i don’t know if i meant soft in body or clothing, it doesn’t really matter. i’ll stop now. please God, don’t let him read this.

we thank him and he walks away. (“see you downstairs!” i call after him because i can’t just let things go, he gave me a slightly puzzled look but whatever, i’ll take it.) jessica takes a look at her handy work and starts hysterical laughing. “you’re gonna kill me” she chokes out. “why? did you delete it? did it not take?” my blood pressure rising. she couldn’t even get the words out. she turned my phone towards me and i saw this:


at least HE looks good.

i was in shock. i didn’t know what to do. thankfully, my nerves had calmed down considerably but not enough.

“jesus jess, what am i going to do? i can’t ask him for another picture. i don’t want to be one of ‘those fans’.”

again, we brainstormed how to do this. we decided that since nicole wasn’t there yet and we thought he was outside, i would go out to meet nicole and have nicole ask for a picture.

i wasn’t thrilled by this because he had already seen me and spoke to jess. where is nicole coming from, you know?

to make another long story short, nicole got there and we waited to be let downstairs. sal was in and out of the bar area, as were the other comedians/judges. before we went down, the hostess must have noticed my issue and she told us to ask to be seated near the judges. unfortunately, that area was taken, but we were seated right across the stage from them. it worked because 1) sal was next to the stage and 2) the stage was maybe 4 feet across. the show started and we were all having a good time. the comedians roasting each other weren’t great, honestly. the judges, however, were on point. other than sal, there was big jay oakerson (hysterical), rich vos (v. funny), some other guy who one the roast once (sorry), and, eventually, michael che from SNL (late).

fast foward to the end of the show. the whole room got up and made a move for the door. i got frantic again and jess noticed so she said “don’t worry, he’s right there taking pictures” OK great, so there are other rabid fans down here. we walked over and waited for him to finish/my turn. the girl before me, i feel like i should mention, was a little… forward. she wanted him to dance for her on snapchat (like he does on IJ) and take selfies. enough.

giphy (2)

he seemed to refuse. after snapchat sally moved along, it was my turn and again, i wanted to be witty and personable and what came out was

“hi, um, my eyes were closed for the last one. do you mind?  *hand gesturing me and him taking another picture”

“no, sure” *puts arm out to pose again* me: still smells good, still soft*swoon*

both jessica and nicole on cue lift their cameras and start shooting.

and just like that our save the dates were done.

still trying out the no capitals thing. still unsure about it.



britney never after

It’s late and I have to go to bed, but not before I get this off my chest.

Lifetime – what the hell, man?

I’ll accept the travesty that was Beaches. And that one cut me to the core. But this Britney Ever After trainwreck? ABSOLUTELY NOT.


I don’t know who’s running the show over there but I think their position needs to be re-evaluated.

Britney Jean Spears is an icon. AN ICON I TELL YOU!

Has she fallen from grace a bit? Sure. I’m not as big of a fan as I was back in the day. Does that change the fact that she WAS pop culture from 1998-2003? Nope. I stop it at 2003 because, in my opinion, that was her prime time. After that, Kevin showed up and she faltered, then we all know what 2007 brought. So I’m sticking with 2003.

One sign that you should have paid attention to that this movie should not have been made, or at least shelved until the right time, was that you obviously didn’t have the rights to any of her music. Considering she’s a singer, this would have helped. Ok, so you “worked around” that issue. Surely since you don’t have to worry about the music, you’ll ace the costumes, right?

louie nope.gif

She kissed Madonna wearing white lace lingerie with white lace gloves and pearl necklaces. Not some satin tube top number. UGHHHH. Also, the denim outfit was a dress, not a jumpsuit. COME ON. EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS.

Speaking of Justin (sort of), what the hell were they thinking? A dance-off to end the relationship? Not likely. Does Lifetime not realize how important this relationship was to millennials? They still love each other, they’ll come to their senses one day. sorry, jessica biel.


I don’t buy her texting Kevin for a divorce, but given the storm that was coming, I wouldn’t put it past her.

Britney was Queen of the VMAs, hands down. By all means, Lifetime pay this fact no attention. Dark performances, that pesky music issue, THE COSTUMES (sorry, i can’t get over this.)

They didn’t even mention Crossroads, not that I was fully listening.

If Britney doesn’t sue, Felicia surely should.

All of this being said, I truly feel bad for the actress that plays Britney. I don’t know why I just do. It’s her first big role and it’s getting trashed on Twitter. I’d be devastated. Hopefully, she’ll land herself a CBS sitcom.

I have to go to bed now. My childhood is hurting.

Did you watch? What did you think?


repeating history

Has anyone seen Graves? No? Well, you should. It’s about a former president, who was named the worst president in US history. He made some bad decisions and policies during his presidency. Now he’s seen the error of his ways and wants to make amends with the country. Or, at least the groups of people he may have wronged. It’s got Nick Nolte, Sela Ward (yes, I’m 65 years old), Skylar Astin and Ernie Hudson. It’s on Epix. You can get season one On Demand.

*just a note: from what i’ve heard about the show, Graves is supposed to be a mix of the Regan and George W. Bush presidencies. meaning, typical Republican presidencies. the subject matter may ring true to what is going on literally as we speak, it’s not based on the giant tangerine in office right now. he is not a typical Republican. there’s nothing typical about him.

Anyway, in episode 2, President Graves is doing an interview with a left leaning reporter who used to drag him through the mud during his presidency. He admits that he was wrong about immigration, quoting George Washington.

“I had always hoped that this land might become a safe and agreeable asylum to the virtuous and persecuted part of mankind, to whatever nation they might belong,”

Well, shit.

I don’t think I have the mental strength to organize my thoughts about the protests at JFK (and at airports all over the country). I’m just going to say that it’s a mess. An epic shitshow. Like, detaining an 18-month-old and a newborn (who are American citizens, might I add) EPIC.SHITSHOW. TSA agents in tears because they don’t have the answers EPIC. SHITSHOW. (i got this info from twitter, so take it with a grain of salt, i guess. either way, ESS)

Also, I saw this on Twitter and actually got chills.

Kind of makes you think, right?

Like, when our biggest problem was that our President had almost died after choking on a pretzel. Or when our vice president shot a friend in a hunting accident. (Bush and Cheney, in case you forgot)

You know what they say about history – if you don’t learn from it, you’re doomed to repeat it.

christmas carpool

Can you believe Christmas is in 5 days? I sure can’t. I wanted to share with you not one but TWO early Christmas gifts I got and am googly eyed over.

And they’re from a celebrity!


I kid. I kid. They’re the newest Carpool Karaoke segments from one of my many celebrity husbands, James Corden.

Last Tuesday he released the long-awaited (for me, anyway) Bruno Mars collab. It was, as expected, amazing. My favorite part was when James said that his woman wouldn’t be wearing Versace, she’d be wearing Target. ya damn right, boo.

Then, on Thursday, Jimmy dropped the All I Want for Christmas is You mix. As I’ve mentioned before, Lisa and I were big Mariah fans back in the 90’s and we usually incorporated this gem into our act at the various Christmas parties/ Girl Scout meetings we attended. we still do. she’s going to kill me.  My point is that our invitation must have gotten lost in the mail but, speaking for both of us I’ll say, we’re being good sports about it and will enjoy from afar. Maybe next year.

Also, Nick Jonas- what the hell, man? EVERYONE knows this song, what’s your issue? Google that shit. Make an effort.

That’s all I got today, kids. I’m off to wrap gifts.


giphy (1)


a favorites mish-mosh

You know what time it is? It’s Friday Favorites time! I don’t have many this week but I wanted to share them anyway because it’s been a while.

The excitement, guys. I feel it.

Anyway, let’s get into it.

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and a sponsored post caught my eye. I didn’t even know this existed, but now that I do, I need it in my life right now. i want you, i need you, oh baby oh baby.


Random? Yes. Beautiful? Also yes. I am in no position to have a bathroom or kitchen of my own to grout the shit out of it with this stuff, but when that time comes, watch out. I can’t wait to live in a disco ball.

Is it weird that I haven’t even used the item and I included it in my favorites? Search for it on Pinterest, you’ll fall in love too.

Moving right along…

I am an Ipsy subscriber so once a month I get a small makeup bag filled with samples tailored to me. And once a month, I look through the bag, put it down and kind of forget about it. I was going through my bags from the summer and in one of them I found a tube of moisturizer so I decided to try it. It’s the Skyn Iceland The Antidote Cooling Daily Lotion. I used my regular moisturizer and then put a light layer of this one on top because now that we’re headed towards the skin sucker called winter, I like to bump up my moisturizing game. Anyway, I put this on and, woah, they weren’t kidding when they said cooling. For the next five minutes, it felt like I had smeared my face with toothpaste and I have to say, I didn’t hate it. My skin feels softer and healthier so I’m happy.


I’ve mentioned them before, but I have to mention them again. I am obsessed with Colourpop. Their eyeshadows are suuuper soft and suuuper pigmented. They’re blendable and full of glitter (well, some of them are full of glitter) and you can apply them with your fingers!  I keep telling myself that I’m going to take a break from buying any more. I try to convince myself that I don’t need another eyeshadow. Then, like a sleepwalker watching QVC, I find myself clicking the Submit Order button and 5 days later, there’s a package on my door step. it’s a vicious circle.

I should get my act together and take a picture of at least some of my stash, but that would mean that I would have to figure out a flat lay.


My last favorite is kind of a two-parter. I always look to my friends for music and/or television recommendations. Of all my friends, Lisa is usually the one to have the suggestions that stick. Not that I needed anything else to watch on TV, Lisa introduced me to the show Impractical Jokers. I’m OBSESSED. The premise is this – four guys who have been friends for over 25 years play pranks on each other trying to embarrass one another. It’s hysterical. Even my father loves it. Maybe part of the appeal is that they’re from Staten Island and film all over the tri-state area. It’s a small part though because they’re funny no matter where they’re from.


The second part of this favorite is my favorite joker is Sal. If me, Lisa, Jessica, and Nicole did an Impractical Jokers remake a-la Ghostbusters, I would hands-down be the Sal of the group. We both can turn into 80 year old Southern church ladies on a dime, we are not the biggest fans of animals, and we both love a good laugh.tumblr_nebgfijydf1qehu0oo5_250Oh wait, there’s more! The last part of this favorite that I just remembered to talk about is the What Say You? podcast. Sal and Q host a podcast and it is gold. They pod (?) sporadically so if you go and look it up (which you should) don’t think I’m nuts that that last one went up over a month ago. Anyway, if you’re looking for two lifelong friends just shooting the shit, this podcast is for you. I’m not listening in any kind of order but my favorite so far is episode 30, where they talk about the possibility of having ugly children and how children can be assholes. Good stuff.

What are your favorites this week?



channel surfing: fall programming

It’s that time of the year! The one where the days get shorter, your pants get longer and all of your favorite shows are back on TV. We all know that I watch a lot of television so my excitement is pretty palpable.


I’m here today with a round up my favorites/the ones I’m most excited for. That way, we could figure out which shows we have in common and then we could have lengthy discussions about the lives of fictional characters. It will be fun, promise.

Ready? Let’s go!

This is Us – LAWWWDDD. I have so much to say about this show. I don’t want to say much and give things away but I can tell you this – there have been two episodes so far and each one has ended with a surprise that has totally blind sighted me. Especially in episode two. What I love about this show are the sibling relationships. Being an only child, I know what it means to have a sibling but I don’t know the meaning of a sibling if that makes sense. It’s kind of like missing what you’ve never had. Actually, it’s exactly like missing what you’ve never had. why do i always go one step too far? I love all of the characters, which is saying something because there is usually at least one character in a show that I can’t stand right off the bat. I was a little skeptical about Mandy Moore though. I was fine for the first episode but right in the middle of episode two, she was on the screen and all of a sudden the Only Hope scene from A Walk to Remember flashed in my head, which may have tainted her character for me but I’ll get through it. To wrap up for now, let’s talk about Milo Ventimiglia. That beard (not the moustache, though, never just a moustache), that manly lisp. YES. I could do without the long, greasy hair but, he’s Italian, it comes with the territory. Not since Providence have I been this excited to watch NBC every week.


Younger – I had been wanting to watch this show for a while. I finally figured out how to stream it (hint: get the TVLand app) at the end of August. I could have devoured both seasons in maybe a day, but I’m trying to savor them for a little while. As much as I wanted to try this show, I was skeptical about it. I was afraid that the plot would get on my nerves after a while only because I’m 29 and can’t get a job in my field or a hot boyfriend, so how did a 40-year-old? Not that a 40-year-old can’t or shouldn’t have these things, but even for younger (ha!) people, there’s a lot of finagling. Well, that and usually when it’s written that one of the characters in a TV show is pretending to be younger than they really are, they make them too out of the loop or try too hard. It’s annoying. So far, so good, though. Speaking of hot boyfriends – Nico Tortorella. Holy cow. #MCM. Another perk is that Hillary Duff is in this show. If all else fails, I could just pretend that it’s a show about Lizzie McGuire, all grown up and making her way in the big city. The third season started Wednesday, I’m on season two episode six or seven so I really have to fight the urge to power through the rest of season two.


The Mindy Project – Mindy is back! Season 5 starts streaming today and I can’t wait to get home from work, wash my face, and fire up Hulu. Last season’s cliffhanger was interesting and I’m curious to see where this goes. I wasn’t too impressed with last season overall so I’m hoping that Mindy and Co. redeems themselves. Also, Danny needs to come to his senses, get over himself and be the husband and dad Mindy and Leo need and, quite frankly, that (I feel) he wants to be.


Jane the Virgin – I call this a Telenovela Lite. It’s got the drama, romance, twists, and turns of a telenovela, but it’s on the CW at 8pm. If you don’t watch this show, you definitely should start. Seasons One and Two are on Netflix. Well, I’m pretty sure they are. If not, they will be soon. The new season starts sometime this month. Get caught up and then come and talk to me. If you do watch, WOAH, addicting, am I right?


Gilmore Girls – Truth time: I wasn’t a fan of /didn’t watch GG when it first came out. My mom actually found it in re-runs a few years ago and I got into it with her. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode at least once, but I might have to do a quick Netflix binge before November 25th. Not that I’m complaining, I love a good Netflix binge. For the record – I was totally Team Logan when I first watched the series. Now, I’m going to switch to Team Jess because, hello, Milo Ventimiglia. Were you not paying attention to my glowing review of This Is Us and Milo’s beard? Also, he’s the bad boy. You should always root for the bad boy. The one thing I’ll never be is on Team Dean. Sorry, I just can’t.


I’ve probably missed some, but I’m sure I’ll talk about them eventually. I just recently signed up for Amazon Prime Video so if you have any Amazon originals that you enjoy, let me know! I think there’s one coming out soon about the story of Queen Elizabeth (the current one) and the early days of her Queendom. (excuse the ugly american)

What are you watching? Let’s discuss!

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living like a kardashian

I’m going to put something out there and I need you guys not to judge me.

I’ve gotten hooked on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.


I know. I KNOW. But honestly, I did some quick math as to when they would have filmed, and I thought there was a possibility of Harry making an appearance since he and Kendall were a thing. So far, no luck. Not even a mention of the yacht trip. I’m still holding out hope. Then again, I’ve never been that great at math.

The up-side to my new time killer is that it got me to thinking. I’ve written about what I’d do if I won the lotto a while ago. Although I still love and stand by my answers, I feel like the lotto is a bit of a hassle; too much pressure. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t say no thank you to a Powerball win. As I have gotten deeper into the lives of Kim and klan, I keep thinking to myself, one – why are you still watching this? and two – how can I live like a Kardashian? Unlike lotto winnings that can run out, Kardashian money just keeps coming. I’ve said before and I’ll say again – I know they work hard. I could never be ON all the time. Also, Kendall is a legitimate model. Anyway, they just seem to have a constant flood of money. Like when Kendall was away for work and was feeling left out when she came home so the other girls planned a sleepover/girls night and had their faces put on to sticks. What the heck is Kendall going to do with them afterward? It just seems like a waste all around. Basically, I want to be able to buy/do stupid things with my money and not regret or worry about it.

Getting back on track – when I was little and got a little out of control with the pointing at the TV and screaming “I WANT THAT!” at almost every toy commercial, my parents would tell me that the money tree in the backyard hadn’t bloomed yet. Well, now I’m going to pretend that the undying money tree has bloomed and I now have the ability to live like a Kardashian, without the pesky lottery commission taking out taxes and without having the hassle of filming a sex tape for my mom to sell.

She-Shed: I was flipping through the channels the other day and I came across a show called “He Shed/ She Shed”. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Two designers. One puts together a shed oasis for a woman and the other does one for a man. There’s no winner or loser. Immediately I thought about how great it would be to plop one of those in my backyard, wire it with the essentials – electricity, internet, carve out a small corner for a toilet and maybe a small sink (because, #convienience) and live there. I realize it would be easier and probably more self-sufficient to just use the money to buy my own place, but I’ve always wanted one of these bad boys so even with my own home, I’d still get one. Like a staycation home. It would be like living in a Diane Keaton movie, only less menswear.  I would need the money tree because I get bored pretty easily and I would need to redecorate often. And those things aren’t cheap. But who can put a price on paradise?


Pedro Garcia Idana flats – First I would need a foot transplant because my feet are too flat and too wide for these beauties. They hurt just looking at them. But tell me these aren’t the most summery shoes you’ve ever seen. They totally are. Also perfect for summer brides or brides doing the destination thang and getting married on a beach. Having horrible feet and not being a bride, I’ll have to sit these out, but I’ll think of them always. the shoes that got away.


Flowers – EVERYWHERE. I absolutely love fresh flowers. Big bouquets, small ones. Wildflowers, captive flowers. I would have a florist on call. Maybe set up weekly deliveries. Then, when I get old and senile, I’ll think I have a secret admirer who sends flowers all the time. Right now, I’m my own paramour and treat myself to bodega bouquets pretty regularly. Still, not as exciting as weekly deliveries and not so secret admirers.


Sunglasses- I’m going thorugh a sunglass phase in my life. I can’t get enough. I would love to be able to buy any pair I want with no remorse. I was wondering through Macy’s recently and I fell in love with this pair from Michael Kors. I tried them on and as the sales girl came over to see if I needed anything, I looked up and she said “Ohh yes. Those are so you!” Sales tactic or not, I need these glasses now. (I mean, my birthday is less than two weeks away.. #hint.) I also heard RayBan has come out with a pair that has really dark lenses. This may not be a new thing. I live for dark lenses. The better to hide my side-eye with, my dear.


Gel manicures – In the scheme of things, this is probably the one thing that I wouldn’t need a money tree for, but I figured I’d add it because I don’t always make time to go. I just got a gel mani for a wedding (that I will write about in detail soon!) but not 5 days after I got the manicure, one nail is chipped and two more are lifting. NOT COOL. Aren’t these things supposed to survive nuclear war?

PicMonkey Collage

BRB, going to sprinkle some Miracle Gro on the money tree.

What would you do with unlimited funds?

Let’s discuss!



Let’s chat: The Erin Andrews verdict

It’s International Women’s Day so this post couldn’t come at a better time. I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the Erin Andrews case/verdict.If you haven’t, the abridged version is that Erin Andrews, of sportscasting and Dancing with the Stars fame, was filmed, naked, in her hotel room by a man who was stalking her about 6 years ago. Yesterday, a jury granted her 55 million dollars for pain, suffering and a host of other things.

In it’s infinite wisdom, Twitter had much to say on this matter, I’m sure, but I only saw one thing and it was enough.


First of all Cobi, SHUT UP. Second, what angered me about this tweet was that it came across my timeline because someone had re-tweeted it. That someone is a woman on an MTV show known for showcasing irresponsible teens turned mother of the year (No, it wasn’t Farrah.) I’m sure Erin (like we’re besties) would gladly give up every single cent of that money if it meant that this whole ordeal didn’t happen.

I watched a little of the news coverage on this case. I saw Erin sit on the stand and weep, trying to tell the judge and jury what happened and how she felt about it. When she was cross examined, the prosecutor implied that her star started to rise after this video was released. Almost accusatory. Yes, because women can only get ahead by planning elaborate schemes to be filmed naked and have that video leaked to the internet, where things NEVER DIE.


Listen, I know that questions like that is par for the course in cases such as this. But, and yeah, I’m going to go there, show me one time a question like that was aimed at a man. In fairness, I didn’t do my homework before writing this so there might be, but I highly doubt it. I also read that the lawyer for the hotel said that their argument was not that she became famous because of the video, but that she didn’t suffer any serious mental injury because of it. While that may be true, I’m calling bullshit. In her testimony, she said she now obsessively checks her hotel rooms, peepholes, everything to make sure she’s not being filmed. This guy may not have caused “serious mental injury”, but that’s one hell of a mindfuck.

One summer, I was on the beach in New Jersey. It was later in the season so the flies were starting to make an appearance. It was torture. For the next few days, even though I knew there wasn’t a fly in my vicinity, I felt them all over my back and legs. I could only imagine what it feels like to think you’re being watched. And let’s not forget, most of the time, she’s in a hotel for a work assignment. It’s not like she can say to her network, “Sorry guys. I’m not going to be able to make it to the Superbowl this year. Could you send someone else?”

Another part of the case that I found interesting was that Erin’s stalker found out what room she was in (*raises eyebrow*) and asked to be put in the room next to her. Granted, her name was not as well known as it is today, but no one knew that she’s on TV? She’s a female sportscaster. I know she’s not the only one but she was definitely one of the first (that I’ve heard of, at least.) And, frankly, she’s damn good at her job.

International Women’s Day is supposed to be a day where women uplift, empower and support other women. So, for today, let’s think about what we’re tweeting or re-tweeting. Let’s think about how we talk to and about each other. Matter of fact, it’s March, which means that it’s Women’s History Month. Let’s just celebrate us the whole month!

i love your shoes and your makeup looks really pretty!



just a little compliment, from me to you!


obligatory oscars post 2016

Obligatory Oscar post starts now:

If you thought I wasn’t going to bring up Leo finally winning a gold statue, you’d be horribly wrong and I don’t know if we could ever be friends. If you’re my friend on Facebook you probably already know that when Julianne Moore said his name, a scream was let out of my throat and it took me almost a hot minute to realize it really did come out of me. I loved Kate Winslet’s reaction, loved his acceptance speech; the only way it could have been better would be if he lifted his statue in the air and said “I made it count!” (I’m the king of the world would have been a little too obvious.)

Another favorite of mine from last night was Jacob Tremblay. That kid is totes adorbs. From the picture of him and his parents driving to the ceremony (in their own car!) to him telling Chris Rock that he loved him in Madagascar, I couldn’t deal with his cuteness.

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I was a little nervous with Chris Rock being the host, how #OscarsSoWhite would be handled. Frankly, I think he did an excellent job with his opener. I found him to be funny, blunt and real. I didn’t understand what the point of having Stacey Dash there was, but otherwise, I thought he did a very good job. As far as keeping the show moving, well, we can’t all be perfect.

I’m not going to lie, as much as I liked Lady Gaga’s performance this year, I liked last year’s better. That being said, I think she was absolutely, 100% robbed when she didn’t win last night. Even if for no other reason than her song meant something. It is bringing awareness to a very, very serious issue going on in colleges across the country, if not the world. Gaga is a winner in my book.

For the most part, I think the fashion last night was on it’s A game. I’m going to end this post with some of my favorite looks of the night.

Ben who?

I wasn’t a fan of the Hefty chic look Kate’s got going on, but these two.. ugh.

Who made your best-dressed list? What were you favorite Oscar moments?

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let kids be… adults?

I’ve always said that I don’t have guilty pleasures. If I like something or if something brings me pleasure I feel no guilt in enjoying it. Whether it’s a book I’m reading or if I decide to end my day watching Bob Ross episodes on Hulu. i love those happy little trees. That being said, I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit that I watch (albeit not religiously) Girl Meets World.

Being an 80’s baby/child of the 90’s, I knew all about TGIF and the wonder that it was. Some shows I liked more than others, like Full House and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Boy Meets World was a show that I liked until I didn’t anymore. When they got to high school, it got too intense for me and then college came and I totally zoned out. Girl Meets World, however didn’t even wait until high school to get intense and I’m a little annoyed, if we’re being honest.

I just finished watching the Season 2 finale and woof, what an episode. The quick version is that Riley, Corey and Topanga’s daughter, wants to re-do her bedroom, specifically her bay window, before she starts high school. Maya, Riley’s best friend and the Shawn Hunter of the duo, is extremely troubled by this. She doesn’t want change to happen and refuses to believe that everything is going to be OK in the long run.

Long story short, after visits from their friends, Farkle (Minkus’s son!) and Lucas, visits from their former and future selves, and a bunch of flashbacks, they tearfully decide that a re-do would be OK.


First of all, a big bay window in a big bedroom in a New York City apartment? Yeah, OK. Second, how/why are these girls so mature? This show is on the Disney Channel for God sake! They’ve already dealt with Maya’s abandonment issues, Farkle’s (possible) autism, LOVE TRIANGLES. They’re TWELVE. I’m 28 years old and I don’t deal with half of the emotions they do. Is this the world we live in today? Because when I was their age I was no where near this dramatic. And this is coming from a DRA. MUH. QWEEN.


I don’t understand why the writers are making the show go in this direction. Let kids be kids. What are they going to do next season when they’re in high school? Or if the show lasts until they get into the real world of college? Or the REAL real world of adult life?

Maybe I shouldn’t be saying anything, considering I made, filled out and sent a Valentine’s Day card featuring me and Harry Styles (thanks,!) to a friend of mine. So who am I to judge? But at least I know how to be fun and use my imagination. Or, at least, that’s what I’m going with.

The show started off as goofy and Disney channel appropriate. A few episodes in, we’re dealing with Maya’s mom having no money and having to work all the time, therefore contributing to Maya’s abandonment issues. I just feel like it’s taken a sharp turn.

Have you watched Girl Meets World? What do you think?

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