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martina is losing it #21

I checked and the last time I posted an(ything) update was February 8th. How do the weeks go so fast? The concept of time is fascinating when you think about it. So I try not to think about it.

February wasn’t a terrible month. It could have been muuuuch better but, as we all know, it could have been muuuuch worse. All told, I lost 2.4 for the whole month. A loss is a loss. A loss is a loss. A LOSS IS A LOSS. It’s better than the .7 I was down in January, right? The first two weeks of the month I came in hot. I lost 2 pounds a week. Then Aunt Flo paid a visit, which I’ll talk about in a minute. Then I had a weekend of (delicious) birthday celebrations for my cousin, Desiree. So, for the last two weeks, I gained 1.6 and then stayed the same. Exactly the same. This leaves me at a total of just over 71 pounds lost.

Needless to say, I don’t have many NSV’s this time, which I know I always say, but it’s for real this go around.

I’ve been online shopping for a few weeks now and can’t find anything. I feel like it might be time to try to find things in the straight sizes, which is fun and exciting, but I don’t know if I’m really there yet. Sure, I bought a few XXL tee shirts from Old Navy around Christmas, but I’ve heard they run kind of big. I’m not diminishing my loss, I’m just saying they’ll work better than say an XXL from Macy’s, maybe. I haven’t had a chance to go brick and mortar shopping so I have no idea what will work from where anymore. Time for some dressing room experiments!

This is a problem that I didn’t anticipate and I don’t know how to deal with it. My face has… deflated. I would (dramatically) say that it is a little flabby. Not in a “wahhh, my face won’t slim down” way, but in a “if i see a jowl, this journey is over. the train is in the station.” I was putting on makeup the other night (shock! surprise!) and I noticed that my face was creasy almost immediately. To be fair, I was using a new foundation, so that could be it (Revlon PhotoReady Candid, if you’re wondering) but it was happening in places that never creased before. Like in my smile lines by my mouth Also, my eyelids seem to have a little bit more give to them. I was trying to blend my shadow and everything was all over the place. That was wonderful for my confidence in my ability to slap some warpaint on. It just amazes me that even though I know that your body changes as you lose weight, especially a large amount of weight, there are things that I didn’t realize would change or how they would change.

It’s a known fact that men lose weight faster than women. My friends, I have figured out how. They don’t have a crazy Aunt Flo. Every time I get myself in a good groove – cravings in check, talking myself out of boredom/emotional eating, the scale is going my way – BOOM. PMS. or BOOM. hormonal eating. The bloating, the uncertainty of when she’s going to show (for me, anyway. she’s been coming earlier and earlier) I’m not saying that men don’t emotionally eat or eat from boredom or get cravings, but, they don’t bloat, they don’t swell in the abdomen, their whole body doesn’t wage a war with them once a month – for no other reason except that they didn’t get themselves pregnant. MUST BE NICE. That’s probably not the only reason why they lose weight faster and easier than women, but I would bet that if I asked a medical professional, they would confirm that’s a big and valid reason. Because I’m a GD genius.

And that’s it, friends. I wanted to get this up before Thursweigh, which is coming in fast and hot. I’ve upped my water at lunch to a 33.8oz bottle of Poland Spring and I’m definitely feeling it. Hopefully I’m flushing my way into another decade!

Sorry for the lack of GIFs and other pictures in this post. Maybe in next month’s update! (I’ll try not to wait that long. Maybe the time change this weekend will help. Probably not, but maybe.)

Love you, mean it.

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