martina is losing it #16

Part of the issue of me not getting a routine post up is that, as I said in my last post, I fall into a YouTube hole, or I’m catching up on my other stories and since I only have one screen, I could only focus on one thing at a time. My stories usually win out and my adoring fans lose. Sorry, every one (of you). The point of this is to say that thanks to an early Black Friday sale, I treated* myself to a Firestick from Amazon. “Big deal, Martina. Welcome to 2018” – you, probably. It means I can totally dedicate my screentime to writing and finding GIFS. YOU’RE WELCOME

*i’ve been spending money like a drunken sailor because of Black Friday and because i’m in a NEED ALL THE THINGS phase. so, i use the “treated” very loosely.

The other part is that except for these updates, I truly can’t think of much to write about. Like, worse than when I used to complain about that same issue maybe a year or so ago.

November has 5 Thursweighs. I last left off with a .5 pound loss, right? The following week brought a 2.6 pound loss, which was a shock to me, but I’m thinking that my body needed to catch up? I don’t know. I weighed in on Thanksgiving and had a .7ounce gain. Not much of a surprise, but definitely a letdown. The Sunday before weigh in I went to a housewarming party and was the most relaxed in my eating that I have been in 7 months and I paid for it. It was delicious and worth it, but I also feel like I’ve been so controlled thus far, I could have reigned it in. It just sucks because I tried to be really good the rest of the week, but I guess I went further off the rails than I thought. I’m finding that there are certain recipes that I think “how bad could that be?” and then I look it up or I create the recipe in the app and the points are ridiculous. More on that in a minute.

This Thanksgiving was a little different in that my mom tried to make it easier on herself so instead of making a turkey, she catered from Boston Market. *eye roll* the FIRST year I’m not blindly eating? great. She ordered the turkey with mac and cheese and mashed potatoes. Already I’m at a disadvantage. She made a ham, Stove Top (aka the BEST stuffing in the world. fight me), sauteed string beans, eggplant parm, and stuffed mushrooms. She also went to the bread bakery and got rolls and sliced fresh bread. My aunt brought an antipasto (which, to my family who is reading – antipasto is NOT a Thanksgiving food. we just got lucky this year), chicken soup with ricotta balls, and that Jiffy cornbread casserole/pudding (google it. it’s delish!). My other aunt brought sweet potatoes. My cousin’s girlfriend sent riceballs. I made cranberry relish, which was an old (pre points) Weight Watchers recipe.

So, what did I have? I knew I was going to be a little laxed since it was a holiday and there was not much I could do about what was on the table. But, I also know what happens when I give myself a little rope. Anyway, I had some antipasto, 3 small pieces of turkey (because I don’t even like turkey), a smallish scoop of mashed potatoes, a smallish scoop of mac and cheese, one stuffed mushroom, one-ish scoop of stuffing. I passed on the soup for the first time in my life, and we forgot to put out the rice balls, corn pudding, and eggplant so none of that. For dessert, I had a small piece of apple pie and a small scoop of ice cream. My cousin’s wife brought a cheesecake (with a graham cracker crust – god bless) so I had a sliver of that.

I have ABSOLUTELY NO idea why I just wrote all of that out. Accountability? Maybe. Just rambling? More likely. Either way, I tracked it as best as I could and moved on.

I checked the points on the corn pudding because we have the whole thing and there’s no reason to waste it. If it was cut into 8 pieces, it’s 16 points a slice. A SLICE.


Mah heart.

The former Weight Watcher recipe turned family staple, cranberry relish also threw me for a loop because if the recipe served 20 people, it would be 6 points a serving. IT’S ALL FRUIT! and some nuts. Granted, it’s jellied cranberry and crushed pineapple but ughhhhh. Is nothing sacred anymore? Also, I’m not sure of the serving size, but I’m going to assume, if you could get 20 servings out of it, they would probably be about a quarter of a cup. That’s not a bad size, but not for 6 points.

I like a little sweet after breakfast and I haven’t had one in 7 months. So, as a treat* I shared a Boston Market cookie with my mom. How bad could half a cookie be? 5 points? Let’s try 9. It was 17 points for the whole cookie. just let me die in peace.

*treat, in this instance, is a legitimate treat.tenor (13)

Western Bagel update – my bagels finally came in. They don’t suck! The regular sized bagels are smaller than what my local bagel store sells but that’s fine. The bagelettes are pretty small too but they’re perfect to soak up the yolk of an over-easy egg. They super point friendly – the regular sized ones are 3 points each, the bagelettes are 1 point for one, 3 points for 2. weight watchers math. They’re most like a frozen bagel, I guess. Definitely not dry sponge and for that, I am grateful. They’re best toasted, but I’m going to walk on the wild side tomorrow and go untoasted for my sandwich for lunch.

And now for some humble bragging. I’ve lost almost 60 pounds (1.9 pounds away!). Which, as we know, is mind-blowing to me still. The top I wore for Thanksgiving was purchased at the beginning of this journey, when I didn’t expect to get this far and for these milestones to come so quickly. When I put it on, it just hung, so I added a belt and voila! a peplum top. 20181122_225042

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving? I have so much to be thankful for. My parents, my mom’s cooking, my super supportive and amazing family, my friends, my health, everyone reading this, and Harry Styles.

And for my finale, I’m going to show you this little face because he is just too much and I want to bite him.

Love you, mean it.



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