martina is losing it #8

If I’m being honest, I didn’t realize I missed last week’s update until this afternoon when my legion of fan (hey Libby!) asked for one and I was like wow, this is what Kim Kardashian must feel like.

yep. basically the same person.

Anyway, my block party* was two weeks ago.

*i’m not sure if this is regional and/or if i’ve explained this before, but where i’m from a block party is where your street gets permission from the city to close for the day. Everyone takes their cars off the street and put out tables and barbeques. Kids ride bikes, scooters, whatever. there’s rides, games, cotton candy, sometimes face painting or spin art, and a DJ. Really good block parties give out snacks like italian ices and watermelon to each family that participated. 

The block party, in my opinion, is the best day of the summer. It’s just a day to relax with friends and neighbors. You can dust off your wiffle ball bats and balls, if it’s hot enough, your Super Soaker. There’s food everywhere and if you’re friendly enough, you can house hop and eat something at each of your neighbor’s houses. Like Epcot. This year, I knew I didn’t want to make it an eating binge so I made sure to 1) eat my pre-planned breakfast instead of a bagel and 2) surround myself with snacks I don’t really like, like Popems and the Entemann’s chocolate chip cookies. This works for me because all I have to do is find out the point value and remind myself that I could make whole meals for the “cost” of that sweet. immediate turnoff.

For linner we had cheeseburgers and hotdogs. Remember how I said I would make a whole post on my favorite food finds? Yea, well let’s not bank on that. Start taking notes. I’ll scatter some gems in here and there. Stay tuned.

  • hotdogs- i found Hebrew National 97% beef franks (i think they’re also called Go Dogs). They are 1 point each. ONE point. I used a regular hot dog bun, which vary in points (mine was a Martin’s potato roll for 4 points). I usually use mustard and saurkraut, which are free, but I didn’t feel messing with all of that so I threw some ketchup on it, like a toddler. ketchup is not free, but I don’t count it.
  • cheeseburger – a normal cheeseburger on a bun is 14 points. i thought i was ahead of the game by planning to use a bun from the Smart Baking Company. Their SmartCakes are delish and only a point so I had high hopes. The rolls were terrible. I need to find bread/breadlike products with low points/ carbs that don’t taste like cardboard. gross. So I had to throw the burger on a regular bun, which made me upset, but track it and move on, right? I use the Velveeta cheese slices, which are a point each (weight watchers brand cheese slices are 2 points each sooo.. #winning). And agian, my condiment of choice for a cheeseburger is ketchup, which I don’t count. I’ll throw a pickle on there too as long as it’s free. By and large, pickles are free, except for the bread and butter ones, so I just have to pay attention.

When all was said and done, I lost 1 pound last week. This was also the week I gave up on my 15 year old scale and went to Amazon and bought a new one. I’ve mentioned before that my routine is to hop on, check the number, hop off, move the scale a little, hop on again and make sure the numbers match. Last week, the numbers were varied between me losing a pound and gaining two. Not ideal.


After the block party, there was only one more known weekend of eating and that was last weekend. I had a surprise birthday party to go to. I knew it was going to be point heavy and I really did my best to track everything I ate. The appetizers were served family style and in a wave of nostalgia, I dove into the fried calamari like Ariel when her fin came back. I had to stop myself, track, eyeball the portion size I tracked and hope for the best. I forgot to track dessert, which was a delicious icebox graham cracker/chocolate pudding cake.

Using my new scale yesterday morning, I did my usual routine and again I got a different number each time. I’m tired of making excuses like the floor must be uneven, the scale is old/faulty, my feet aren’t positioned right, etc. Next week I’m going to get on with my arms at my sides, give it a second to calibrate, check the number, get off and put it away. I’m going to have to pretend I’m at a Weight Watchers center where you can’t get on and off a million times, let alone move the scale all over the floor. With AAAAAALLLLLL of that being said, I (think) I lost 2.6 pounds for a grand total of


36.1 pounds

tenor (12)

I’m almost in a new decade, one that I haven’t seen in… forever. I can’t ever remember being this low. I know I weighed less in high school, but between then and 36.1 pounds ago is a blur.

Some other quick NSV’s/comments/observations

  • my bath towel is about 3 pounds away from fitting with absolutely no gap.
  • my pants, shorts especially, they’re all too big, but i’m scared to buy new. it’s a mental thing and it’s a summer’s almost over, deal with it thing.
  • the water drinking must have kicked in because the last two nights i’ve been up to use the bathroom at least 3 times during the night, which never happens.
  • my chest is gone. i need new bras but, like my pants, i’m hesitant to buy new.
  • i think if i actually bought new clothes/undergarments, maybe i’d see a bigger difference in myself, but for right now, the thrill of my pants not hugging my hips for dear life is strong.
  • i had two slices of pizza tonight for dinner. i heard from a trusted and credible source (hey Amanda!) that pizza is 9 points a slice (except my beloved L&B – i’m still in mourning). So my dinner was 18 points and i have NO REGRETS. i haven’t had pizza in months, minus my birthday treat. I went into my weekly points a little bit (seriously, like 2 points) and tomorrow I’ll keep chugging water.
  • i have to start adding more water into my day, but seriously, the peeing is ridiculous. but, hey whatever works.

Ok, I think I’ve used enough commas for one post. Next week, should I remember, maybe I’ll wrangle together some more before and after pictures.


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