insatiable? nah, i’m good.

Can we talk about this?

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If you haven’t heard, Insatiable is a new Netflix series about a teenage girl named Patty who is fat and gets bullied unmercifully because of it. She accidentally gets punched in the face and her jaw is broken. With her jaw being wired shut, she is able to lose all of her extra weight and goes back to school with plans of revenge. She is aided in these plans by a former attorney turned pageant trainer who sees potential in Patty to become a pageant queen.

Patty is played by Debby Ryan, who hails from the Disney Channel and has my dream voice. That deep raspy voice that I only get when I’m 30 seconds from death by congestion. Debby is also skinny. So, Debby as Patty wears a fat suit.

strike one.

I get that one of the main points of the series is that Peggy is put into a situation where she will lose lots of weight, very fast, making it impossible to use an actor who is on the heavier side to play Patty. But a fat suit? Really? I don’t know, it kind of feel like modern day blackface.

As I just said, Patty’s jaw gets broken and subsequently wired shut, causing her to lose weight, which leads her to get revenge on her bullies.

strike two.

I know someone who was heavy, got punched in the face and had their jaw broken and lost a ton of weight because of it. Thankfully, he was able to keep the weight off and there weren’t any health issues that stemmed from losing that much weight so fast. Did I make comments to my friends that I needed them to break my jaw for me so I stop eating? Yea, but I was also young and dumb.

I HATE the old “fat person hates life, fat person loses weight, life gets perfect” storyline. It’s old and ridiculous. What kind of message does that send? When you’re skinny, life is perfect. Great things come to skinny people. Skinny people deserve the best. I’ve seen and felt it all.

The writer/ creator of the series has said that this story has parts of her life in it. She wrote from a place of knowledge and what it’s like from the inside. Ok, cool. I love that she wants to shine a light on bullying and she’s maybe trying to make the kids out there who are being bullied feel like they aren’t alone and it’s not their fault. Because of that, I don’t want to totally write the series off. But man, they are making a terrible first impression.

I’ve taken the liberty, in case anyone at Netflix is reading and has made it this far into the post, to make a small list of ideas that could be used for the next big Netflix series. Most of them are couplings that I feel would be appreciated and that should be represented in mainstream media.

  • fat girl who doesn’t lose weight or feels like she needs to lose weight and is totally happy with herself. she ends up with the (hot) guy at the end.
  • fat main character whose story has nothing to do with her weight/body. like, her body is never mentioned or complained about; she’s just living life. *i say “her” because i always have myself in mind as the main character. also, it seems to be more of an issue to show a fat girl/woman as the main character than a man.
  • fat girl main character/fat guy love interest
  • fat girl (guy)/ handicapped guy (girl) *two of the MOST underrepresented groups in the media.
  • people of color *black woman (man)/indian man (woman), asian man(woman)/black woman (man), latino man (latina woman)/ indian woman(man), etc. i hope it’s clear that i don’t just mean straight couples.
  • transgender couples
  • gay couples

Did I miss anything? Will you be watching Insatiable?


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