martina is losing it #7

I know I just posted an update, but here’s another one. After my point heavy birthday weekend, I am pleased to report that I was able to lose a half of a pound.

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Was I disappointed when I weighed myself? Yea, I was hoping for one of those freak 3 pound weight losses that sometimes come with eating a little bit more. It’s counterintuitive, I know, but everything I’ve read says if you hit a wall, you may be eating too little, so go over your points for a few meals. Seeing that I haven’t hit a wall (yet) and I still don’t (quite frankly) have an exercise plan (or plan to exercise), obviously, that trick doesn’t apply to me.

Either way, a loss is a loss and I’m happy. A half of a pound is 2 sticks of butter. So, total I’ve lost a two-year-old, holding a stick of butter in each hand. Again, my mind will never stop blowing because it will never feel real.

This weekend is my block party (a Brooklyn tradition!). There’s going to be lots of snacks and sweets floating around but with my old standby of a 2 ingredient dough roll, coffee and a Premier Protein Cookies and Cream shake, I should be good for most of the morning. Thankfully, I’m not a huge fan of BBQ, except for cheeseburgers and hotdogs. I’m equipped with 1 point hotdogs (Hebrew National, 97% beef franks) and low carb hamburger buns (Smart Baking Company) so I’m good. There’s also always chicken cutlets in the freezer, ready for grilling. I got this.

I saw this on Instagram earlier and it made me giggle. My mom always says that my reward is in heaven. This must be it. Well, this and Harry Styles.

Weight Watchers is letting members add a Freestyle filter to their photos. You add whatever word that either best motivates you or best describes your reason for starting the journey or word that best describes how you feel right now. I, of course, made 3.

I think they’re pretty self-explanatory. I’m FINALLY on this journey and finally starting to see/feel progress. I’m taking this part of my life by the balls. I feel more PRETTY & CONFIDENT every day (especially Thursdays). I’ve always felt attractive and have had some sort of confidence, but losing weight has made me notice it more. It’s hard to explain, but I feel it in a different way now. I’m not pretty because I’ve lost weight. It hasn’t made me any prettier. I just appreciate myself more. For a quick example, as I dig this hole of narcissism deeper, I was looking at the pictures from my birthday night and immediately when I looked at the one of Nicole and me, my first thought was “wow, my eyes look really green. lookatchu.” I get complimented on my eyes all the time and they’re one of my favorite features, but when I’m not busy staring at my 3 chins, wishing 2 of them would skidaddle, I have time to notice my eyes and their infinite beauty (lol, dramatic license).

I hope this makes sense. Something I feel like I’m going to have to work on is as I get smaller, I don’t want to be one of those people who make it seem like losing weight is the answer to all of your problems, like Windex. We all know it isn’t. It shouldn’t/doesn’t matter if you’re 100 pounds or 600 pounds, if you’re happy and healthy, that’s all that counts.


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