martina is losing it #3

If you’re reading this as soon as it went up (as you should), it’s Monday, but as I write it, it’s Thursday, or Thursweigh, as I’ve renamed it. So let’s keep that in mind as I ramble on.

This whole week leading up to my weigh-in, I felt like nothing was happening. I had convinced myself that I didn’t lose anything and I had started to hope that I at least stayed the same. I know gains will happen, especially if I ever start working out. Those are considered gainz though, right? Anyway, I wasn’t too optimistic about weigh in.

Then, for dinner last night my mom had went shopping and brought me home chicken wings. Chicken wings in general are not my favorite and cold chicken wings really don’t tickle my fancy. But how does one heat up a deep fried chicken wing? Either way, 8 cold, unenjoyable, blah chicken wings later, I grabbed my phone to track it.



Chicken has no point value FOR GOD’S SAKE.

I was angry at myself. I knew I don’t like chicken wings and I was too lazy to find something else. I was angry that I didn’t track the meal before I ate it. I was kind of annoyed ay my mom because she knows I don’t like wings, she had other (better) options to choose from but she got them anyway. I don’t want to be mad at her because she’s been doing all of the work for this adventure. I would have given up a long time ago if this was all on my lap.

Because of this, I didn’t get a blue dot because I went waaaaaayyyyy over my points. I usually get my blue dot, which means I’ve used anywhere between 10 less and 5 more than my daily allowance. I had to dip into my weeklies which I almost never do. I don’t want to get into the mindset of “that’s what they’re there for.” or something because that’s a slippery slope that I really don’t want to slide down. Speaking of blue dots, out of 7 days, I missed 4 dots. 3 of those days were because I didn’t eat enough. I’m definitely not trying to make a habit out of that.

All of that being said, I was kind of dreading the scale this morning. I reluctantly hopped on and almost fell off.


Actually, the first time I got on, I lost 3 pounds. I always weigh at least twice because I don’t trust my scale. I moved it a little bit and hopped on again and the number went down a pound and a half.

“I feel like you’re lying, but ok,” I told the scale. It stared blankly at me like

giphy (31)

I had no choice but to believe the bitch.

So, now as of this morning, I am down (an unbelievable) 23 pounds! Or, 96 sticks of butter. This means I’m lighter than I was this time last year. Not by much, but I will definitely take it.

Not bad for only six weeks and not working out once.

I still don’t have recipes/blogs ready yet so I’ll just do a thought roundup and then call it a blog.

  • aunt flo finally made an appearance. from a health standpoint, I was relieved but in general, ugh.
  • i bought a cheapie little milk frother from amazon for my morning coffee and let me tell you – game changer. it was the best $6.95 i’ve ever spent.
  • i need to find no/low/reasonable point sweets and snacks other than Nabisco Good Thins.
  • i have to figure out a gym situation.
  • my clothes are looser for sure, but not enough to go down a size. when does that happen?

And that’s all she wrote, folks. Next post (should) be recipe and blog recommendations if I could get myself together. We’ll see.

Love you, mean it!


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