martina is losing it #2

I know I insinuated that I’d be back soon with my favorite food/recipe blogs and weight loss updates. I also know that I said that going on three weeks ago. Either way, here I am, ready to share and update. No recipes though; I’m still tweaking the list.

As of last Thursday, I am down 18.5 pounds! Two weigh-ins ago I lost 3 pounds, last week I was down 1. I was a little bummed, but honestly, this past weekend was a little tough. It was a holiday weekend and I wanted to give my chef mom a little break. I tracked everything I ate to the best of my ability but I felt like I was still doing it wrong. All of that said, a loss is a loss and there’s always next week.

Some goods and bads:

good: i bought a dress at Target that has very little stretch and it fit well. looking at myself i realized 6+ weeks ago, the dress wouldn’t have looked right.

bad: i need a new scale. i weighed myself no less than 10 times this morning. i like to hop on, get a number, hop off, and hop on again. if the numbers are the same, it must be true. this morning, i fluctuated between losing 2 pounds and staying the same, all depending on where the scale was and how it was positioned. ridiculous. it also only weighs in .0 and .5 so if i lose – let’s say – 2.7 pounds, it won’t tell me that. i’m not sure if it rounds up or down, but either way, in my eyes it’s not 100% accurate. it’s old and needs to go.

good: someone finally told me they noticed my progress. praise be.

bad: aunt flo still hasn’t shown up.

good: my pants are still loose. i’m so scared that i’m going to wake up one morning and my jeans will be tight again and this was all a fluke.

bad: i’m a little frustrated with not being able to eat on the fly. for example, tonight i came home from work, the chef my mom told me that the dinner she made was a bit of a bust (it was gross) so we decided to order in. a little anxiety got the best of me and i decided that 1) i didn’t want to order in anymore and 2) i wasn’t even that hungry. a few hours later, i decided that yea, i could eat a little something. except there’s nothing in the house. failing to prepare is preparing to fail so i just have to prepare better.

good: even though i was a little discouraged at my last weigh-in, i still feel motivated. i still can picture myself in a year from now, excited for the summer and all of the cute clothes the season brings.

bad: even though the thought of working out makes me physically ill, i’ve been thinking about joining a gym. except there are none in my area. i looked into the YMCA, because they have EVERYTHING, but the one closest to me is not in a good area and there’s no parking lot. i think i mentioned last time that i wanted to join the gym my cousins use, but it’s a 20ish minute drive away. the other YMCA facilities are about the same amount of time away, if not longer, so if i don’t want to do the drive and workout with my cousins, why would i want to do the drive and go by myself?

Ok, I’m sorry for the lack of recipes. Next time, I (sort of) promise! Sorry for the lack of visuals; you know I love a good gif. I just wanted to wrap this post up and share it before I weigh in on Thursday. It’s amazing how fast, you how slow the days/weeks pass.

What’s up with you?



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