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I was working on a different post for today but it was kind of whiny and blah so I scrapped it and am throwing together a Friday Favorites/Five/ Fwhatever the kids are calling them these days.

  • I recently got the unexpected but fantastic news that Supermarket Sweep 2000 is now on Amazon Prime. Be still my nostalgic heart. If there’s one thing I love it’s watching people in pastel sweatshirts tear ass around a fake supermarket, hurling gold foil wrapped hams in their cart like their lives depend on it. LOVE IT.

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  • Speaking of TV, Netflix has revamped Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. I’m obsessed. I loved the original series and as similar as they are, this new one is so much better. It made me laugh, it almost made me cry, it has me calling everyone honey.

giphy (25)

*just an extra TV love lately – I’ve recently gotten into Mom (with Anna Faris and Allison Janney). I never thought I’d like it because I’m not Anna Faris’ number one fan, but it’s really good. I like it because it’s not stupid. There’s just enough heart and humor. 10/10 recommend.

  • One of my life goals is to interact with celebrities on social media (and IRL, tbh). For some reason, the Twitter gods have shined down on me this past month and I’ve had not one but TWO celebrity encounters. First was Carly Aquilino from Girl Code on MTV (also Pete Davidson’s of SNL ex-girlfriend). She usually tweets/instastories her reactions to This Is Us. Well, THE episode was on two weeks ago and there was nothing from Carly. So, I, as a concerned fan, tweeted that I was worried about her. Two days later I got this:


A like, a reply, AND a GIF? #GODBLESS

Then, a few days ago this happened:


Antoni from my new favorite show, Queer Eye, liked my tweet? PRAISE BE.

Can’t wait to see what other celebrity I can coax into hitting the like button, or better yet, the reply button. I’m aiming for Chrissy Teigan but that may be a lofty goal.

  • I’m not allowed to listen to music at work – we’ve been over this, I know. But if I were allowed, James Bay’s new song, Wild Love would definitely be on repeat. There’s something about those skinny, British singer/songwriters.

What else? I haven’t read anything lately that deserves noting so if you have any book suggestions, leave them in the comments! You can check my Goodreads if you need some reading recs also. Fair warning, my reading taste is the fluffier, the better. You aren’t going to find the next Great American Novel on there.

I think that’s all I got for today. Have you gotten into Queer Eye? Did you like the original?

Let’s discuss!



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