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I try to make it a habit of checking my on this day on Facebook every day. Most times it makes me cringe and facepalm all over the place because 2009-2013 (give or take) Martina was a real gem. Sometimes though, something will pop up that will make me smile or genuinely laugh.

Today I was scrolling through and I came across this

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First of all, thank God I came across this because being the excellent blogger that I am, I never remember my blogiversary. So profesh. Second, FOUR YEARS! Commitment issues? No way, Jose! (that’s debatable). I remember trying so hard to customize it and make it look like a real, put together blog. I also remember thinking, “don’t go crazy, there’s a good chance you won’t last a year.” But then something amazing happened. I started to make friends. I started to have interaction. I loved to write, but I started to love it more. FOUR YEARS HAPPENED.

What I am in constant awe of with this blog is not that I stuck with it or that still, after four years, I go through the I really want to write, but I HAVE NOTHING TO WRITE nonsense at least once a week, but that when I go back and look at old posts, they’re actually readable. I’ve said it numerous times before that sometimes I’ll look up an old post for whatever reason and before I know it, I’m down the rabbit hole of my own blog, screwing up the view counts and not believing I actually wrote them. Does that make me sound like a jerk?

I wish I were more frequent with posting. Making a schedule is just obviously not going to happen. I wish I had the patience to re-do this space. Just some updating; it’s driving me nuts. I wish I was better with commenting on other’s blogs because we all know it leads to more traffic to/interaction with your blog. On the other hand, if after four years, the things I wish I were better at around here have stayed constant, I’m calling it a win.

I have 33 minutes before it’s not today anymore so I’ll end this here.

4 years down, 4000 to go!


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