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Well, at least I’m consistent at being inconsistent. I can’t believe it’s been over a month since I’ve gotten back from San Francisco. I have yet to write the overview I wanted to write and time is just flying, as time does – especially in the summer.

Since I’ve gone MIA for about three weeks, I’ll ease back into it with a good old Currently post. Everyone likes those still, right?

Reading: blogs. Since California, I’ve been so backed up on blog reading and commenting; it’s embarrassing. As far as books, I’m officially (after about a month) am giving up on A Dangerous Age by Kelly Kiloreen Bensimon (yes, the real housewife. or the fake one, whatever. she was on TV for something.). I thought it was going to be one of those perfect summer reads, but it’s just… not. I did, however, read and absolutely LOVED We Are Never Meeting in Real Life by Samantha Irby. HYSTERICAL. BUY IT NOW.

Watching: right this second, Impractical Jokers (i’m writing this on Thursday night, what else would I be watching?) In general, I have a few episodes of Younger saved on my DVR. I love me some Nico Manganiello. Otherwise, I’m just waiting for the Fall TV season to start.

Listening to: I’ve been really loving the new James Arthur song, Can I be Him. He’s a romantic, that James. *swoon*

Working on: so, since the time of the disposable camera, I have had my photos developed (printed, for you youngins). I then label the back and tuck them away in photo albums. Very economical and space saving, I know. Anyway, I just got an order of pictures in so I’ve been working my way through that. I also have 2 blog posts in my head that I just have to type out sometime in this century.

(over)Thinking about: too much. those two aforementioned blog posts, other topics to write about, how fast this summer is going and although some cool/fun things have happened/ will happen, I feel like I haven’t done anything; I’m not ready for it to end, I need a tan, cream contour – can i make it work? changing my writing style here to be a little more informal and not capitalizing what should be capitalized. my god, this is lame. THINGS. I’VE GOT THINGS ON MY MIND. No worries, they’ll make it to the blog eventually.

So, that’s where I am. Hopefully, I can get my stuff together tomorrow and schedule some posts. I’m not making any promises, but that sounds good, no?

Love you, mean it.signature-script.jpg

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