We’re in that weird week in between Christmas and New Years where nothing makes sense and the points don’t matter. I figured this would be the perfect time to air any grievances that I may have and leave them in 2016. Even though we all know I can’t let things go.

This may sound ridiculous but it was only recently that I realized the Instagram is now organizing their feed in non-chronological order.


Mind blowing, I know.

I CAN NOT STAND the fact that they are organizing the feeds this way. I don’t want to see one picture from 23 hours ago followed by a picture posted 20 minutes ago. All I want is a little drop down, like Facebook offers, that lets me choose if I want to see most recent or top stories. MOST RECENT. CLICK. ALWAYS. Also, I don’t think that nonsense that went on a few months ago about clicking in the corner to be notified whenever that person posts something, means anything. First of all, it makes no sense. If I follow 300+ people, I don’t want 300+ push notifications when they post. And if they’re going to scramble up the order of posts anyway, that’s annoying.

My next grievance is going to sound a little weird also, especially to those who know me. I’m getting really annoyed with cursing. Don’t get me wrong, I curse. ALOT. Probably too much. And I enjoy it ALOT. Probably too much. However, what’s getting to me lately is the free-ness of bad words. Especially from men in front of women. There used to be a time when men wouldn’t use bad language in front of women and even admonish those who did. Now, it’s like a free for all. I know I must be coming off like a real delicate flower, which I’m not. Can we all tone it the fuck down in 2017, please?


Something that I don’t necessarily want to leave in 2016, but it is a grievance of mine, is I live in New York and have never been accosted by either Billy on the Street or the Impractical Jokers. COME ON. The thing about Impractical Jokers is that if they catch on that you know who they are, they leave you and move on. So, my plan is to be as cool as I can so that I can meet Sal, slip him my number and live happily ever after. Wait. I mean, stay cool enough to get on TV. Either or. For Billy, I’d love to play one of his games but I doubt I could keep up with him running down 5th Ave. I could barely keep up with myself.


That Gilmore Girls reboot did things to me. My feelings ran the gamut of awww to huh? to wtf? POSSIBLE SPOILERS: let’s start with the last four words. I saw them coming. I’m pissed it’s not Jess’. Loved Emily, hated Lorelai’s mouth (what goes on, Lauren Graham?). Not enough Paris or Sookie. The wedding scene? YES. I need that for myself when my day comes, hopefully in this century. I’ve written extensively about my issues with the reboot on various comment sections in the blogosphere. Just Google it.

What would I not mind a little more of in 2017?

rom-coms – like, legit ones from Nancy Meyers or a Nora Ephron protege.

a reunion of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan

re-makes/reboots that aren’t bullshit

more music from the boys of One Direction

more Harry Styles sightings

a new Taylor Swift album. I want to know what happened to Hiddleswift

health, prosperity, love, kindness, patience and understanding all around.

What are your grievances of 2016?

Let’s discuss!


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