smiling’s my favorite!

I meant to get this up earlier but of course, procrastination took over and here I am at 9:21pm, trying to get this posted before the day is over. Anyway…

Today is World Smile Day.


Last week while I was working at the vet’s office, a dog and their human mom came in to see the doctor. They came to my desk and told me their name and I went to pull their chart. We weren’t busy so they didn’t wait long. They saw the doctor and came out to settle the bill. While we waited for their invoice and medication to come out, we were talking and the woman said to me, “It’s nice to see your smile. We come in here and we’re preoccupied with our pets, so it puts us at ease to see a smile. I meant to tell the doctor but I forgot.” This, of course, made me smile bigger. It makes me feel good when someone who I interact with, whether it’s on an everyday/regular basis or a one time deal, tell me that in some way I’ve made their day better or brighter or just a little more positive. That’s kind of also my goal for this blog. Sure, I would love hundreds of thousands – if not millions- of followers and be interacting with them in comments and be paid and sponsored and get things sent to me, blah blah blah. Who wouldn’t? But it’s more important to me that my post made you laugh, took your mind off something for a minute or two, or made just made you smile.

Have a great weekend!


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