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Like 100 million other people, I watched the first Presidential debate last night. Unlike 100 million people, I did not post my opinions on social media. shock! surprise! 

Besides being floored by how many of my friends on Facebook are Trump supporters, what surprised me was that there were a good handful of people announcing that they weren’t going to vote, or that they weren’t registered to. This pisses me off more than the grammatically incorrect, misspelled Pro-Trump statuses. (ok, i’ll be fair – some weren’t so bad but the ones that were bad were really, really bad.)

Why does this piss me off? Because most of the people making these statements followed up by saying their votes wouldn’t matter anyway, policies won’t change because of their vote, and that they were still entitled/capable to bitch about the outcome. Capable? Yes. Entitled? Think again.

Your individual vote may not sway a decision directly but, hello? What is voting? The one who gets the most people to pick it wins, right? So, yea your vote might not help or hurt anyone, but if enough people don’t vote, it sure will make a difference.

Am I making sense? This may be one of those things that sound better in my head. Whatever.

My second issue with these comments is if your vote doesn’t matter, then why do(es) people fight to have and keep that right? Especially for those who are not white males.

I am usually stationed at the Voter Registration table at work. This year we’ve gotten an influx of people either signing up or proudly announcing that they’ve already registered. I never push anyone to fill out the form, partly because that would require human interaction and I would rather just use those two hours to read my book. However, filling out the form literally takes one minute and thirty-four seconds. I haven’t actually timed it, but people on Youtube have.

Listen, the bottom line is this: I’m no better or no worse that you for voting. Not voting doesn’t make you a bad person. But, since we’re all busy crying about adulting and having responsibilities and whatever, let’s be the adults that we are, put on our big girl/boy panties and get it done.

Speaking of being an adult, I’ll leave you with this.


See you soon!

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