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I can’t dance. I mean, I can, but I suck. Except when I’m home, alone in my room. Then, I’m JLo.


My best performances come when I’m supposed to be getting ready. For work, for play – doesn’t really matter. As long as I have music and a makeup brush microphone, I am invincible.

When we were little, Lisa and I used to pretend we were Mariah Carey in my living room. One side of my couch was Italy, where Lisa used to perform. The other side was France, where I put on my show, complete with a jaunty beret. We would each grab a remote control, crank up Dreamlover, and sing our little hearts out.

That was the mid-90’s, when apps were things that we talked our parents into ordering at TGIFriday’s. Now, instead of potato skins, we can share music. The people over at Airtime* introduced me to their app, with the app Lisa and I don’t even need to put on pants or leave our respective houses to live out out Mariah Carey tour fantasies, or Fantasy tour.    *The nice people at Airtime contacted me and asked me to write this post, but I am not getting paid to mention them.

Since Friendship Day is this week, and my friends and I all have such different music tastes, I have asked Lisa, Nicole and Jessica what songs keep them moving. What do they sing into their hairbrushes when they’re supposed to be getting ready? Here’s what we came up with.


Ok, so you can’t necessarily dance to this, but it makes me feel so bad ass.




When I asked them for their input, I got so many answers, I put together a Spotify playlist. Enjoy!

I’m probably missing tons and I’ll probably hear about it later, but for now, Happy Friendship Day to my three whack jobs.


What are some songs that keep you and your friends moving? I’m always looking for new tunes!

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