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everyone’s favorite party game!

It’s been about two weeks since I last did a survey so I’d say one is due. I found this one, as I do most all of my other ones, on Jessie’s blog, Just Jessie. She always has good, different surveys and we all know how I love a good, different survey. This one is everyone’s favorite party game – Would You Rather. Here we go!

Be an amazing actress or singer?
I immediately thought singer because I’ve been pretty bummed lately that when I sing along to Adele in the car, it sounds nothing like when she sang with James Corden in a car. But, since I watched Leo win his Oscar, I’ve been thinking how great it would be to not only be a part of something that is held in such high regard, but it must be amazing to be the star of it. I know singers can win Oscars and they have the Grammys, but there was just something about watching him win that made me think “woah. #chills” It could be that it was Leo and it was such a long time coming… Singer, I’ll just go with singer.

Go camping in the mountains for the weekend or get a hotel on the beach?
How about a hotel in the woods? I’m not cut out for camping; even glamping makes me a bit itchy. I like the beach, but who needs all that sand?

Have to sit all day or stand all day?
I have bad feet so I’d rather sit so I don’t get bitchy cranky. I would, however love a treadmill desk. It’s like when you wrap your dog’s medication in a piece of cheese for them. Good and good for you!

Have a night out on the town or night in with Netflix?
I haven’t had a night on the town in ages so for some variety, I’d choose that. If we’re being honest though, I feel like I could always find something to watch on Netflix or Hulu.


Go skiing/snowboarding or waterskiing?
Skiing/snowboarding so that I could sip hot chocolate in the lodge. Preferably dressed like a snow bunny straight out of a 90’s movie.

Be able to exist healthily without food or without sleep?
Probably sleep. But it would have to be something that is the norm for everyone because as much as I’m a night owl, I kind of hate being the only one awake in my house.

Go by your first or middle name?
Since I don’t have a middle name I don’t have much of a choice, do I?

Have a kangaroo or koala as a pet?
Koalas are cute, but riddled with syphilis (what? it’s true!) so I’ll say kangaroo. Also, I would train them to carry me in their pouch. Free transportation! And a great hiding spot!


Lose $1,000 or lose all of your phone contacts?
Phone contacts. I have most of my important numbers memorized anyway.

Eat cookies or french fries?
Right now, cookies. Forever? oof. I’m going to have to go with french fries.

Be hot all the time or cold all the time?
At work there’s only like a two week period where the temperature is just right. Otherwise it’s usually hotter than Hades. I run warmer than most so I guess I’m used to being hot all the time.

Read the book or watch the movie?
BOOK! It’s usually the better choice.

Drink hot or iced coffee/tea?
Iced coffee, hot tea.

Live in a small town or big city?
Big city!

Cook a gourmet meal at home or order take-out from an upscale restaurant?
I’d want to know how to make a gourmet meal, but have the option of ordering out. Except if the place doesn’t deliver; I might as well just cook for myself then.

Wear pajamas or a dress suit everywhere, every day?
Ughhh. Suits are so uncomfortable, but I hate feeling under dressed or dressed inappropriately. I guess pajamas because they don’t really need to match.

Have a year without paying taxes or an extra month of paid vacation?
If the job that gives me the vacation pays me well enough to afford taxes and to travel, then I’ll pay the taxes. If not, what’s the use of extra vacation days?

Live without music or television?
You mean my right arm or my left one?


Watch 5 classic Disney princess movies you’ve seen 10+ times or 3 Pixar movies you’ve never seen?
Seeing as I could recite The Little Mermaid, I could probably just watch the old Disney movies in my head. So, Pixar.

Take a European sight-seeing vacation or relaxing Caribbean vacation?
EUROPE. When do we leave?

And that does it! As usual, if you do this survey, let me know so I could read your answers!


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