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the best throwback thursday…ever

Fair warning: this is going to be one of the best throwback Thursday posts you’ve seen. Possibly ever. At the very least in a long time.

First, a little backstory. My parents didn’t own a camcorder so in order to have videos of major life events we would either have to invite someone who did or we would have to borrow one. Naturally, this means that we don’t have a lot of home videos. All of that 90’s goodness gone forever. Being the super organized family that we are, we lost the tapes for a good while. I wrote about it on a long forgotten blog so you can read all about it here and here if you feel so inclined.

Now that you’ve read those old posts, you’ll know that the tapes were found and all was right with the world. I found an excellent company to convert my tapes into DVDs and sent them right off. Not realizing that I was going to be embarking on this blogging journey, I just had them put on to DVDs that were playable in a standard DVD player. Why would I need my files to edit these 20+ year old videos? Who has time for all of that anyway?


Then I jumped on the blog train and got the itch – no, not that itch – to edit all of my childhood memories together. Don’t ask.

I contacted the company to see if, after all these years, they would be able to help me.


A few days and several emails later, I was told that they had found my original order and to send back the DVDs and they would send me my digital files. Did I mention they were amazing? uh.may.zing.

Last night I put one of the new discs into my computer and after much confusion and fighting the urge to give up, I have come up with what I think is one of the best throwback Thursday items in existence (I already warned you).

May I present…

dance festival 1995 (I think)

There is so much going on in this video I don’t know where to begin. First I should explain – I’m not sure if dance festivals were something exclusive to my school, or if they’re a Brooklyn/metro area thing or what, but I know that I’ve talked to many people about them and most didn’t remember ever doing this in school. The dance festival was exactly what the title suggests. Apparently this was my last one because in a portion that I edited out you can hear my mom say this was my and my class’s final performance. I was in second grade so I assume it was only for Pre-K to 2nd grade students. In 5th grade my class was chosen to be a part of a major dance festival held at a local junior high school, but that’s a different story for a different time. And I have video from that one too!

The dance festival was usually held on the hottest day of the school year, second only to Field Day. Sometimes we were required to wear costumes. Sometimes it was just assembly dress. In this video, you will see that we have paper bracelets on to make us look like little lions. As you’ll also see by my attitude, they were more than enough.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so for this one, I’m going to style my commentary after Mallory over at Mallory Can’t Even.

Outfit: Blossom chic. Notice I’m the only one wearing any kind of headwear. It must have been 90 degrees. I DID NOT NEED A DENIM HAT. Even one that is accessorized by a scrunchie around the flower and placed jauntily atop my head, even though we all know it fell that way and I had no time to fix it.  Also, my shorts are noticeably shorter than everyone else’s. Probably to ensure I had maximum leg exposure between my Keds and my underwear. You know, to off-set the denim hat.

Hair: From what you can see under that DENIM HAT (christ.), it was cut into a fashionable lob. It was the 90’s so hairstyles were either long ponytails and braids, pigtails or up around your ears. My hair was and still is heavy, and oily. So basically, an absolute nightmare.

Makeup: None except the glow of perspiration and rosy cheeks of heat stroke.

Attitude: SO OVER IT. From the minute we were “ryysin’ up” I was done. Stick a fork in me. It gets even more apparent as the video goes on. I had no idea what to do or where to go, yet we practiced for weeks. Meanwhile, I’m 95% positive that I was barking orders at everyone else. I was a little shit, if you couldn’t tell.

After this dance, we banged out a number to “Just Can’t Wait to be King” from the Lion King. This one I was a little bit more invested in because, Disney, but still totally over it. Maybe I’ll edit it for next week.



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