*sucks teeth*, *rolls eyes*

I really don’t like to write about my job on here. For a few reasons. One being just in case someone who isn’t supposed to see it (do you not know the meaning of “public” or “internet”, martina?)¬†finds it and second being that I CAN’T STAND THIS PLACE and it would slowly take over the whole blog and I’d have to throw the whole thing down the garbage disposal. Writing incessantly about 1D (still having withdrawls, btw)and Mindy is one thing but about this hellhole is another.

That being said, I have to just complain for a quick second. Today most of the professional staff has started their vacations. So I’m stuck with my director who is cool, but after over 2 years of working together, I still can’t figure her out. And I’m stuck with the Night Manager, who I seriously dislike (look at me being mature and not using bad words). Anyway, I knew that the time sheets needed to get done so that they could be brought over when we aren’t here next week. Taking the initiative, as I’m constantly told to do by people who know more than me, I started them and brought them up to be signed by the director.

Needless to say, I had some mistakes. Instead of just either pointing them out, fixing them and dropping it, the night manager comes to me and tells me I did them wrong, made me fix it (fine, my mistake. i’ll correct it.) and then kept going over it like I was some kind of moron or something. I run a highly (ahem, in my head) successful blog. I do not need you speaking to me like I don’t know the language.

Noticeably pissed the eff off, I exited the situation before I said or did something stupid. Now, believe me, I know this probably sounds ridiculous, but 1) it was the whole situation. I brought up the time sheets and I got “oh I wanted [night manager] to do them.” No “thanks” or “good try”. I don’t need to be coddled or stroked but it just annoyed me. And 2) this night manager is constantly talking to me like I just landed on this planet. He’s RUDE and CONDESCENDING. I’ve spoken to my direct manager about it and there’s not much we can do. The biggest problem is that my big boss apparently loves him because every time I turn around she’s approving him to make big purchases and although he gets in trouble sometimes (she’s a yeller), he’s never formally reprimanded and he’s pulled some shit that normally wouldn’t fly.

To cool off I logged on to Instagram and found this. “It’s like the internet is living my life with me”, I thought.


The other thing that I have to mention is that when I got in today, I found out that we were supposed to Un-Christmas the building. Umm. the holiday is two days away. Could we cool it? So the tree that went up in November, met its maker just two days before its big day. Also, it took 3 days to decorate the building and we’re supposed to pack it up in 6-ish hours? Get a life.



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