Dear Santa…

It’s December 1st! Good gravy, the year flew! Since now there are only 24 days till Christmas, I’ve put together a wish shopping list just in case you we’re stumped as to what to buy me. Or, if you’re like me and don’t know what to ask for so you scour holiday gift guides for ideas for yourself. this has happened to me on more than one occasion. don’t ask me how. 

wishlist 2015

1. I am in love with this camera. It’s one of the new fangled mirrorless ones.As far as I can tell, mirrorless means all the bells and whistles of a DSLR in a point and shoot size. OB-SESSED. I just wish there was a way to test it out before I buy it (or before I ask for it for Christmas) Any ideas?

2. I want a new camera bag. One that is stylish, yet functional. I love the one that I’m currently using, but I need a change. An upgrade, if you will. Maybe if I got that dainty camera… This bag from Epiphanie looks promising. It’s big, crossbody, and comes in great colors. I’ll take one of each.

3. I’m also on the hunt for a regular, everyday bag. This one is classic and simple, which is what I usually go for when I look at Kate Spade. I loooove all of her cutesy ones (like all of the ones listed in the new arrivals section of her website) but I just can’t justify the price. one day, my pretties.

4. I can’t justify cutesy wallets either so I usually stick with black or red (it’s spicy and good luck!) but this little beauty caught my eye and I fell in love. I am obsessed with taxis lately. So New Yawk.

5. We all know the handmade heaven that is Etsy. I would love an Etsy shopping spree. Mainly, I’d love to just buy things and not care that the shipping is more than the decorated paperclip that I just had to have.

6. This one may seem more like a New Year’s Resolution or a blogiversary kind of wish, but I would love for my following to grow, to keep making blogging friendships (and maintain the ones I have now!), and for the ideas to keep flowing. Speaking of blogiversaries, this little one is going to be two in about two weeks! they grow up so fast.

Remember when you were little and you poured over the Sears/Toys R Us catalogs, circling things and making endless lists? Or my personal favorite, sitting in front of the TV yelling “I want that!” to every toy commercial from Halloween to Christmas Eve? Good times. Who am I kidding? I still do that, obviously.

Before I go- I had a great Thanksgiving. I won’t bore you with the details because Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving. It was filled with food, family, football and, like any good Italian household, The Godfather. Don’t ask for pictures, there aren’t any. I’m slacking and it sucks.

Anything else? Oh! I ordered my Christmas cards and thanks to Cyber Monday, I got them for a steal. I wish I could physically share them with you because who doesn’t love getting mail at Christmas time? But lack of addresses and not enough cards to share with the class is a bit prohibitive. Maybe I’ll figure something out.

What’s going on your wish list this year?

Let’s discuss!


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