co-worker convos

91% of the time, I hate my job. Then conversations like this happen and I realize it’s not so bad.

Co-worker 1: I spoke to (the director) about it and as of now, we’re open Easter Sunday.

Co-worker 2: Oh please. That lady needs Jeee-zus. My church has Jesus, but I don’t think He’s at whatever church she goes to.


Then, a short while later…

My co-worker and I were looking at the worst dressed from the AMAs and One Direction made the list.

Me: How could they be considered one of the worst dressed?

Co-worker: Well look at your boy there. (pointing at Harry) He messed everything up.

Me: (covering Harry) See? They aren’t so bad. They look good, actually. Like, really good.

Co-worker: Yea, well. You should have spoke to him and told him not to wear that it brings down the rest of the group!


And that was my afternoon yesterday. Which was a follow up to trying to avoid as much Christmas decorating as I could all morning. Because IT’S NOVEMBER. I ain’t got time for Santa Clause. i didn’t mean that, Santa. you know I love you. how’s that good list looking?


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